Star Chamber
Chapter 24: Welcome to the 4TH Dimension! #2

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Another General in West Seattle:

After the change happened, General Franks, Johnny, and the Judge left for West Seattle.

“General Franks.” Nancy made her rounds of the church. Many times, a day she would walk the property and go through the church. It allowed her to eat pretty much anything and not gain a pound except now she was eating for two, “I see Beth is with you. I will leave you two alone.”

“Nancy, you can see Beth. Please sit and talk to me.” General Douglas Franks asked. He was sitting in the church. He liked to take a bit of time every day to gather his thoughts. Johnny had gone north to work on his place in Everett. The Judge had also gone to look at his place. He had some workmen there the day before.

“I’ve seen Beth many times and we have been able to converse. She came to the church looking for you a day or two after you moved in.”

“I don’t think she was supposed to die. God, please relieve this pain.” General Franks rubbed his solar plexus. He dropped his hand and let out a deep breath, “Thank you, God!”

“She’s sitting on your right side. Put your hand down on the armrest, palm up” Nancy suggested.

General Franks’ eyes opened big as he felt a hand over his.

“You feel that.” Nancy was able to see Beth’s little hand in her husband’s big palm, “Gently take your wife’s yours. Does this feel familiar?” Nancy noticed a tear roll down the General’s cheek, “I’m taking you two to God.” Transport happened. The three were sitting in The Christ Ports.

Frank turned slowly towards Beth. Both were crying as they hugged. On Earth as in Heaven. They sat there for hours. Beth reached up and played with the General’s Stars. “We need to go back to the church. The President will be calling. More stars for my Teddy Bear!” Beth said. Transport happened. They were back in church.

“Here they are.” Lieutenant Wisner said with a white holster on her hip was helping Captain Lucy find General Franks.

“BETH, I mean Mrs. Franks!” Lucy was extremely excited, “You can see her.” Lucy gave General Franks a hug and a kiss on the cheek, “I’m so incredibly happy for you sir. Maybe now you won’t be so grumpy.” Lucy brought her hand to her mouth, “Oops! I’m sorry sir.”

“I don’t expect to be grumpy anymore Captain Lucy.” General Franks smiled. Lucy had gotten a promotion along with the twins from what they accomplished in Montana. Now they were scheduled to take on Washington D.C. only they hadn’t been told yet.

“I saw my Papa before Mama Jenny showed up, he went from sad to excited to smiling all the time. The good side of sex!”

“Lucy, I’ll help the General all I can. What do you know of sex?” Beth asked.

“Mam, I lived on the streets of Seattle for two years. I saw everything.” Lucy said sadly.

“Girls raped?” Beth asked.

“Once in a while, but more often it was the boys fighting the girls off, but more often than not the boys would give up and go willingly. I think that’s why the boys left those of us who didn’t want the attention alone.”

“Are you still a virgin?” Beth asked.

“Dr. Carol certifies it.” Lucy smiled remembering the day Carol looked up her twat with a flashlight.

“Wow, good for you!” Beth said.

“Mam, I had Down Syndrome, the boys didn’t touch me because they thought they might catch it.”

“Give me a hug Lucy, I don’t know whether to cry or laugh.”

“Laugh with me, I am the girlfriend of the President’s son.” The two hugged, “General Franks, my boyfriend is certified with the 775 now. When I offered him the position as First Lieutenant, he said he could not accept it if it stopped him from asking me to marry him sometime in the future.”

“It doesn’t, everyone knows you two are a couple.”

“That’s not the problem sir. We were waiting outside the good ship Freedom for Admiral Wiggins and his wife and I lost track of time sir because I was kissing and hugging Brien.”

“PDA’s Captain Lucy, if you look at my record, you will see a reference to a PDA during a promotion ceremonial.” General Franks was looking at Beth and they both were laughing.

“That was for his first star.” Beth moved to a sitting position in the General’s lap, “Nancy, I hope we aren’t too scandalous for the church.”

“No, welcome back to earth.” Nancy smiled, “My husband is going to have a good time tonight.” Nancy covered her mouth, “Oops!” Everyone laughed as they left the church, Lieutenant Wisner was also smiling and nodding her head.

“General Franks, the president gave me these for you. He said you could either put them on or wait for him to talk you into it and he put together a ceremony and he put them on you.”

“WHAT? This has got to be for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs for the Armed Forces?” General Franks was reacting to three sets of five stars in Lucy’s hand.

“Ouuuu, more stars, let’s find a bed,” Beth whispered in the Generals ear.

“General, you are welcome to use my room. Its #7 across the hall from the showers. The next stop is to pick up the head of the CB’s in California then off to the White House.”

