Star Chamber

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Is the Planet Funston our answer? What if it could feed and hold twenty billion people comfortably? Could ten billion people come from Earth during the next century? What do we need to change to make Earth a place we want to live in? We have too many Law Schools. What if we turned them into Aerospace Engineering Schools? To support the exploration of the Universe.

Heaven on Earth. The older people were becoming younger-looking and feeling like it. The younger people had a strong desire to learn on their own. All people together calmed the seas and the atmosphere. They brought prosperity to all. The family units grew in love and then looked upon neighbors as brothers and sisters. Communities again started calling other communities “Sisters”. Nations had parades showing the ability to fly to Space and no longer showed military might.

“Lord Heat discovered that his asteroid belt was full of the water that had been blown off the planet tens of thousands of years ago. By mistake, he got a large chunk of ice close to Funston with his tractor beams only to lose it as it got caught in the gravity of Funston. It was pulled toward the planet. Over a thousand square miles felt the joy of rain falling for the first time since the great destruction.

The Cadet Program on Funston started by the twins Major Teri, Major Fannie with their staff, and a new Eight-year-old from West Seattle Cadet named Captain Ceca Yellow Hair flying back and forth from Earth every day. Every day she would have a load of workers and their families in Happy her 775. Every day she would train four or five new cadets or more on the way. Some of them would live with their parents and join the Cadet Program on Funston. Some would fly back to Earth and be dropped off in the many Cadet Programs around the world or pick up their 335’s or 445’s and fly themselves home.

To be Certified level one to fly outside Pluto one had to do ten million miles or more three times. That got one, their pilot license for space. After flying a billion miles the licensed pilot then could take a test proving they could teach others and become a Teacher. Ceca was one of the first to become a teacher.

Much of the food on Funston was carried back to Earth. Food on Earth still supplied ¾ths of what our planet needed, but new, wonderful food came from the new Galactic Capital as the soil was reclaimed. The cream-colored sand on top of the soil must have been the old building. When used to make concrete it created a smooth hard finish. When the workmen tried to drill into it their diamond bit drills barely scratched the surface. They had to bring in lasers to make holes.

West Seattle:

Jenny was feeding Gaia her lunch. She was giving Gaia a taste of all the different fruits and berries they had. Her little daughter was now a year old going on ten years old. She was walking every day. She would go all over the Shelter. Carol brought in a baby walker early on that Gaia could sit in or stand and move around. She liked someone holding onto her fingers, but she could get her miles in with the walker.

Linda, Ceca, and Jimmy’s mom came in, “Where is everybody?” Linda asked as she fixed herself some good coffee.

They are all over the world. Setting up healing centers and Cadet Centers. John is in Funston with his oldest son Johnny. Don’t tell anybody, but both Presidents are there with people from both Russia and The United States. Tina and Scott are there filming a show on reclaiming the land.”

Jenny took a sip of water, “They are also reclaiming the water from their Asteroid Field. So, far they have filled a lake the size of Lake Washington. They are working on something the size of the Mediterranean Sea. The kids there on Funston are flying 885’s and having an absolute blast doing it. They estimate they have only removed .01% of the water from their Asteroid Field.”

“The US is building and moving housing units to Funston, the Russians are setting them up. They are laying in the water lines and setting up sewage treatment plants. The Chinese are then completing each housing unit. The crews from India are putting in the electronics and networks everywhere.

“Boeing is putting 16 of their floats together and Weyerhaeuser is building the housing units on top of the floats the Heavy Units of the Space Corps are moving them. They are completing about one unit a week on Funston with two waiting for them and another on the way. The units arrive with framing and electrical and plumbing roughed in. Then they must be sheet rocked, finished and doors put on.”

“Then the families show up.” Jenny was laughing, “Then the Russian and Mexican kids that fly to Funston arrive with a Planetary Certification to fly the 775 and become members with the Funston Space Cadets.”

Ceca and Jimmy returned for the day. Hellos and hugs all around including Gaia.

Jimmy asked Gaia, “Read a story?”

“Pleaseeeeeee,” Gaia said.

Jimmy carefully set Gaia on her feet and held onto her left hand. The two walked over to the walker. Neither mother nor Ceca had seen that before. All three watched with their mouths open in surprise, “She’ll be running soon.” Linda said, “How old is she?”

“This is not possible, but then we are looking at an expression of Mother Earth!” Jenny said, “She was due to be born eight months ago.”

“You need to get her some good walking shoes,” Linda suggested.

“I was thinking about Nike. They have a good female running shoe. Do you suppose they make it in her size?” Jenny asked.

Jimmy took off the table, book one of “A Thousand Year of Peace! “Your daddy wrote this Gaia.”

Gaia clapped her hands, “Daddy.” Gaia sat down in her walker to listen.

Jimmy started, Chapter 1 :Walking the Path!

Seattle, Washington:

Peter was walking home after his martial arts class. Today he earned his brown belt. Ten years of training and his instructor, Master Sun, told him in front of his dojo he was far beyond his brown belt. He’d been held back because he hadn’t asked to be tested during the last almost two and a half years since his mother’s sickness and death. Master Sun looked at him and shared he’d been one of his most devoted students over the last 10 years and in front of all the dojo, Master Sun asked him if he would become the dojo’s number one assistant. Peter realized he would be getting a paying job that would last him through college.

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