Moonlight Serenade
Chapter 3

Copyright© 2010 by Kingkey

Having received a phone call from Chuck early Sunday morning asking him to come over, once there, Mike discovered not only Chuck but Kathy Hetherington waiting there for him. "What's going on Chuck was Kathy here?" he asked.

"Don't get excited there Mike! I got to talking with Kathy here and told her a bit about your plans, and she thought maybe she could help since she was in most of the classes with Michelle and could let you know her reaction and the things that she'd say to the other girls. She can be in places you and I cannot." Chuck explained.

Mike was starting to get a little pissed off at Chuck for blabbing his business around, but he had a point that he was a great girl. They'd known each other since the second grade, and although they'd never dated he had always considered her a friend. And they were right. She could go places and hear things that he could not. So Mike said. "Chuck I'm not sure if I like you spreading around my feelings, but you're right. Kathy can be a big help, so she can give me a woman's view and can listen in on her reactions to be places that there is no way you or I'd be; such as the locker room or the lady's rooms. Just try not to spread it around anymore."

"OK, what's next? What's the first step we do?" Kathy asked.

"We'll first I'm waiting for her to break up with Brad. I don't think it'll take too long before he reverts back to being his normal jerk self." Mike said.

"Well, your waiting is over. While we were at George Johnson's party last Friday, Brad was being his normal self, bragging to his buddies and basically ignoring her. After a while of this, she just exploded and told him to Fuck Off! She was just fed up with him treating her like a possession and just arm candy." Kathy said.

"It looks like she's free now so I guess that puts us on the attack. The first thing I think I should do is to have flowers delivered to her in second period History class. We are all three in that class, so we can see her reactions. I'm going to send the flowers anonymously, but I'm including a love letter with it unsigned just to get her curiosity up. Now to figure out what to say so that she knows it comes from someone else and not one of those idiot jocks." Mike said.

They spent the next couple of hours trying to come up with the perfect note to include with the flowers;

Michelle; the most beautiful girl in the school. You don't know me since I am not a jock or one of the A-list people that you normally hang out with. I'm also not a brain. However, I have admired you from afar for years. You deserve better than the way you are being treated now and should not be taken for granted.

Sincerely. Your secret admirer.

"That should get her attention but what's the next step?" Kathy asked.

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