The Magic Box
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2010 by Uncle Sky

Once upon a time not so long ago on an island out in the ocean there was born a boy. Now this boy was not special. He was the son of regular people who loved him and raised him to be a good person. He tried. But sometimes he would get into a little trouble.

He grew toward manhood and did well in school, making many friends. His family was proud of him. The day came when this boy, now a young man, felt the need to leave this garden in the ocean and spread his wings. He decided to go to the mainland and seek higher education.

He found a place in the middle of this great land that seemed to suit him and he settled into his studies.

It was while he was out exploring one day that he found a box. This box was a magic box. The box contained a genie who promised him the world. He took the box home and prepared to see the world. He asked the genie to let him find others like himself and was whisked away to a land near a university that was very crowded with many different people.

Most of these people had one thing in common. They were attracted to young girls. This frightened the young man. Was he like these people? Yes he was. And so he watched these people for a while to see what was going on.

He found there were also people there that would destroy the land if given a chance. People that hated what he and the others were.

And he watched. He made friends. He found some he liked and some he didn't. But overall he was happy there.

Then came a day when the genie told the man that he could not go to this land any more. He said that it had been decided that he should not see that which he wanted to see. And so he was left alone again with no friends. Shortly one of his friends came to him and said "I have found another group where we can all meet and have the things we had back in the land by the university. He went willingly.

The new place was a kingdom. There was a king and queen and a wise man. There were all sorts of people. Some were titled and some were not. But all were friends. He joined in and became a contributor.

He still had the habit from his youth of getting into a little trouble at times and so he was named Small Hot Water. Small Hot Water became well known and liked in the kingdom. The time came when he was offered a title. But true to his roots on the garden island he declined with respect.

And so it came to pass that he was given a position instead. He was given the position of promoting the goodness of the people of his island among the subjects of this kingdom. Small Hot Water did his job well even if he did now and again live up to his nic.

As the days passed, there came into the kingdom some who did not fit well there. From time to time Small Hot Water spoke in their defence and from time to time he spoke out against them. He did not think he was heard but it turned out he was and many agreed with him though not always.

Time passed and a sad day came when two of the subjects of the kingdom were whisked away and thrown in a dungeon for putting up pictures that made the subjects of this kingdom happy. They were all saddened by this loss. Then more people from the land of the university came to visit and then decided to stay. These people were stronger than the subjects of the kingdom as they had more powerful boxes with smarter genies. Things worsened when these new arrivals blamed the subjects of the kingdom for the loss of the two who gave them pictures.

And there was unhappiness in the kingdom. Some of the people left. The king went away and the queen abdicated. The wise man became silent. Others left.

One day the person who had been a watchman over this kingdom sent secret messages to some of the subjects inviting them to a new place. The new place was like a den. A family room. The people started to arrive and they made it a friendly place. The very thing that had first attracted Small Hot Water was no longer important. The friendly atmosphere was the attraction.

All who stayed dedicated themselves to peace and having fun. There was no more of the pictures that had first been so important in the first land. Here it was good. More like his home.

Yes, he flourished in this family room. He still visited the kingdom and still lived up to his nic at times. But he was loved by all.

Now the man did not know that for a long time even in the other places there was one who loved him more than the rest. This person had been watching him and growing to love him without saying anything. Then one day she came out of the shadows and joined in the fun in the family room. No one noticed at first and when they did she was named She Who Is Not Seen.

She began to talk to Small. The conversation was all fun at first but then became flirtatious. Little by little the two became more and more involved.

Then it happened. Much to the surprise of Small Hot Water, She Who Is Not Seen made a bold statement. "I love you." she said. At first it was just thought to be a casual statement. Then as days went by it became more. Soon all the people in the family room realized the truth. The men stopped flirting with She Who Is Not Seen except for the occasional jest. Everyone noticed that the two were there at the same time and gone at the same time. It became obvious that they were spending much time together.

Small Hot Water was amazed that this woman was in love with him. He was also surprised to find that he was falling in love with her. All of this was going on through the magic boxes that they both had. It was beautiful to see.

The wise man from the kingdom was a special friend who often called Small his brother. He was very happy to see this happening. He gave them his blessing and warned them to be careful and go slow. He wished them joy and hoped they might someday join together as one.

Now this is the point where most stories either give the happy ending or the terrible sadness that ended the story. But I can not do either. You see I am the wise man in the story and my two friends are only now at the point where I have ended the story. How will the story continue? Will the story end sadly or will it go on in joy and happiness? I wish I knew but I can only watch, and wait and hope.

Let us all join together in the hope that this story goes on and brings joy to She and Small. They deserve to be happy.

Not the end, I hope, but to be continued.

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