A Girl Called Len
Chapter 7: Am I falling in Love?

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Back in Exeter my work had piled up, and for the next few months I had hardly any chance to get to London except on the odd occasion that Len was there, let alone get to Berlin where she was performing now. It was strange, as I missed her. As a friend it was always good to see her, but now I felt that something was missing from my life, it had felt so natural when we were together, as if the two of us made an item bigger than the sum of the parts. Happiness is your girl phoning you from Berlin, and saying that she would be in England for a week.

"I'm coming over for Mum and Dad's Golden Anniversary. Do you think that you could get there, they would love to see you, and then perhaps we could spend a few days together?" I needed no thought.

"Yes. I'll be there, and as for a few days together, I'll take some time off. Why don't we come down here to Exeter? We can stay in my flat for a change, and I'll show you around Devon." Len was perfectly happy with that.

"Come to the flat on Friday. We'll go to Mum and Dad's party on Sunday, and then you can take me back with you."

The party was good, embarrassing, but good. I met up with so many old neighbours that I had known years ago, all of them determined to remind me of all the pranks that our crowd of kids had got up to. That included my having broken a window of a neighbour. I didn't think that anyone knew it was me that did that. They all seemed to say one thing in common, that it was so nice that after all these years, Leanne and I had got together. No one asked about my parents. Luckily Len's mother knew and had told everybody before Len and I arrived that they had been killed in a car-crash. It was good to see these acquaintances from all those years ago. It was late before we got back to Len's flat, and after unwinding with tea and a chat, we fell into bed. There was no love-making that night, just holding each other close as we slipped off to sleep.

The next day we caught the train from Paddington. This train went through to Paignton. Only four years ago you would have seen a steam engine at the front, either a 'King' or a 'Castle'. Now we got a Diesel. Oh, they still had names, but the romance was gone. I had parked my car at Exeter St David's car park, so it didn't take long to get to my flat. Len was impressed.

"Danny, this is such a lovely flat and I can't get over those views?" She was standing at the large window in the lounge. She looked questioningly at me. "You must be doing well." I shrugged my shoulders.

"When Mum and Dad died they left me a bit of money, insurances and that sort of thing. I bought the cottage with the capital, and when I sold I got a lot more for it than I paid."

"Can I look around?" She asked.

"Of course you can." I went into the kitchen to make us a drink. The kettle had hardly boiled when I heard this shriek. Len came dashing back to find me.

"You've got a shower, a real shower in a cubicle." I laughed.


"I've never had a proper shower before, only the ones that attach to the taps." Showers were not common in the UK until the seventies. Having spent time in the States I had come to enjoy and realise the benefit of showers, so I had one put into the bathroom. The builder doing the work grumbled incessantly as I insisted on a proper shower, not an electrical one, and a proper cabinet, not one over the bath. Len had a gleam in her eye.

"It's big enough for two!"

"Yes, I suppose it is." I replied.

"Well?" I grinned.

"We could try it out sometime."

"How about trying it out this minute?" She demanded.

"Don't you want a cup of coffee first?"

"Bugger the coffee."

We showered until the water ran cool, and our fingers were getting crinkled. Len was particularly keen on making sure 'her little fella' was clean, soaping, rinsing and re-washing the fellow. I found out why, when after the water had been turned off, she knelt down and popped him into her mouth. Now it is a mistake to do that to a guy who has just spent the last twenty minutes sharing a shower with a lovely lady. I had to pull her away, just a split second before I lost all control. Len watched fascinated as I spurted all over her hand and the tiled wall.

"That's amazing. No wonder it feels so good when you do it inside me." When I regained some kind of composure I had to ask.

"What brought that on?" She looked somewhat shamefaced. But eventually she replied.

"After you had kissed me down there, I asked some of the other girls if that happened a lot. They told me all about it, and also said that they would do it for their lover. You had given me so much pleasure when you did me that I decided that it was something I wanted to do for you." Len watched my face with a curious expression. "Did you like it?"

"Is the Pope Catholic?" She chuckled

"Good because I liked it too, and next time don't pull away."

I had an inkling why this was important to Len. Her despair that she felt that she couldn't react as other women did to sexual stimuli convinced her to compensate in other ways. I had theories about that. Even though I had moved away from Newton I remained registered with Doctor Jones. I had talked to him; thank heaven for a Doctor who would take the time to talk; he said that without examining her, it was difficult to comment, but he did advance a theory that perhaps Len's nervous system was not so sensitive as usual. That it would only be strong stimuli that would get through to the receptors in the brain.

"She could well be one of those people with a very high pain threshold." He had suggested. I was beginning to believe that was true. Len had told me once that she had broken her toe in rehearsal. The ballet mistress had strapped it up, and insisted that she put her Pointes on and dance, even going on point again. I had winced at the thought, but Len accepted the pain philosophically. Then I thought back to how it was when I sucked her nipples strongly, how she reacted. Doc. advanced the possibility that Len could accept stimulation that would have other women screaming from the sensitivity, yet she needed strong stimulus to become fully aroused. The Doctors ideas had conceived a theory and I was going to see if that theory was correct.

