It's Gill With a 'G'
Chapter 7

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There was an angry mother waiting for me when I got home. It doesn't matter how old a child is, an angry mother is a force to be reckoned with.

"Where were you? You just ran out, and then phoned to say you wouldn't be back. What was so important that you couldn't show some courtesy to your cousin, not to mention your dad and me, I felt humiliated." I told the truth.

"I was with Gill." Mum's face was a picture.

"Have you lost your marbles, Andrew? You cannot be contemplating getting together with her again?" That was a question phrased as an instruction, or perhaps an instruction phrased as a question.

"Yes. Mum. We are getting married again."

"I would have thought you had learned your lesson by now. Have you forgotten what she did?"

"No mum, I haven't. But I have never been able to put her out of my mind. I called to see her a few weeks ago, and I realised that I still loved her, and she still loves me."

"Huh! She will say anything to get you back."

"No mum. She didn't want to talk to me at first. It was me who pushed this."

"Then you're a fool."

"Ok. I am a fool. I thought though that you would want to meet your granddaughter?" Dad came in the room at this point.

"What's this about a granddaughter? You did say granddaughter?"

"Yes dad. I have a daughter, and she's eight years old." Mum was cynical still.

"Oh the bitch is clever. First of all she convinces you to take her back, and then she palms off her bastard child on you." I got the photo out.

"Yes, Gill has a daughter. I thought it was his at first, but when I saw this photo, mum. I knew that Anita was mine. When you see her you will know without a shadow of doubt." Dad took the photo from me.

"I wondered where that had gone. So when are we going to see Gill and this girl, Anita did you say?"

"When you and mum decide that you can meet her without recrimination." Dad nodded.

"That's fair enough." He turned to mum. " Aggie! You and I are going to have a talk. If this is Andrew's choice, so be it. If we have a granddaughter then I don't want your attitude splitting our family."

I had phoned into work telling them I wouldn't be in today, so after a wash and shave, I dressed and went back to see Gill. She had called in sick first thing, after taking Anita to school.

Two hours after leaving, I was back at Gill's flat. We had agreed that I would come back, and the unspoken part of the agreement was that we would go to bed and make love. She had made an attempt to dress as well as she could, but I recognised the dress as one she had bought eighteen months before we split. Were things that bad for her that she couldn't afford a new dress?

"I always liked that dress. You look lovely." I told her as I took her in my arms.

"I'm glad, but I hope I will not be wearing it that much longer. Andy! I want to spend the day in bed with you. Making love and talking as we used to. It is important to me that we find that sort of relationship again." I kissed her then started to unbutton the dress. She smiled.

"Can I help you as well?" She caressed the lump that had already started in my trousers.

"I think you have already helped. But you will have to help some more to make it go down." By this time my sweatshirt was over my head, and Gill was unfastening my belt, I had finished unbuttoning her dress, and it fell off her shoulders. She hadn't bothered with underwear. My trousers dropped and Gill pushed down my underpants. The bed had been made after last night, but not folded back into a settee. We dropped on it, clasping tight to each other's now naked body. Later we would have the refinements, now, I was eager to love Gill and she was eager for that too.

"I'm wet, Andy, so wet. Have me now, please now." She opened her legs and I slid back into the haven of love. Afterwards we lay there basking in the afterglow, breathing hard, sweating and so, so happy.

"Andy, welcome home." I nodded. It was home, that lovely part of her body that she gave and I took. "I nearly said those rude words again. But that's in the past now."

"No Gill. I think we were too reticent in our coupling before. We were innocent, we learned together, but we could never abandon ourselves, and I think we should. Sometimes we were like two academics rather than lovers. I love fucking you, I love having my cock in your pussy." I felt Gill stiffen as I said those words, then she relaxed.

"You're right. We did restrain ourselves. We talked so much about it that we never, as you say, abandoned ourselves." She got up on her elbow and looked me in the eyes. "I loved you fucking me. I want to be on a regular diet now of fucking, sucking and pussy licking. I am going to be so abandoned you may be embarrassed by me.

"Gill it sounds like heaven to me. Now I am going to re-introduce my tongue to a part of you it has missed for a long time." I moved down her body and pushed her legs apart.

"No, you can't. Let me go and clean myself up, you have just cum in me."

"Gill we are starting the abandonment right this minute so enjoy, I shall." She smiled.

"Yes, Andy."

For the first time in all of our loving, Gill became very vocal as I brought her to orgasm with my lips and tongue. She was very explicit as well.

When she came, she screamed, calling me a bastard, a wonderful bastard, and many other things, as she shook, held her breath, gasped and shook some more. She was shattered as I worked my way back up her body, taking care to kiss and nibble as I travelled. Her nipples were harder than I had ever seen, and so sensitive that when I nipped one with my lips, she had a mini-orgasm. I lay over her, smiling as she recovered. Her eyes opened and she dragged my mouth down to her lips. I wondered why she was licking all round my mouth, and searching with her tongue the furthermost regions inside my cheeks. She told me she was trying to join with me in tasting our combined emissions.

