The Angels Dreams
Chapter 3

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Episode Three

Loca Viernes

The door slammed as Lexie burst through it. Caitlin looked up from the book she was reading, her fingers scanning the page expertly. At the sound Callie gave a small bark. The blonde dog had just eaten her dinner and Caitlin was relaxing before she would head out to one of her favourite clubs. Kiara had been home and left again, vowing she would return around nine to keep an eye on Callie while studying as the other girls would be out seen as it was Friday night. Emily was already showering, glad that the week was over.

"Hi, Lex," Caitlin grinned at the red haired girl as she pulled off her boots. "You up on Sunset tonight?" Caitlin knew her friends pretty well and she knew that Lexie usually was at the Key Club on a Friday and Saturday night. Em and Caitlin would be at one of the hip hop clubs. They either went to Cocos on Hollywood Boulevard, Oceanic on Wilshire or Club Caliente on Sunset Boulevard. They hadn't decided where they would be going that night, all Caitlin and Emily knew, it was Friday and it was time to party. kiara would be at home and Caitlin appreciated her being there for Callie. The dog cocked her head and glared at her mistress, she knew she was being abandoned for the night and Caitlin giggled and petted the golden head of her best friend.

"nope," Alexia answered Caitlin's question. "Blackmist is sick so I have to stay and watch him tonight. So you make sure you party for me too, right?" She wagged her finger playfully at her friend.

"You know it!" Caitlin laughed as she placed a marker in her book and placed it on the table. "I better start getting ready. Em and I are eating at Tonio's for dinner, if you wanna join us before heading back to the stables?"

"Wish I could," Lexie's eyes were a blue-green and she looked concerned as she prepared to shower. "But, I'm afraid we'll have to take a rain check. I have really got to get back. You guys have fun though." and she disappeared into her bedroom. Alexia had the master bedroom and her own shower room. Caitlin, Emily and kiara shared a nice bathroom with blue and silver fixtures. Caitlin sighed, patted Callie's head as the dog followed her obediently into her bedroom. It was decorated in a pale blue and her double bed stood in the centre of the room. At one end was a huge window, looking out over their garden. It was a small but comfortable house and Caitlin loved living there with her friends. She closed the curtains and walked to her closet and pulled open the door and searched for a nice, sleek black dress. Hanging it on her door, she walked to the side of her bed where callie was laying in her soft basket.

"Don't be too upset with me Callie," She bent to pet the dog. "We'll go for a run on Sunday! You'll love that won't you?" She kissed the dog's head and ruffled her ears as she headed out of the door and into the bathroom where Emily had just finished showering.

"Em, how does this look?" Caitlin walked into Emily's small room wearing her black dress, black boots, silver purse and silver jewellery. Her long blonde hair was swept back into a high ponytail. Her make up was subtle and discreet and Emily grinned at her friend.

"How is it, you manage to do your make up way better than me?" The girls laughed and Lexie appeared in the door way then. She had showered too and her shoulder length hair was clean and pinned up.

"Sorry you're not getting to go out," Emily sighed at her friend as she snapped a compact shut. "I know you've worked your ass off this week."

"We all did," Lexie sighed and drank some gatorade. "But the horse needs me and seen as no one else will take care of him, I think I should do it."

"You're so in love with those horses," Caitlin giggled and Lexie and Emily laughed.

"Well, they're special," Lexie smiled and admired her two best friends. "You guys are so gonna have every guy in Hollywood up on your asses tonight."

"Good," Emily and Caitlin chorused and all three girls laughed.

"That is my intention," Emily laughed and stood up. She wore a long pale green dress that dropped off her shoulders and a pair of white sandals. grasping Caitlin's arm she checked them both in the mirror at the side of her door and grinned.

"Miss dawson, we look muy Caliente!" Caitlin laughed heartily and Callie came from her room across the hallway, her golden ears drooping.

"Callie Cals!" Caitlin bent and nuzzled the dog's head. "Kiara will be home soon and you can cuddle up on the couch with her all night!" She petted the dog and took her to the garden to spend before the two girls left for Hollywood.

"I'll be here until eight thirty," Lexie told Caitlin and the blonde haired girl smiled gratefully.

"I hate leaving her but it's cruel to take her clubbing with my crazy ass."

"I second that," Emily grabbed her car keys, hugged Lexie and petted Callie as she guided Caitlin out of the door and into her blue Mustang.

"Don't worry, Callie Cals," Lexie petted the dog who stared at the door sadly. "You got me until Kiara gets home. Aren't you a lucky puppy?" She laughed and ruffled the dog's ears before heading to the kitchen to make some dinner.

Caitlin and Emily were parking in the huge parking lot behind Sunset Boulevard before they knew it.

