Star Chamber
Chapter 17: Let’s Have a Party 1

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The General had called some people at 2:13 PM at the joint base of Lewis/McCord and directed them to put together a party for 4,000 to 5,000 people with a great many being hungry growing boys. This was going to be held in the largest hanger-on base. The entire Base was mobilized to get this done. The Governor of Washington was invited. Along with senators, congressmen, and the Mayor of Seattle. The men at Fort Lewis and McCord Air Force Joint base did not let on they had a prior warning from the First Lady Tripp.

Major Frank Taylor had his cadets get into lines before they entered. Rick went first and opened the doors eight feet high so they could march into the enormous hanger. The Boys called cadence “LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT” as they marched inside. Frank brought them to a halt and dismissed them screaming, “Battalion Dismissed.” Too much screaming and yelling. Like a thousand marbles being dropped on the floor, the cadets took off in all directions. Major Byrd who had been coaching Frank went over and shook hands with him. First, there was Rick then all the 72 boys that had been in the 18 Foxes now escorted their commander.

Along the south wall was food laid out enough for an Army. General Franks thought he was the instigator of this action. Only Dar Tripp would learn that when the injuries stopped coming to God the three ladies got together, Jenny and the two president’s wives, to begin the plan for the Party. That was 10:00 A. M. Pacific Daylight time. The five hundred 8’ tables were in place by 2:00 PM. 4,000 Chairs by 4:00 P.M. Cold food was in place by 5:00 and hot food by 6:00 under heating units. The dishes, silverware, napkins, and drinks were being staged as the cadets marched in.

Along the east wall was a stage with a microphone and exceptionally large loudspeakers about every 20 feet along the east wall. It was well past 7:00 PM when the forces were in place, eating, drinking, and talking about the events for the day.

Lord Johnny was asked to MC the party. He spoke first on the stage with Teresa standing next to him, “This party is for you men and women of Earth. We welcome our Galactic friends as honored guests.” There was much cheering and clapping that went on for many minutes, “How fitting to have that last battle to bring this war to an end to having it done by our Cadets. They are growing in wisdom, courage, and determination to have their fellow humans of Earth fit into the fabric of the Galaxy. I am proud to be your leader for you have done the impossible and made it look easy.” This was met with loud screaming and applause.

The Mayor of Seattle, a Don Cook stood and spoke next: “When I went outside and looked up almost 1,500 ships were floating overhead. I was shaken to the core. I’m being told there is no threat the AI’s have simply stopped when their occupants had ceased to give directions. We think about five hundred ships have hit the ground hard. Hundreds in Puget Sound, many in Lake Washington, a couple in Green Lake, and another in the parking lot of the first home of the Cadets in West Seattle. We have a few in vacant buildings and a few on highways and streets that will slow the commute down on Monday as we learn to change our routes. Cadets you have saved Seattle.” The happiness, and the relief of no human dying because of the battle filled the hanger with screams of joy and shouts. When things quieted, the Mayor continued, “I understand our great city owes Major Frank Taylor a debt. Please come forward Major Taylor.”

Frank held his head high as he walked up the steps to the stage. No one dying was a relief. He had his Christmas present a leather jacket on along with his ball cap that read “Washington Space Cadets.” His ballcap had the Rank of Major front and centered. The Mayor knew Frank was a young man but... “Major Taylor?”

“Yes Sir.” Frank held out his right hand for a handshake.

“Can I call you Frank Sir?” Frank Nodded, “Please call me Don.” Frank Smiled.

“Frank, how many young men are in your command?”

“Eleven hundred and thirty-five sir.”

The Mayor took a gold color certificate out of the envelope and handed it to Frank, “This is a certificate that will pay for four years of college, Tuition, books, housing, and an allowance of $1,500 a month to the college or university of your choice.”

“What about my men?” Frank asked, “The computers are telling us my brigade made over 10,000 hits on the enemy ships.” The people in the room voiced surprise and admiration, “Raise your right hand if you are part of that last battle.” Frank Directed. Many were asked for a handshake or were given a pat on the back.

Don looked at some nodding heads with smiling faces in the crowd, “Major Taylor, all your men and women will be getting a similar certificate for college.”

General Franks turned to John, “There’s our Officer Corps of the future.”

“Yes, they have not caught the disease of a soft democratic society. Their solutions are simple and commonsense. Their logic is basic. We must be careful not to train any of this out of them. They are our Patriots, show them the objective, and get out of their way.” John smiled.

Johnny stepped up to the mic, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Our heroes. We have another group of heroes.” When the applause died, “When any of us are injured and we wake up in a healing bed, our first thoughts are often, we must be in heaven for I am surrounded by Angels. The First Lady of our Galaxy Jennifer Taylor and her comrades The First Lady of the United States Malina Tripp And the First Lady of Russia Maria Pusin. I am incredibly pleased to add the First Lady of our world, Lady Teresa Taylor. Look at the screen above the food. Ladies please stand and take a bow. Now all the ones that assisted these Ladies in healings today, please also stand. A happy story. My mother in law is one of the top surgical nurses in the Seattle area Carol Steel. She is new to hands-on healing along with Virginia Casey. I am happy to say they have seen people brought back to life after being shot dead for three days. They have seen what they have called miracles. Their knowledge will help my mother and friends make healthcare affordable and truly health restoring. Thank you every one of you. General Frank and others have taught me, to win, lose, or draw the worst parts of a battle are writing those letters to the family of men and women we have lost. Officers and men and women of the Space Corps of Earth, you have done a fantastic job. Thank you, I am proud and pleased to say I have no letters to write.” Everyone stood and yelled and screamed.

