Chapter 72

Copyright© 2010 by Michael Wolfam

Twin beams of light cut through the dust ahead of them as Tony fingered his M-16's trigger. He was nervous. They were in a tunnel, approaching the main mineshaft, and he didn't want to take any chances. Liv and Finn were out there somewhere. He unhooked a grenade from his shoulder webbing and motioned for his wingman to cover him. He pulled the pin and crept toward the opening.

Tony flipped the spoon and flung the deadly object into the main hallway. The grenade bounced off the opposite wall and landed smack in the middle of the shaft, right next to the machine gun nest.

Tony dropped to the ground and covered his ears. The explosion rocked the tiny hallway. Sand, dust, and body parts blew through the mineshaft. A chunk of bloody flesh landed on Tony's shoe. With a disgusted look, he kicked the bloody mess to the floor and motioned for the other man to follow. Together, they crept into the hallway, flashlight beams flicking from wall to wall. Sunlight streamed through the gaping wound in the main entrance. The thin, metal door had been blown wide open by the RPGs. The machine gun nest was nearly decimated, and he could see no sign of movement.

Behind the remains of the nest, a pile of sand moved. "You alive?" Finn poked Liv in the ribs.

"Umm, I think so. You?" she whispered.

"Close enough. You wanna take out those bastards?" Rapid footsteps were rushing their way.

"Yep. On two?" she held up two fingers. Finn nodded. The steps grew closer. When the last finger dropped, Liv and Finn popped up.

Tony was approaching the sandbags rapidly. If he could find proof of her death, he could salvage this shitty day. He paused to kick a large chunk of arm, but decided it was too hairy to belong to the beautiful girl he had observed earlier. Suddenly, he noticed movement out of the corner of his eye.

Finn and Liv opened fire at the same instant. Unfortunately, both targeted the same guard. The unlucky man dropped like a stone from the combined onslaught of the AR-15 and the AK-47. He was dead long before he hit the rocky floor.

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