El No, We Won't Go
Chapter 9

Copyright© 2010 by Ol'Mac

As Mike took off back to the News Stand. Rick glanced at his watch again and whistled, "Hey, check this out buddy," showing his watch face to Stan.

"Are you kidding me?" Stan said, "We burned up a whole eight minutes of our lunch hour? We'd have been hard pressed to make it to Ernie's, much less get seated and served in that time. Well, what do you want to do?"

"Might as well see if this thing will turn into a ring. I am not lugging this around all day, I don't care how 'Honored' it makes me," Rick laughed. "Let's see, Mike said, "just 'think' ring" ... so, here goes nothing." A second later, Rick was wearing the most God-Awful-Silver-Lump on his ring finger. With green, red and blue stones stuck here and there.

Stan was trying with all his might, not to bust a gut but finally lost the battle and as the peals of laughter subsided somewhat, Stan gasped out, "Oh-My-God! It looks like you mugged Liberace and haven't made it to your fence yet!!"

After this short pit stop for breath, Stan ramped back up to speed in what looked to be, the second lap of the Daytona five hundred of hilarity. Even Rick joined in on lap five and if anyone thought that two helplessly laughing police officers in Grant Park, was 'unusual', well, at least they didn't call the station house.

Mike, knowing he had dumped a world of change on his friends, was in full on -'Worry Wart / Mother Hen mode'- and snuck a quick scan back over to the park. He was just in time to see Rick and Stan laughing their brains out over something.

Then he caught sight of --'The Abominable Ring'. Chuckling to himself, he thought, 'Elven art. You just have to love it.'

Friday 12:05 P. M. City Hall, Chicago, IL

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