I put my right arm under her knees, and my left arm behind her back, and carried her from the bathroom into my bedroom. I knelt on the bed to lower her gently. She had watched me with a curious yet accepting expression, until I laid her on the bed, then she smiled and raised her arms to welcome me to her body.

"Love me, Danny."

"I do, and will Len." I caressed and tongued her as I had before, but this time using such suction on her nipples that they stretched further than before. I knew that it was right from her unguarded comments.

"Shit! That's good." Then imploring me to do it even harder, I had worried about hurting her but evidently this would be difficult to do. I moved further down her body with the plan to assault her sensitive areas harder than I did before. It must have had some effect as I heard her muffled words. The words were muffled as she had clamped her thighs tightly over my ears.

"What the bloody hell! Danny! What are you doing to me? It's wonderful!" Her hips started quivering, and lifting from the bed. I refused to be budged and continued my assault. My jaws were aching, my tongue was aching, and my back was aching from twisting and trying to remain where I was against her unguarded and involuntary movements. I was getting to the point of exhaustion when she raised her hips strongly and swivelled from side to side. Then I heard.

"Yeeooooollll, yes ... yes ... yes ... Danyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy." I could relax sufficiently to just keep a little tongue caress. Inside I was jubilant. I had given Len an orgasm. Suddenly her hands grabbed my head and with strength I didn't know she had, pulled me upwards. Her lips locked onto mine, kissing, licking and trying to get her tongue in over, under and round my tongue. Her teeth bruised my lips such was the fury of her kissing and I could taste blood, hers or mine it didn't matter.

Eventually our mouths parted, and she lay back, breathing as if she had run ten miles. I was in a similar state. We must have laid there for at least fifteen minutes, just holding each other. She raised her head and looked at me.

"You are a gorgeous lovely man! Was that it my first one?" She started to cry. "I never thought or imagined that I would have one, but you, you got me there. Oh Danny! That was so marvellous. Thank you my darling man, thank you." Her head drooped back onto my chest, and her hands seemed to grasp desperately at my back and waist. They wandered a little and found my erection. She sat up.

"I was selfish. This not so little fella needs attending to. Put it in me, Danny. Make love to me.

I hovered over her as she lay. Legs spread wide and knees pulled up. She guided me into her wet, yes wet and very warm depths. I tried, oh how tried to make this last, but there was no way I was going to keep going for long. Her whispering to me didn't help.

"Yes, Danny, do it to me, slide into my body, fill me up, make me complete, make me your woman. I am your woman Danny. Know that you are the only one who can do this with me, for me, the only man I want inside me. " She whispered in my ear pushing me beyond any hope of control. I had no control, losing myself in the sensation, in Len, and climaxed.

Sleep came to both of us. The emotional high was not easy to cope with except in sleep. I woke up about two hours later, Len was still curled into me, her arms around me as if letting go would mean drowning. I lay quietly, not wanting to move for fear of waking her up. I shouldn't have worried. Her soft voice slipped in my mind so quietly at first I thought she was talking to herself.

"When you came in me, the look on your face was fantastic, you had abandoned your habitual control just so that I could give you pleasure. That was as important to me as having that orgasm." She went quiet. I thought she may have gone back to sleep. Then the little voice crept back.

"Danny. Did you say you loved me?"

"Yes, Len I did. I said it unconsciously, but realised after that how I felt about you, had to be love. There could be no other explanation." I felt her head moving up and down.

"That's how I feel about you, Danny. I didn't know either. It was just this funny feeling that I am not even me, without you. Is that Love?"

"Perhaps it is. I never felt this way about Jenny. Probably that's why she went looking elsewhere. I know that when we are together it is completely natural, and being apart from you is unnatural." She raised her head to look me in the eyes.

"What do we do?" I hadn't really thought beyond this sudden realisation that I loved Len.

"I have no idea. You have this contract to fulfil. I need to find out where my career is going. Possibly the best thing is to go on as we are, and wait until the need to be together is overwhelming. What do you think?"

"I will need to see you more frequently. I am going back to Paris in September. Gerard has offered me another contract. Will you come over and see me. I will get away frequently and come to see you. Danny we can do it, but not without I see you often."

"We'll sort something out, Len." I looked at the clock; it was seven in the evening. Just realising the time reminded me that I hadn't eaten since having toast with Len, that morning.

"Are you hungry?" I asked her.

"Ravenous. Are you going to offer me something to eat?" She was looking at my little fella as she said that.

"I need fuel for energy first, Hussy." She stopped me there.

"Did you call me hussy?" I was about to apologise but she went on.

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