Chapter 24

Copyright© 2010 by Michael Wolfam

"I guess you probably wanna get back home, huh?" Finn asked as Liv hung up the phone. "You look like hell!"

"Thanks. You really know how to charm a girl," she replied as she tried to run a finger through her matted hair. "I could really use a shower ... and a nap, I'm really freaking beat." Liv was tired, but, for the first time in many hours, she felt safe. Knowing the police were on their way somehow made everything better. The nightmare was ending and the tight feeling in her stomach started fading.

"You wanna leave Murphy here, or take him home?"

"Let's just leave him here. I really don't wanna mess with that tonight." She paused and furrowed her eyebrows. "I wonder if my insurance covers bullet holes and crashing my car on purpose?" She shrugged her shoulders and stood. "We gonna take the wrecker back?"

"Nah, I got another ride; I think you'll like it better," Finn said as he reached under the desk, pulled out a helmet and tossed it to her. He grabbed another helmet hanging from a hook on the wall and tucked it under his arm. They turned off the light and shut the door behind them.

Finn led her to the side of the small office building. He stopped next to a tarp covered object, untied the ropes, and yanked the silvery plastic off. The pale moonlight revealed a glistening Suzuki GSX-R 1000 motorcycle.

"Ooo, pretty," Liv crouched down, running her hand over the powerful engine. "I've got a slightly used Porsche I'll trade for it!"

"Ha! Hard to pass up an opportunity like that. I got it the minute I landed back in the States! It's so awesome! I rode it all the way here from California. Anyway, we can ride the bike over to your place, but let's put the wrecker in the warehouse first. Dad gets pissed if we leave it out. Besides, there's something else I want to show you."

Finn started the Suzuki to let the engine warm up. Then, they climbed back in the wrecker and drove to the open door of a large, rusty warehouse. Liv knew from experience that the building housed Jim Andrew's prized hot rods, but she hadn't been inside for years. Finn backed the tow truck inside, parked, got out and flipped on the building's lights. Liv gasped at the sight.

"Crazy, huh? Dad got a contract to analyze a bunch of vehicles that took heavy fire in Iraq. He takes them apart and records all the damage they took. The military uses this information to build better armor. But that means we end up with tons of these things. Hummers, Bradleys, you name it." Finn motioned to a line of mangled military vehicles that showed obvious scars from battle. "Apparently, Dad's the best in the business. Used to work for the Army Research Lab before he bought the salvage yard. Those things keep him busy, that's for sure. Derrick salvages the electronics, fixes 'em and gives 'em back to whomever they belong to. Says its fun."

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