Come El or High Water
Chapter 4

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MONDAY 4:30 P. M.

News Stand at E. Van Buren and Wabash Ave., Chicago, IL

Mike was still mighty ticked off at the moronic three, but considering that they were all of six months old, he figured to cut them a tiny bit of slack. 'I just hope this blows over soon, ' came the wry thought, followed by, 'Though looking at what a zoo this place has turned into, a six month time frame might just be a bit optimistic.'

As these thoughts ended, the mental voice of Lannee, chimed in with, 'Lord Coordinator, I apologize for the interruption, but several of our listening posts have begun picking up on a world-wide stirring of intelligence agencies. So far, we have detected nothing within the continental US, other than the usual agency 'knee jerk' reactions. But, that by no means rules out something deeper at work and just not visible at this time. There are preliminary reports of a 'Japanese Flavored' entity who arrived today, but the odd thing is that this agent does not have a completely 'human pattern' to it and is extremely difficult to track. We will continue to scan the area and update you as more arrive on scene.'

'My thanks to you and your crew, My Lady. As always, the job you are doing is far beyond anything we could ask for.' Mike returned, as he mulled over the scanner data she had sent. 'Hum, that's just what we need, another 'unknown' tossed into the mix, also looks like I can kiss off this blowing over any time soon.'

MONDAY 4:30 P. M.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Arlington, VA

Mitch and Stanley met up at the normal jump-off point and settled on the Uncle and Nephew cover. With initial contact made they boarded the express flight to Chicago traveling coach, while making every effort to minimize their presence. Arriving at O'Hare, they made their way to a prearranged drop point and retrieved the expanded briefing. After absorbing the materials and disposing of any physical trace, Stanley turned to Mitch, and said, "What is this, 'Ghostbusters -The Sequel'?"

Staying in character, Mitch replied, "No idea nephew. Let's just go see the sights."

MONDAY 4:35 P. M. Olsen Residence, Chicago, IL

'The Olson household was beginning to resemble a Made For TV Movie, ' Ella thought for about the thousandth time, followed by, 'Good thing it's a SITCOM and not a drama.'

Watching Allen bend over anytime he got near Sarah and whisper, "Hi, little one" at her tummy, really was funny as all get out. All the while Sarah would walk around hugging herself and rubbing her lower stomach and murmuring, "Momma's right here Dear, you're safe and sound."

All this activity made Ella wonder if every first-time parent acted this way.

After confirming her pregnancy with her family doctor, Sarah's priorities changed radically. Every fiber of her being was directed at bringing this new life into the world and Allen's Honey-Do list grew by leaps and bounds. Ella found herself drafted -not unwillingly - to help paint the new Baby's room and anything else Sarah could think of to make a better nest.

The Littlest Mage In The World had her own work cut out for her too, as day by day she grew and her mental signal firmed from a non-verbal gurgle to a strong precise mental communication. Ella -when not painting, scrubbing, or vacuuming - found herself working with the embryonic Mage to perfect her comm signal, marveling at the rate of learning this little cell cluster was absorbing.

Thinking to herself, not for the first time, 'Wow, this kid is going to be a champ for sure.'

MONDAY 4:45 P. M. FBI Surveillance Point Alpha, Chicago, IL

After getting back from Lake's Edge on Monday morning, Lisa had spent the day with her partner, Agent Collins, at FBI Surveillance Point Alpha, all the while marveling at the flood of humanity the event had drawn to Lakeshore. The crowds were so dense that making the one-half block trip to Angelo's Bakery proved to be almost a half hour trip ... minimum. On arriving back at The Nest, as Collins had come to call it, she once again took up her window seat and scanned the view. The thing that amazed her even more now than when she had first become aware of them, was watching even the Fairy crowd having to be very careful where they were walking. Yes, it was that crowded. Turning to Collins, she said, "Hey Dan, how about taking the EL down here tomorrow? Doesn't look like this insanity is going to let up anytime soon."

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