Moonlight Serenade
Chapter 2

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The rest of the week went pretty much the same; with Mike always watching Michelle from afar, too nervous to go up and just talk to her, and Chuck trying to tell him "Mike, she's never even going to know that you like her if you are too afraid to even go up and talk to her. I know you said you know how to romance her. Even so, how does that work if she doesn't know that it is you?"

"I'll talk to her at the right time. However, the time is not right yet. She is still going with Brad Davies, and I don't think she would like to be seen with me with all my teeth knocked out." Mike said.

"You can't wait forever for the time to be right. What's wrong with talking to her right now?" Chuck asked.

"I'm just waiting for her to break up with Brad. I figure that by the end of the weekend she would've had enough of his antics and will have told him to drop dead. I'll start making my move Monday," he said.

"Whatever you say Mike. What she does, as she's head cheerleader, is only dates jocks, and while you're great, the only sport I've ever seen you do was some martial arts. Just tae-kwon-do and aikido, and they are not recognized as a school sport. You know Brad is the big man on campus and real popular with everyone. Even I'm more popular than you and I'm just mediocre jock." Chuck said

"I've got a plan. She won't know what hit her. First off, as soon as I know that she's not with that dipshit Brad any longer, I'm planning on sending her flowers anonymously. With the flowers, I'll send an unsigned love letter just to let her know that she has got an admirer."Mike replied.

"But what if Brad or some other douche bag tries to take credit for your gift of flowers. You know there are a lot of guys in this school, as soon as she becomes fair game are going to want to make a play for her. Most of them are jocks and just as big boneheads as Brad is." said Chuck.

"That's where the love letter comes in. Most of those idiots couldn't make a complete sentence if you paid them. That will lead her to know that if she wants romance, then she is going to have to find it elsewhere and not from some dumb jock." Mike said.

"I look forward to seeing how your plan turns out. By the way, are you working this weekend?" Chuck asked.

"I'm going to have to. My plans for romancing Michelle is not cheap just sending flowers alone will probably cost me $50. Then there are all the little extra gifts, etc. I figure it will cost me at least $250 just to get her attention." Mike said.

"Wow $250," Chuck exclaimed. "That's a week's pay, and it's just to get her attention? I'm not sure there's any girl worth that kind of money!"

"Yeah, and that's just the beginning. After I get her attention and start taking her on dates is really where the cost is going to come in. Remember, Michelle is used to money. Taking her to the drive-in and a fast food restaurant isn't going to cut it with her. She's going to want some of the nicer things and those restaurants aren't cheap. The tips, alone, are more than we normally spend." Mike said.

"Let me get this straight? You're going to work all these extra hours plus work on weekends just to get some rich girl that doesn't seem to even know you're alive to take notice of you. Are you nuts? There are a lot of very pretty girls in the school that would be more than happy to go out with you without you spending every cent you have on them. But NO! You've got to go out with little Miss Rich and popular! You know she's about the shallowest girl in the school." Chuck said sarcastically.

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