First and Second Date...the Time Between

Copyright© 2010 by ryan801army

To start, I need to give a little background information on this story. It's been thirteen years since this story took place. As I sit here writing and thinking back on things, it's still a story that I see as amusing. That shows how I've grown, from the nervous young boy into the man I am now. That's right; this is another of those coming of age stories. Only this is one that takes place in a comparatively small town in Utah. I'd consider placing it somewhere else, but, after all, that's where it happened, and it's the area I'm most familiar with. That's right, the story I'm going to tell is true, or at least as close to true as I can make it, between the time that's passed as well as a little creative liberty taken with things. All names have been changed to protect the innocent, saving my own (well, my last name was changed for the story).

First and Second Date ... the Time Between

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