Chapter 8: Justice

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Dawn caught Loyd and Boyd at the little table in their room reading and studying their Bible. They then bowed their heads and gave the day to God. They headed out of the room with Bear right behind them.

Barbara met them in the dining room and asked them as they sat down, "Would you like to try some of my blueberry pancakes?"

Both men, at the same instance said, "I'll have a double stack with two eggs on top, over easy!"

"Would you like coffee?"

"Loyd would like cream and sugar with some coffee in it," Boyd said, and before he could finish, Loyd said, "Boyd wants his black."

Boyd looked at Bear and asked, "Bear, are you hungry?"

Bear barked and Boyd said, "That means steak."

Barbara showed up in a few minutes with the meals and Loyd said the blessings.

While they were eating, Milton Taylor came into the dining room and walked up to the table and said, "Which one of you is the lawyer?"

"Boyd Harris at your service, sir," Boyd answered.

"I had 360 acres a mile out of town until six months ago. Edward came to me and said that my fence was down and my cows had all gotten into his pond and killed all his fish. If I could not come up with $1,000.00 to replace his fish, he would put a lien on my property. When I looked at the fence it was cut. Last month he filed to foreclose; and I was forced to move." Milton said.

"Okay, hold on just a minute and let me look at the files I have," Boyd said, as he looked through the files they had gotten from Edward's law office.

He pulled out a file, looked at it and said, "Milton, will you testify in court about this matter?"

"I would love to!" Milton exclaimed.

"Okay; be in the courtroom at 8:00 a.m. I will call Thomas Canon first, Alford Burton second, and then I will call you." Boyd said.

Loyd went to the jail and handcuffed the lawyer and sheriff. He took them to the courtroom and sat them on the front row. He then took their hand cuffs off.

Boyd went to the trailer and got the Andiron from the fireplace.

On the way into the courtroom Boyd looked at Judge Anderson Cooper wearing Duck Head overalls and a red check shirt. He then nodded.

Judge Anderson Cooper nodded back.

The trial began at 8:00 a.m. with Judge Carl Carpenter banging the gavel down. He said, "This court will come to order."

To everyone's disbelief and for the moment, the town residents' worst nightmare, the judge pulled out a gun and said, "Randy, take their guns; they are under arrest for obstruction of justice."

A shot rang out in the back of the courtroom. The judge's gun went flying out of his hand.

Suddenly, two guns were touching the backs of Edward and Randy's necks. Loyd said, "One move and you are dead."

Boyd, faster than a cat, was in front of the judge with his left gun in his face and his badge close enough for the judge to read it. Boyd said, "Loyd and I are Federal Marshals of the Secret Service. You are under arrest. Please stand carefully and walk over beside Randy and Edward and all of you sit down. Judge Anderson Cooper, will you come forward and conduct this trial?"

Judge Anderson Cooper put on the robe he had with him and walked up to the amazement of the residents and sat in the chair that was just held by the now arrested judge.

"I am a Federal Judge. This trial is now in session. Okay, Judge Carl Carpenter, Edward and Randy Stevens, you are yourselves on trial for obstruction of justice for now. Mr. Boyd Harris, what do you have against these men?"

"Your Honor, I have people of this town that have come forward and will testify that these three have and were still planning to rob and take over this town by illegal contracts, loans, and false liens on properties. I am sure they have committed at least three murders. We have evidence of Mr. Edward and Randy of attempted murder. I have proof of the Sheriff in one murder, but we don't have the evidence for the others, just probable cause," Boyd said.

"I have the warrant you requested. It will be exhibit number 1. If you will present the evidence you have at this time, I will hear their plea," Judge Anderson Cooper said.

"Your Honor, Sam and Peggy Slidell owned Slidell General Store here in town. Peggy Slidell was supposedly killed by falling off a horse and her head hitting a rock. Sam Slidell was killed in a room he was renting from Joseph's Boarding House.

I would like to present into evidence these documents we found in Edward's office. They are loan papers that were written up for Sam and Peggy Slidell to sign. They are unsigned indicating that they refused to sign them." Boyd said, handing the documents to the judge.

Judge Cooper looked the document over and said, "These will be presented prosecution exhibit number 2. What is your next evidence?"

"Your Honor, this is the Andiron from the fireplace. It matches as the murder weapon of Sam Slidell. The coroner will witness to that fact." Boyd said, and placed it beside the other evidence."

Judge Cooper said, "That will be prosecution exhibit number 3. What is your next evidence?"

"Your Honor, this piece of paper has the finger prints lifted from the Andiron from the fireplace." Boyd said, and handed the paper to Judge Cooper.

Judge Cooper looked at the paper and said, "This is good only to show that it is someone's fingerprints on the murder weapon. Do you have proof of whose they are?"

"Yes, your Honor, I do. This paper has the fingerprints of the Sheriff that we lifted from his fingers in the jail." Boyd said, handing Judge Cooper the paper.

The judge looked at the two pieces of paper and said, "They seam to match as the same prints. They will be placed as prosecution exhibit number 3 and 4. What is your next evidence?"

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