The Magic Box
Chapter 3

Copyright© 2010 by Uncle Sky

It is with heavy heart that I write this next chapter for I must tell of sadness. This story I have told has reached it's end. There will be no small drops of warm water that will not be seen.

After much celebrating and joy, Small and She finally made plans to meet in person. They kept the meeting secret since there were those who might object. It seems that She was joined with another at that time. It was not a permanent bond but it was thought to be by some.

And so after much planning Small traveled across the great land to see his lover. They met and for a short time enjoyed one another. They shared that which makes a man and a woman become one. It seemed that they were on the way to the future they had planned. But it was not to be.

In all the time these two spent sharing their hopes and dreams through the magic boxes, Small had made promises. It seems that She had three little ones that were not seen. And Small knew of this. He promised She that he would love and care for her and her small ones for ever and ever. She was happy that Small was willing to take on this duty.

Then when they met, Small made a confession. He was poor and did not have the means to care for She and her little ones as he had promised. He wanted to but was not able. He told She that he would find a way. That he would work hard and save for the future. But he had lied.

She Who Is Not Seen was unable to risk the future of her little ones on the promises of Small. She wished it were possible but she needed help and support then and not later.

And so it came to pass that She Who Is Not Seen told Small Hot Water that they could not be together. She told him that they must go their separate ways. She told him this with great sadness.

Small Hot Water was crushed. He blamed himself as was proper. But he could not face life in the family room without She Who Is Not Seen. He said goodbye to all his friends. He told them that he and She were no longer to be wed. He said he could not stand to be in the place where they had been so happy. And so he left. The people were saddened to hear what had happened and were sorry to see him go.

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