Star Chamber
Chapter 23: Welcome to the 4TH Dimension!

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April 26, 2021:

The president had cashed in one of his Credits to John. He also had simply ordered the General to escort John to Washington DC. The two men sat in one of the many hearing rooms with the Judge and Lord Johnny Taylor at the Capital answering questions from the Senate’s Defense Committee.

“Why sir did our planet gets attacked by ten thousand alien vessels?” The Senator from the State of Missouri wanted to know.

“Politics Mam.” General Franks answered.

“This is a joke right.” The Senator from Missouri wanted to know.

“We don’t have all the answers YET, Mam.” John answered, “The preliminary information looks to be the British Privy Council along with both the British and American Chapters of the Pilgrim Society were responsible for the attack.”

“What evidence do you have to even suggest such an idea?” This was shouted by one of the Senators totally out of order.

“This morning you may have noticed an article on the front page of the London Times that two foreign Governments have sued the British Crown for a total of 257 million pounds of gold at the World Court. That in forfeiture of not returning 10,000 spaceships and the loss of 127,000 personnel, the lease agreement had a provision to hand over all lands and titles of the British Empire if the items were not returned in good shape.”

Everybody was talking.

“Doesn’t anybody read the news anymore?” John asked the General.

“Apparently not.” General Franks answered.

The Chairman of the Defense Committee was banging his gavel with very little response.

John felt a buzz from his phone, “You have a daughter!”

On the General’s and Judge’s phones were written: “Gaia is BORN!”

“Judge is this why you are here?” John asked.

“Yes, I’m just a homeless person for the day.” The Judge laughed.

“I wanted to be there,” John stated.

“Jenny said to tell you maybe next time,” The Judge said.

“I wonder where Tina is?” John started to ask.

“Scott was kicked out too,” The Judge laughed at the pained face of John.

“Doesn’t seem right is all,” John started giggling.

“The chair recognizes the Senator from Idaho Robert Kennady.” Ted Kennady’s Uncle.

“General Franks, I want to thank you for what your Space Cadets have done.”

“I just read a report on the way here today sir. The officers and individual that needs to be given credit should be Lieutenant Colonel Frank Taylor, Captain Lucy Taylor, Captain Bill D. Taylor and the Vice Principle Ted Kennady of Conrad High School in Conrad Montana. They made the magic happen.” General Franks said.

“For the record, three girls and two boys from Ponderay, Idaho requested to join the Highschool in Conrad and the Space Cadet program. One of the young ladies had Down Syndrome and another Diabetes and the third had a bruising and internal bleeding issue. One of the boys was deformed from birth and the second boy was legally blind. They were being homeschooled but wished to go to a real High School for their junior and senior years. They understood the Cadet Program had a wonderful Health Benefit. They now attend The High School in Conrad and are five beautiful exciting young healthy people.” The Senator wiped his eye, “I want to thank the Space Corps and the Cadet Program for solving this unique situation in a most wonderful way.”

General Franks covered the microphone and shared with John, Johnny, and the Judge, “One of the boys is his son.” The General uncovered the mic, “Thank you, Senator. It demonstrates what our tools of war can accomplish during times of peace. Of the five cadets, I understand one has become a certified pilot and the other four are moving in that direction.”

“My fellow committee member asked if you had proof of the misdeeds by the Privy Council?” Robert Kennady asked.

The Judge handed John the London Times, “Sir, I consider this public knowledge and submit this to the Defense Committee.” John said while handing the newspaper to an aid.

“Senator Kennady, May I also address this?”

“The Committee recognizes Lord Johnny Taylor.”

“The Privy Council is a branch of the Royal Crown of England and in effect hired an outside agent to instigate war upon the United State of America.”

John looked at his son and mouthed “Go get them!”

Scott was setting his camera down and doubled over with laughter.

The General was stuck in thought then said, “By God he’s right.” The General turned towards Johnny, “Give them hell Lord Johnny.”

“I thought this was going to be a boring day.” The Judge was also wiping his eyes from laughing too much.

“Senator Kennady, as Lord of the planet I have also started a lawsuit against the Royal Crown of Britain at the World Court for being a rogue nation on a planet pursuing peace on all continents,” Johnny said.

“Holy shit.” The General whispered.