"So which club?" Caitlin stepped out of the car, feeling the warm Californian early evening summer air around her bare shoulders. She sighed and took in a deep breath. Nights like these made her so happy she lived in Los Angeles.

"I don't know," Emily shut her driver's door and locked the car while pocketing her keys in her black purse. She took Caitlin's arm and they began walking toward sunset Boulevard. "We could go to Cocos, or Club caliente. I don't feel like heading for Oceanic tonight. What are you feeling?" They turned a corner and started walking down Sunset while attracting the attention of many men along the way. Neither woman was a celebrity but they were well recognised in Los Angeles night life for partying almost every weekend. Caitlin could also be recognised for her job and was often let into clubs on the V.I.P list due to her frequent visits to some of the venues on a business level. A long whistle was let out by a tall, African-American guy standing with a group of his friends outside of Libertines, a bar. Caitlin giggled and Emily smiled, quickly glancing back to check out the guy.

"He's cute and totally checking out your ass," Emily giggled slightly to her friend. Caitlin smiled and flicked her hair back flirtatiously. Both girls continued walking and discussing their night's plans. The air was hot and the night would be a good one, both of them knew that.

Sitting at a table outside of Tonio's, both girls quietly chatted amidst a happy, excitable crowd ready to party their nights away. Ordering two Italian deli style sandwiches, Caitlin and Emily took in the familiar sounds and feelings of LA on a Friday night.

"Hope Lexie doesn't have such a terrible time," Emily smiled gently, while watching two guys talking at the outdoor bar.

"Are you kidding me?" Caitlin wiped her mouth on a napkin and smiled confidently. "She loves those horses and they cause her much less drama than the guys in her life so maybe she's safer at the stables than out on Sunset where all her drama seems to happen." Emily arched an eyebrow and burst into laughter.

"You can be such a bitch Caitlin," She laughed heartily and sipped her glass of wine to prevent her choking. "Lexie works hard and needs time off like you and I."

"I know that," Caitlin smiled nonchalantly at being called a bitch and continued calmly. "But Lexie likes to sometimes create her own drama with guys. And I swear she loves those horses more than guys anyways. And who can blame her? Jake, Tim, Trent or whatever his name is, cause her more shit than any of her horses ever have or ever will." Emily was laughing hard at Caitlin's take on their friend's love life. Somehow, Caitlin, always knew how to make Emily laugh and was as blunt as a spade but everyone loved her for it. She was straight to the point and never lead anyone to believe differently.

Kiara entered the house and was greeted by a pink bear and a golden dog.

"Hey Callie," She petted the dog gently and wandered to the fridge. The house was unbelievably quiet, just the way Kiara liked it. Taking a juice from the fridge and a bag of chips from the counter, she settled herself on the couch with a laptop at the ready. Her night would be blissfully quiet until three or four in the morning when Caitlin and Emily would return in a drunken state. Callie settled on her bed, happy of the company and fell silently to sleep. Engrossed in her work, Kiara never bothered to check if anyone was home. If she had, she may have noticed that Lexie was sleeping on her bed, having slept through her alarm, an hour before. Out of the roommates, Lexie and Kiara got on the least. being responsible and self dependent, Kiara saw no reason to have any reliability from her house mates. Callie slept and kiara typed while Lexie dreamed of being at her favourite hang outs while Blackmist the horse, became sicker, with no one to care for him.

"It's so busy in Hollywood tonight," Emily commented as she guided her friend through the crowded streets. "any major event on?"

"If there is, I haven't heard of it," She laughed as they began lining up for a club they wanted to go to. It was Club Caliente, and it looked to be a busy night everywhere. "Unless there's a group of famous celebs out and about, that's the only thing I can think of," Caitlin's eyebrows raised as she wondered why the city was so alive tonight. She would know if there had been a major event, even if her company wasn't organising it. But there was nothing and she smiled at Emily, determined to have a good night.

Emily turned and smiled at a group of girls behind them. She liked to look at what everyone was wearing and see who looked good or not. Caitlin shifted her head, hearing a conversation with a group of guys a few people in front. She smiled and looked at Emily. She felt the city in so many ways that others did not and Emily loved to watch her friend and see what she would discover through her other senses. She often knew exactly what was going on so accurately.

"come on, line's moving," Emily walked with Caitlin a little further and they reached the doors of the club by ten P.M.

"Caitlin, looking good tonight," A tall, dark, African-American guy laughed. He often flirted with Caitlin. He had worked security for a lot of things she had organised.

"Thanks, Rick," She laughed and hugged him. "how are you?"

"All the better for seeing you, Miss sweet thing," She laughed, tossing her head back slightly, allowing her long hair to extend down her back. "You're such a flatterer," She took Emily's arm and they walked up the purple carpeted stairs into the air conditioned club. it felt good inside and it was already buzzing.

"Drink?" Emily yelled over the noise from the PA system and the many chatting people around them.

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