Chapter 58

Copyright© 2010 by Michael Wolfam

"Good girl, Rokee, you got it. Come on you sexy bitch," Liv said They had been making good progress up the mining trail until they hit a slick spot. The treads were digging deep into the muck, flinging dirty snow and ice everywhere, but making no progress.

They were stuck. The rubber treads were up against an ice-covered, two-foot tall, rock wall and couldn't make the transition from the muck to the rock. "Maybe if we come at it from an angle?" Liv clicked the shifter into reverse and backed away from the hidden obstacle.

Once she was several yards back, Liv dropped the shifter into first, held the brake and revved the engine. The slight whine of the turbochargers grew louder, and torque built up as the mighty engine fought against the Brembo brakes. "I hope this works, or we're gonna find out the hard way if the air bags still work."

"Hey, you wanna go home and play video games or something?" Finn tightly grasped the 'oh shit' handle above his head. "I'll let you win!"

"Let me win?" Liv scoffed and stomped the gas. The treads spun furiously and clawed their way forward, flinging mud and snow behind them. The Jeep hit the wall with a bang. The treads hesitated briefly before climbing the slippery rock face. Liv and Finn bounced violently in their seats as the SRT-8 popped out of the muck and onto the snow covered rocks.

"Glad I was wearing my seatbelt. I think I would have pancaked on the roof!" Finn adjusted himself in the leather seat.

"Y'know, sometimes video games just aren't as much fun as real life," Liv said with a grin. "I never knew how much I was missing out on by not having an SRT-8 with MATTRACKS. I was planning on giving it to the cops when we're done, but I think I'm gonna keep it. I think life would be empty without it," she declared melodramatically.

"Are you planning on driving Rokee to work?"

"Ha, that would be great. I think my tips would go way up if this bad boy were out in the parking lot. First person to short me, gets their car run over.'" To make her point, she plowed through a deep drift.

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