John hadn’t seen anything so funny since the Keystone Cops in the silent movies of the 1920s. He looked at the General and got “1 Minute.” There were at least five Senators that were angry enough to kill. They were all standing waving their arms. John met their stare taking time to read each one. Fear was the most prevalent emotion. Two physically were thinking about harming him and his son and friends. One was thinking about hiring the company hitman. John looked again at the General he had ten fingers showing. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, then the General waved his little pinky as if to say goodbye. In a flash, John was sitting in his son’s chair. He looked to his right, the General was in John’s chair and the Judge was half on his and half on the General’s. Johnny had been in the end chair and was now sitting on the floor. Pictures that were on the east wall were also on the floor. Pictures from the west wall had looked like they were shot out of cannons. They were everywhere. The north and south walls were also missing everything that had been hanging. All the senators were gone except for the young Senator from Idaho, Robert Kennady.

“Mr. Emperor, what just happened?” Senator Kennady asked.

“Yes.” John wanted to tell him what happened was because of Gaia, but was that wise? “We have moved into the Fourth Dimension. Heaven on Earth. Have you heard of that? Millions have been asking or stating by saying The Lord’s Prayer On Earth as in Heaven.”

“Are we to see Jesus?”

“Look for the Christ in all people, young and old, rich or poor, white, black, yellow, or red. May the farmers inherit the earth and feed us all. You will see God and live as long as you want to.”

President Trip ran by the door but reached out and grab the door casing stopping himself. He backed up and came into the committee room, “John, are you alright?”

“Yes. One hell of a party you throw. I think I could use a Double Scotch on the Rocks.”

“Mr. President, make that two or maybe one for all of us.” The General said as he looked at the others.

John walked over to where the committee had been sitting. There was his London Times laying on the counter. He picked it up and handed it to President Tripp, “How much is 257 million pounds of gold?” Tripp asked.

“Probably all the gold on Planet Earth,” Johnny said.

“Dar, off the top of my head that would be 128,000 tons of gold.” John said, “I think Johnny’s probably right.”

Dar had sat down, “I hurt my left knee, John.”

“What were they trying to do?” John asked.

“I wasn’t doing anything I was simply standing.”

John felt the presence of God all about him. He pointed his right hand at his left. It felt like he was using a stiff brush. He held his hands a foot apart. He could see thousands of lines of energy moving back and forth. He could see the auras all around everyone and everything. John looked at his son.

“Dad, you are glowing,” Johnny said.

“So are you.”

John carefully put his hands on the sides of Dar’s left knee.

“WOW!” Dar said.

“Dar, what are you feeling?”

“The heat feels like 120 degrees. I can feel the energy to my bones.” Dar straightened his leg. When it was almost level everyone heard a POP, “OH! That feels so much better.”

Robert Kennady looked at what John was doing, “Mom use to do hands-on healings.”

“Welcome to the Fourth-Dimension gentlemen.” John said, “Heaven on Earth, the promise fulfilled.”

“Dad, you wrote about this thirty years ago,” Johnny said.

“Yes, I did!”

“Who are you?” Dar asked Robert Kennady.

“Mr. President meet Robert Kennady, Senator from Idaho. He’s a third or fourth generation farmer.”

“Just what the founding fathers hope would happen.” President Tripp shook hands, “How big a spread? And are you related to President Kennedy?”

“Not that we know of concerning President Kennedy. We the family have over 10,000 acres. Our father didn’t want to divide up the farm to his five children, so he incorporated and put it into a trust. Being a family member gives us the first choice in any hires for the farm. It’s working for us; we feel pretty good about keeping it together for many hundreds of years into the future.”

John was standing behind the pedestal that had been seen on millions of TV’s hundreds of times over the last few years. There were now five senators joining Robert Kennady and 15 representatives. There were even four Supreme Court Judges in the audience wanting to know what happened. There were also three reporters from little know publications, “John introduced himself as an American, Marine, Minister, psychic, father and a Patriot.” He also introduced who was in the audience and asked if they would introduce themselves before asking a question.

“Mr. President, you asked for permission to ask the first five questions. You have that permission, please sir proceed.”

“Why did you not introduce yourself today as the Emperor of the Galaxy John?”

“This matter at hand affects the Galaxy but has been predicted for thousands of years on planet Earth or as the Galaxy calls her Planet Aurora. This is not a Galactic issue, only a planetary issue that affects the Galaxy.”

“What happened?”

We had a change in our basic planetary structure. We went from the Third Dimension to the Fourth Dimension or as our Bible calls it Heaven on Earth! It will never happen again like that. If you think of it as Zero being dead, nonfunctioning. The seventh as GOD. We are now across the midway point and much of our dark learning is in the past.”

