Come El or High Water
Chapter 14

Copyright© 2010 by Ol'Mac

THURSDAY 4:45 P. M. CST Secure Point Alpha

As the last of the membership arrived the Chairman intoned the ritual of beginning, "We are met."

He then began with what seemed like a casual query about everyone's journey to Alpha. What it was in reality, was a probe for security leaks and an excuse for later reprisals.

He then moved on to the reason for this gathering, "As you all know, Silas was sent to the Chicago, USA region to determine if the fate of The American Three originated there. Since the advent of this explosion of Draconic beings has occurred, the original purpose of his trip has become moot. The Dragons are an unknown element thrown into a delicately balanced dance of power and influence. They must be eradicated at once and since they seem to still be in and around the Chicago region we will target that area with our Nuclear ordinance. This is the decision of The Council and is irrefutable. Any questions so far?"

There were none, since none of the entities sitting at this table gave two craps about anything but themselves and their own desires.

"I believe we will wait until five P.M. central standard time to launch the assault. That should put the majority of the areas' workforce on the road systems and hamper any rescue attempts by the authorities," he said.

THURSDAY 4:45 P. M. CST News Stand, Chicago, IL

Mike knew it was time to get the show on the road. Contacting the entire crew, plus Mark, he offered transport to Lake's Edge Hold for all. Some accepted and some transported themselves, but all showed up within thirty seconds of the call to assemble.

He greeted all by name with a hug or handshake as they arrived. Then created Bolos and carafes of Marga's love, plus Cokes for the kids. After everyone had unwound a bit, Mike said, "OK folks, you all know why we're here and as much as it makes me ill, I see no other way to deal with the situation. Any last minute suggestions?"

Glances flew around the table, but no other options were forthcoming.

Heaving a soul wrenching sigh, Mike said, "I was afraid of that; let us begin then."

Mike then reached into the Clan Elven power well and sent the call to draw the thirty six heads of the Families to the chamber for trial.

What he was unaware of was that two tenths of a second before he reached out; The Chairman had sent the attack signal to the satellite system.

THURSDAY 5:00 P. M. CST High Geo-Sync Earth Orbit

As a prelude to Nuclear holocaust the launch from the three weather satellites was anything but spectacular. After undocking from the framework a little burst of compressed air sent these messengers of Death on their way.

Gravity would take care of their velocity and trajectory.

THURSDAY 5:01 P. M. CST US Southern Border Region

The "Crystal" Dragon scanning the El Paso area suddenly jerked to attention. Linking with the seventeen other guardians they sent their combined senses winging upward into space. The normal Purr associated with these beings changed then and anyone within hearing distance would have easily described it as a ... Growl.

These beings were unlike any of the rest of their clan. They were guardians first, foremost and forever. They would protect their charges with every iota of their being, they could do nothing else.

Reaching up along the sense trail created as a primary guide their combined power formed a net and reeled in the threat to their protected ones. This net then guided the threats to a stable Low Earth Orbit and left them there.

Seven months later NASA would launch a blacked out shuttle mission to disarm and recover these little intelligence treasure houses. It would be the most dangerous NASA mission ever flown and not one soul would ever hear what it was for.

The intelligence community, on the other hand, would pour over these articles. Delving into the, where, how and why of their existence. This activity led step by step to the apprehension, trial and deportation of the guilty parties. There wasn't a jurisdiction on the face of the planet that baulked at extradition, once it was hinted why this was being asked for. Everyone involve thought these animals were being shipped to a secure prison, and they were.

Mike and crew figured that they and The Families deserved one another. Besides, there was still lots of room in Hell and with any luck Mike had missed another backdoor ... one could only hope.

THURSDAY 5:02 P. M. CST Lake's Edge Hold

As the thirty six members of The Council appeared in the chamber, Mike rose and said, "Welcome to the rest of your lives folks."

To say there was massive confusion for a bit would have been - you got it - a slight understatement.

When these people -that until two minutes ago thought of themselves as Masters-of-all-they-Surveyed - started calming down a bit, Mike spoke again, "Alrod Smith, please step forward. By the way, that's a very charming name Mr. Chairman. Did you pick it out all by yourself, or did your over priced PR firm dream it up? Well, that's neither here nor there. The reason you're all here is because you thirty six, represent the heads of your houses and you're here to answer for their combined crimes against humanity."

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