Chapter 49

Copyright© 2010 by Michael Wolfam

In the steaming hot tub on his snow covered deck, Sheriff Tom Warner was enjoying a glass of rich, Russell's Reserve bourbon and a Carlos Turaño cigar. The water bubbled furiously, fighting hard to keep the swirling snow at bay. This is the good life, he thought to himself. If only his normal escort hadn't gotten stuck in the snow, the evening would have been perfect. He had entertained the thought of venturing out and picking her up, but it was better to keep business just business. "Give a hooker an inch and you'll end up with a ring on your finger," he muttered into his glass. The buzz was starting to kick in.

Tom took another satisfying drag from the cigar just as his phone started belting out a Lady Gaga song he had heard on the radio, earlier that day. Lazily, he popped open a waterproof storage compartment, looked at the number with disgust, spat into the darkness and answered the phone.

"Y'llow," he slurred. "Maxie, how delightful of you to call," Warner said sarcastically. "I don't care what you think that crazy Driscol bitch is gonna do. No way is she gonna do it tonight. Have you seen this f$%king snow? What happened to the guy tailing her?" He laughed at Max's profanity laced reply. "Keep your skirt on, retard. If it makes you happy, I'll go patrol. But Mitch is gonna owe me big. This weather isn't fit for man or beast or even you, Maxie ... yeah, f$%k you too. Night, night. Kisses."

After hanging up, he laughed heartily at the thought of the shit-fit Max was sure to be throwing. Briefly, he wondered where Max would be hiding out during the storm. The Driscol girl had proven a difficult adversary, but she had yet to face Max's army when they were ready for her. The Sheriff had nothing but disdain for the mercenaries, but he had to admit that they were top notch killers. If she tried to resist, she was a goner.

Well, she was a goner either way, he chuckled to himself. Mitch would not forgive the punch to the face. He only wished he could have seen the spectacle. If only she had punched Max, Tom would have given her a free ride out of town.

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