"They taste lovely, Andy." I had to agree, as I had got them first hand. "I called you bad names when I org ... came. I'm sorry."

"Don't be. You remember how we talked, about making love, and the different ways we could make love. This has shown me that in all our academic discussions we missed the real point. That there was passion inside us we never unleashed. What we just had now was the sheer unbridled passion. Don't think about it, allow our animalistic instincts to take over, if it feels good, just do it." Gill was silent.

"It did feel good, Andy, bloody good. I loved being set free."

Gill had just said the word that summed it all up, the mistakes in the past, mistakes as a result of our innocence, obscured the passion we undoubtedly had for each other. Now we were free. Our loving from here on would be wilder and deeper than ever before, reaching a new plateau of ecstasy.

"That was baby-making passion." I remarked. Gill picked up straight away.

"Yes my darling. I want your baby. The child you can hold, see its first steps, hear its first words. I want to give you all that. I haven't been on the pill since..." She hesitated. "Before, there was no point as I wasn't going to have sex with anyone. My sex life had finished. So, my lovely compassionate loving man, send your sperm as far as you can into my womb, and let it quicken with life again."

We got up and made the bed about three o' clock, as Gill would pick up Anita from school at four o'clock. We dressed slowly exchanging kisses and caresses, so much so that we very nearly went back to bed. I went with Gill to pick our daughter up. We held hands on the way, and were holding hands when Anita came running out of the gates.

"Mummy, Daddy." She turned to one of her friends. "I told you I was getting a daddy. He's daddy Mr. Andy." She was beside herself with satisfaction. It would appear that quite a few children at that school were missing a father figure so having one was quite a feather in her cap. We walked Anita home, she was between us holding hands, and swinging from time to time as we held her hands tight.

I went home after having a cup of tea. I had to apologise to Jean for disappearing like that, but also to explain how important that photograph was to my future. Dad had obviously talked with mum, as she was a little subdued, but more friendly. I told them that I would talk about it with Gill, and see if she felt up to meeting them again so soon after our rapprochement. Mum bridled a little at that, until dad said firmly "Aggie!" He then went on to me. "Tell Gill that we would love to see her, and meet our granddaughter, but only when she feels comfortable with it." He then reminded me of something else, that there was another parent who was completely in the dark about this. Gill I found was ahead of me here. It took Gill some weeks to summon up the courage to call her mum. Then one Saturday she told me she had called her mum.

"What did she say?" I asked. Gill grinned.

"She said quite a lot actually. Most of it was about how she was ashamed of me, that I hadn't been brought up to behave like that, that even though I had behaved so badly, I could have kept in touch with her. She didn't like what I did, but I was still her daughter. I eventually got a word in, and told her that you and I had reconciled, and that we were getting married again. She didn't say anything after that, she just burst into tears, and I'm afraid that I did as well." She raised her eyes to mine. "Could we go and see her tomorrow? I expect to get a lecture on how to be faithful to my husband. She always liked you, and would love to see you again." She paused and looked at me with love suffusing her countenance. "I don't need the lecture. Our daughter and I have suffered for eight years. I would rather die than go through that again, because the thought of not having you in my life is too terrible to contemplate." Gill was cooking a meal, so I was standing in the kitchen as we talked. The place was so small that if I tried to help it would be more of a hindrance, but we had so much to say that I had to be there chatting. Gill had taken the Chicken out of the oven to check, and just put it back when she asked.

"Should we go and see your parents as well?"

"No. Dad's fine but mum is having problems, and she may say things to you that will hurt. If she hurts you, she hurts me. So it is probably best if we stay away until dad has done talking to her."

"I don't mind. She can't say anything to me that I haven't already said to myself."

"Gill, I want an end to these recriminations. The more I think about it the more I believe that we know how it went wrong. Let's concentrate on doing it right." She looked at me with a cheeky grin.

"Well you seem to be doing well on that front. I wouldn't mind some more of that." It only needed one step, and I was close to her. Her lips and mine clung as if by instinct.

"Oh and what do I get?"

"Me, anyway, anyhow, anywhere you want me. I'll never say no." We were saved from further intimacy when Anita announced her presence.

"Mummy, you only kiss me when I go to bed. Daddy Mr. Andy is getting much more than me." I smiled and went and picked Anita up.

"How about I give you a kiss as well?" Anita laughed and threw her little arms around my neck, and gave me a very wet kiss on the cheek. I returned the kiss with one on her cheek. She giggled. Gill joined us and the three of us shared kisses. Anita was giggling and laughing, this was a game she liked. She wriggled to get down and I put her carefully on the ground, whereupon she ran off laughing, satisfied that she had shared. Gill was sad for a moment.

"Hey! I said. What's that about?"

"It was seeing you with Anita. You're so good with her it makes me sad and angry that I denied you being here when she was growing. If only I had the courage to wait for you before I took my stuff away, perhaps we would have fought, but also perhaps we would have stayed together." I took her in my arms.

"You know that could have been awful. I hoped that you would come and talk, but I also know that my hurt and anger would have me saying so many horrible things to you. It's water under the bridge now. We are together. We can't change the past, but we can make the future."

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