When Lucy went down the steps to the Shelter, she had to face Lieutenant Wisner again and a Lance Corporal Simons that she had certified on the 775 Patricia last month.

“Sir, do you think we should let her in,” Simons asked.

“She’s not on the list.” Lt. Wisner stated looking at a clipboard with a list of names.

“Sir, she’s one of the old-timers. She’s got a black lanyard around her neck.” Simon said.

“We better let her in then or we both may end up dead.” Lt. Wisner said with fear in her voice.

“Enough, how did she do?” Lucy stomped her foot then asked.

“I’ve been to a deliver when my Neace was born. Your mother did not cry out, she sang the most beautiful notes. The angels were here, the light in there was thousands of watts bright. I heard several times your mother thanking God and John for such a gift. Go to her, be one of the three kings.” Lt. Wisner hugged Lucy then got out of her way.

“I HEAR I HAVE A NEW SISTER!” Lucy could hear a little voice laugh as she got near. Gaia had been all wrapped up but, was wiggling so much that the wrapping was open to arms and legs flying about. Lucy moved quickly taking this red-haired green-eyed little being that was laughing way too much. She hick-upped several times then settled down. Cindy and Carrol were right there making sure Lucy held her exactly right. Gaia slobbered on Lucy’s neck.

“What’s she doing?” Lucy asked in alarm.

“She’s kissing you.” Lucy was sitting in a chair next to her mom in bed.

Lucy looked at the wiggling little girl, “I can’t wait to teach you to fly spaceships.”

Gaia looked at Lucy, “KAY” came out of her.

“OMG! I got the General out in the parking lot. I got to go.” Lucy said, “Dad says hi. I’ll get him back here soon mom.”

“KAY,” was heard again. Carol and Cindy got Gaia back to Jenny.

“Fly safe Lucy,” Jenny said, “Tell John, I love him very much and can’t wait to be in his arms again.”

“He said he would have traded his left hand to have been here,” Lucy said.

“I know. Tell him if he wants four more, I’m ready,” Jenny winked.

“I will, love you guys,” As Lucy turned, she almost ran into General Franks and Beth.

“Go, we’re right behind you,” The General and Beth both waved.

Next to the door of Patricia was Ceca. Something Lucy had done on dozens of times, “Sir, I’ve done preflight sir. I’ve inspected all the outside surfaces. Patricia is ready to fly sir.”

“It may be late before we get back?” Lucy warned.

“I’ve let everyone know this is a possibility, sir.”

“How are you Ceca?” Lucy asked.

“I’m great sir!”

“Well get up into the pilot seat Ceca. Let’s go.”

“YES SIR!” Ceca scampered up the steps. Lucy waved to the many that had followed her up. The General and Beth too. Shutting the door. Lucy stood waiting for the green light to show secure. She thought, what goes around, comes around! Thank you, God! The ship was already moving before she sat down and secured her seat belt. Life was good.

“Patty the ship is in your control. Let us know if there are any warnings.” Ceca said.

“Yes, Ceca,” Patty answered as the ship took to the sky’s way above the flight paths of Sea-Tac Airfield. The Major General was AWOL. His name was placed with the other missing Generals and Admirals of the Armed Forces. This had been called into the White House. There waiting for the Patricia was a Full Bird Colonel named Roseberry. Stan Roseberry. His wife was with him.

Their touchdown in California was less than five minutes. The door shut again; volunteer Ceca took off towards the White House. About halfway to the White House General Franks appeared in the doorway, “ATTENTION Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of the US Armed Forces is on deck.” Captain Lucy announced. She was biting her tongue so hard to keep from laughing she was starting to form tears in her eyes. She was standing at attention with her right-hand saluting.

“At ease.” General Franks was also having trouble not to laugh. The poor Colonial was slow to get up then realized this man was his new boss. Captain Lucy had given him a heads up.

Ceca was also standing proud. Lucy set about correcting that mistake quietly, “Ceca, you do not stand up for any reason when you are in the pilot’s seat.”

“Yes sir, sorry sir. Won’t happen again, sir.” Ceca had brown eyes to die for and they were enormous. With her yellow hair, she was a beauty. Lucy read her thoughts; she had never seen so many stars.”

General Franks held out his arms. Lucy jumped up and ran to him and gave him a hug and a kiss. Lucy noticed Beth standing there laughing.

“Thank you, Lucy, I was hoping you would do that so that maybe next time I wouldn’t laugh so hard.” General Franks laughed along with everybody else. The landing in D.C was a textbook.

Lucy and Brien arrived at about the same time and lead the Officers and their wives into the meeting room. Lucy went to sit next to her dad. There was another One star General and his wife with Brien.

The President was busy pinning two stars onto Colonel Roseberry’s hat and collars. Then he did the same for the Army General.

