The Prophecy
Chapter 2

Copyright© 2010 by Celtic Bard

Righteous Fury Unleashed

Some years did pass
And the boy-child, Eiren, grew
In peace and love,
Much treasured by his parents.

Then war did brew
'Tween the barbarous Scandinavians
And the mighty duchy of the Ukraine
O'er the lands upon which this fateful child lived.

On a fateful day
Some half dozens years past his birth
This child's humble village
Saw fog as thick as night.

Bent on a drunken carouse
A Viking long boat did ghost
Through the misty waters of the Gulf
To the crude village of mariners.

Not knowing riches from dross
In their inebriation,
These barbarous corsairs
Ravished this poor village.

Eiren's father, a man of noble blood,
Did rush to the defense of his home.
Much to the delight of the savages,
He proved an excellent warrior.

In the presence of wife and child,
Did he fell many a foe
'Til the thane did approach,
Intoxicated with bloodlust.

Long was their battle,
Axe clashing with sword,
But the outcome was ordained
By the meddling of the Fates.

The thane of the northlands
Sunk his blade deep,
Deep into the torso of this warrior
To the accompaniment of a fierce wail.

The thane roared with triumph
And turned to the weeping spouse,
Rapine blazing in his eyes
Ignoring the fury building in the Child of Fate.

Rage burned in the mind of Eiren,
His eyes only seeing the crumple form
Of a father foremost in his life
And a great surge swept through his small frame.

Across the continent
Seers and visionaries,
Wizards and magi,
Collapse in pain as the Sight ignites.

The vision of a release of power
Unlike any Seen in a thousand years
Comes to the unwary sensitive
And the exultant and fearful Gods.

In the bustling capital of Kiev
The Archmage of the Ukraine
Sends his magi to collect the possessor
Of such unbridled strength of will.

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