John Continued, “What we learned in the 1980s was when a planet is ready to make a change in dimension, the Teachers and Guides remove all the people and animals from the planet then make the change. The Lord Satan wanted that and there was a major disagreement with Jesus, Moses, Budha, and millions of our friends that rose up and said NO! At that time, many of us developed a bad taste in our mouths whenever someone mentions SATAN! We felt betrayed because at that time there was not a possibility to be able to remove all of us and the animals too. From that event came the term Treason. Where Death is the only allowed sentence!”

Where did all of our colleagues go?”

“We have six Senators and fifteen House Members left. Our first numbers look like we have seven State Governors left. The people are not choosing their leaders wisely. And their leaders are not choosing our representatives wisely. We must get our father God back into our Government. The void we have now is not working.” John looked down then faced the camera again, “There are two answers for where did they go? Some went into the sun. In our Bible, we were warned of that happening and it is called hell. In Japanese mythology it talks about the Japanese landing on Mt. Fuji and the Chinese mythology also talks about the Chinese landing on Mt. Everest. Many Earth Beings have gone to other third dimensional planets. Like flunking the third grade and having to do it over again.”

“What happened to our buildings?”

“The Fourth Dimension for the North American Continent is a foot and a half bigger than the Third Dimension. We are also a foot farther north in the Fourth than the third. Please be careful where you step, the picture you step on maybe one of my favorite Presidents.” John got a round of chuckles.

“My son has a really good question to ask you, John. I give him my fifth opportunity.”

“Yes, Brien?”

“Has it ended, people disappearing?” Brien Tripp asked.

“NO, but your mom and dad are not going anywhere.” John said, “The president is right, that is a very good question. Young folks. I call you that because I have seen you in action. Some of you are warriors and have fought an overwhelming force to allow all citizens of the world to be free of oppression and tyranny. Young folks, if you are standing next to your parent or guardian, hug them. They have made it with you. You and your parents are in Heaven. You are standing in the Fourth Dimension. Celebrate, yell, make happy noises. Do not be afraid to open your heart now today, tomorrow, or ever again. Parents once you understand we have made it into Heaven, look around you, and recognize the Christ in all people including your children and yourself. Everyone watching this, close your eyes. See yourself with God and the Christ that is standing before you. Put your hands together and visualize a one once gold coin. Thank God over and over until you feel that piece of gold in your palms.” On TV in front of millions of viewers, John’s hands were filled to overflowing with gold coins. As he stood there the coins continued to fall from his hands.

No one had any additional questions except for the president.

“Mr. President?” John asked, “More questions?”

“Any understanding of what government is going to become in Heaven John?” President Tripp asked.

“Edgar Cayce said Government would become a volunteer nonprofit piece of Society that would fill those duties in a society like building a bridge for the general good. It would stay in the background until called on to fill a need. Much like the Red Cross, Salvation Army, or Volunteers of America.”

“What about the Military, the Navy, Air force, and the Army?”

“I am hearing the Air Force and Army can and will be eliminated.” John listened, “Have the two Corps work together.” John held up his hand, “The visual I have is A light Space Ship size of a Destroyer has a company of Marines and all of their equipment. It lands on a world and the Marines have figured out how to get all their equipment off the Light Destroyer in seconds. The ship provides air cover for the company. The Marines do what is necessary to bring peace to the planet. The Navy and the Coast Guard combine but are much smaller.

A woman came into the meeting room they had settled in after the media broadcast. Coffee worked, and someone had learned all the pictures on the floor against the wall where they would go back up again. She talked with the President. “We have lost almost all of our Admirals. John do you know...” The President stopped, “He was in your books, Admiral Wiggins.”

“Where is he?”

“In Hawaii on the Abraham Lincoln.”

“Can Brien go get him?” John asked.

“I’ll go with him,” Johnny said.

“Let Captain Lucy go with him. She’s sitting in The Patricia as the certifier for the twins.”

“Let me write a note.” President Tripp said.

“I’ll write one also,” John said.

The president turned to Brien, “Want to fly the 775 to Hawaii for me?”

“YES SIR.” Brien almost jumped, “Hawaii and back will get me certified.”

“Find Dusty, he’ll be the Captain and you the pilot. Go do preflight.”

“I need a certified pilot with me?” Brien questioned, “Captain Dusty can’t do it.”

“There is one on the Patricia, she will be flying with you.” President Tripp smiled.

Five minutes later:

“Yes Sir.” Captain Lucy said to General Franks.

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