“How she’s doing?” John whispered.

“Lt Wisner says she sang. Instead of screaming in pain, she heard notes of perfect pitch music.”

Colonel Frank Taylor showed up. He was escorted to the meeting room. The President looked at General Franks for an explanation, “He’s the best problem solver in the country.”

There in front of all. John’s mouth was wide open. Lucy was trying not to laugh again. Beth was sitting on the other side of her giggling.

The president went to put a star on Frank.

“Sir, I’m already a colonel.”

“Frank, that’s not a colonel pin, it’s a star.” General Franks said.

“Lucy, am I dreaming?” Frank asked.

“No Frank you’re not dreaming. This is real, we need you to solve the big ones,” General Franks said.

Frank took a deep breath, “Sir, I was at Boeing yesterday. They have a platform that can be hooked to a truck or a 335, 445, or 555. The platform will carry up to 40 tons. They have about 260 of them done. Sir, we can load them up with equipment and carry it anywhere in the country without roads.” Frank was feeling his star. He looked to the General and saw the five stars. Then he saw a real Beth. He had been seeing peaks of her for a while now. She blew him a little kiss and a little wave. General Franks was nodding with a smile as he looked at his wife.

“What else did she tell you to tell me?” John whispered.

“I don’t understand it, but she said to tell John if he wants four more, she’s ready to start practicing NOW!” Lucy started at a whisper then ended with a shout.

Everything in the room stopped.

“Mr. President, may I leave please?” John asked. The president nodded.

John looked at Lucy, “I’m going to transport.” John stood and was gone in a blink.

“Sir, may I leave also?” Lucy asked. The president nodded.

“Do you want to walk her out, so she doesn’t get lost?” The president asked his son.

As soon as the two were out the door, they looked at each other and held hands.

Beth looked at General Franks, the two of them were also holding hands.

“Mr. President, how does one get an invitation to sleep in Lincoln’s bedroom?” General Franks asked.

I would think that having one’s Space Cadets win the last major battle of a war where we did not lose a single individual should get you tickets for many nights in Lincoln’s Bedroom. Say like a dozen, to begin with?” The president smiled.

“Thank you, sir!”

The United States:

Alaska got extraordinarily little damage. Canada was also little. Maybe a million people throughout Canada without lights all of them along the US border. The United States had possibly three-hundred-million people without lights. John’s message was played a dozen times during the following weeks to give everyone an understanding of what happened.

Frank was relieved by Captain Wisner and Lucy had been handling the logistics of equipment and the need was relieved by Lieutenant Wisner. Major Byrd signed on to the Space Corps and took over the Chicago Cadet Center. They now had eighty-five personnel on the way to a full-strength company although they were still lacking some ships.

Captain Wisner had completed the Certifications for the 445 and 775. He needed one more for promotion. He and Frank took Bell the 445 with a Cargo Platform attached. Boeing had attached a trailer hitch to both the front and the back. They went to the Bonneville Power Administration in Portland. Tina and Scott were in their NEWS 445 filming. They met the Head of the BPA an Administrator by the name Elliot Martin.

Elliot jumped the two feet up onto the platform, “This feels solid enough.” Both Captain Wisner and Frank scrambled on board. “Is there a way to put up a railing around the edge?”

“Watch or better, let’s have you do it and I’ll walk you through it.” Frank handed Elliot a controller like you might have for a TV, “Push that button top left and keep it down.” A two-foot-high fence came off the floor and stood up all around the platform, “Now turn it off and put that in your tool belt.” The three men walked over and lifted another section of the fence that was hinged to the two-foot section. As it was lifted into place the fence in this section was four feet high.

Frank singled the Cadets to join them on the platform. When the three had left the ship and proceeded to the platform, “Corporal Henry please disconnect the platform from the spaceship.”

“Will do sir.” Henry opened the hitch and moved the platform the six inches necessary to be free of the ship.

Frank lowered the rear fence. He hit the DRIVE button. The platform lowered about a foot in the back and raised the front to two feet. A metal flap extended out touching the ground, “Will that work to drive on?” Frank asked.

“YES! Let me get my section leaders out here.” Elliot made a call. Six men hightailed it out of the Administration Building. The six men walked up onto the sloping platform, “Corporal Henry come here, please. This button made it into a ramp. The one across from it will make it into a platform.” Frank pushed it and the platform became level again. “This button is for the fence.” And the rear fence came up again. Frank hit the raise button until they were 100 feet in the air, “What do you think Gentlemen?”

A man that looked a lot like Frank’s dad said, “We need a few of these around for emergency maintenance Elliot.” The man had a slight Spanish accent, “We would use them several times a year.”

“Sir, what is your name?” Frank asked.

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