“We had close to 200 make a visit to our hospital with God today. Will those that were treated please stand. Major Byrd, please stand, the major had a fall inside of one of our 335’s and hit his head very badly. His crew took it upon themselves to heal him when he refused to leave them. During the battle, Captain Frank Taylor ordered his officers to improve the positioning of their commands. Major Byrd took this to heart and split his ships into two groups over a half-mile apart to improve their fields of fire at the enemy ships.”

“As the Lord of Planet Earth, I signed a Declaration of War this morning. Thank each one of you for your service for the men and women of this planet. You will be receiving a Purple Heart and a ribbon for you to display on your uniform.” Loud applause rattled the building. Johnny smiled, “I have over 150 countries of the world willing to help finance defensive forces for Planet Earth. With that assessment comes resources to pay all participants in today’s battles.” A building rattling applause, even the floor vibrated from the noise. Johnny laughed.

“I now turn this show over to Tina and Scott.” Some lights came on and Tina ran onto the stage.

“I am one of the luckiest women in the world. We met Reverend John Taylor on a cold day last November on the Interstate five bridge near the University of Washington. Since that time, I’ve had two promotions and learned today Scott my cameraman and I are up for many awards. Today we flew about with Lord Johnny Taylor. We have been around this world. This footage that you see on the big screen (Forty feet by thirty feet.) above the food comes from President Tripp’s 775, President Pusin’s 775, Lord Taylor’s 775, Major Byrd’s 335, Captain Wisner’s 995, Captain Swanson’s 775 and Major Frank Taylor’s 445. This is also going out to all the local channels in the Puget Sound Area. This footage will also be played again on our weekly “Earth’s Space Program.”

“Frank was asking Major Byrd, “What does a Major do Sir?”

“Focus on training your men and women. The bond you will create will pay dividends for the rest of your life. Your attitude in requesting your men and women have their higher education paid for is just a first step. They will see it as your willingness to support them and will pay it back to you with loyalty.”

“Where do I go to learn?” Frank asked.

“Have a two-week class for your men. Bring in engineers from Lockheed to speak for a day on each of the ships. Have all your fellow officers work up a day of classes. Bring us together tomorrow or next week to plan this. This will also create a bonding for you with the officers, both above, and below. Include your dad and brother and mother. I was lucky today, that accident may have killed me without quick action available to overcome my stubbornness.” Major Myron Byrd laughed, “In the medical industry there’s a saying: One does not become a real doctor until they screw up and it results in death. In the military, a similar saying is an officer becomes a real leader when he orders someone to their death. I’m happy I was not that first death.”

“Have you had someone die?” Frank asked.

“No, but ask Captains Swanson and Wisner about death. Or even the General.” Major Byrd suggested.

“Whoooooo!” Frank realized others had the answers.

“We have been involved in one of the Biggest Battles in the history of this planet. As far as we know, no one died on our side. Thank God.” Major Byrd prayed, “Because of you we finished the last 2,000 Alien Ships without a scratch.”

“God told me I would have a heroic day. Thank you, father, thank you, thank you.” Frank’s smile was back when Lucy threw her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thank you, big brother!” Lucy said.

Lucy had barely released Frank when Teri and Fannie had ahold of him kissing his cheeks. One from each side.

“Frank, thank you for today. We were so scared when those ships showed up.” Teri said.

“I was the pilot of our 445 ships and was petrified with fear until you told us to flank on the enemy ships on the right. I moved into action and was the first one in place. I think our ship shot the lead bogie.” Fannie said.

Teri giggled, “I think I shot it, SIR.” Teri kissed Frank on the mouth when he turned his head.

“Hey, no kissing the officers on duty.” Lucy was also giggling.

Brian was with Lucy along with two men that were trying to blend in but screamed bodyguards.

Rick also joined the group and Frank realized all the Foxes must be there. Seventy of his new and old friends. Lucy was among that group. She turned around and pulled Brien’s head down and kissed him on the lips, “Thank you for coming back alive Brien.”

“You’re more than welcome my little love,” Brien said. The two of them stood there holding hands grinning looking into each other’s eyes.

“Brien, where were you today.”

Brien pointed to the screen, “I was a gunner on that. That was one of my shots!” Everyone in the audience flinched as one of the ships blew up. Hundreds of ships were tumbling, flying sideways or one was upside down. One ship blew up right in front of the camera, “I did that. That was my job. I got 23 today with my plasma cannon.” Brien said.

“How’d you survive that?” Lucy asked.

Brien looked at Lucy who was halfway behind him holding onto his arm for dear life, “Your father Emperor John created a shield that protected us. It just wasn’t strong enough to block a two-hundred-ton ship head-on, so I got to blow them up.”

Brien had always wanted friends, but his past condition had stopped long term friends. Now he had over 80 kids his age from Seattle and Bellevue patting him on the back and praising him and a girlfriend that had given him his first kiss and was thanking him for being alive.

“Brien what if you had missed one?” Lucy asked.

“I didn’t miss. Ask these guys.” Brien laughed as he pointed to his bodyguards, “My dad was a bit nervous in the beginning, but he said I did great.”

The two bodyguards were smiling from ear to ear. They had stood and watched as their charge did his job of keeping them safe and now was receiving a reward for doing so.

The kids were jumping and shouting at each of the ships blowing up.

“Have you had enough adrenaline rush?” Tina shouted over the mic as another ship blew up. The camera changed with “President’s Pusin’s ship.” A ship was hit just in front of the camera. It blew up but a big chunk hit Pusin’s ship because there was a big noise and the frame on the camera jumped 2 or 3 inches, “That left a dent. I’m being told Lockheed will be repairing it in the next few days.”

The applause started slowly then grew filling the building, “Will Major Byrd join me at the mic please.”

“This next video is fifteen minutes of Major Byrd and his group over the Atlantic.” Tina hit some buttons, “Take a big gulp of air.”

Across the bottom of the screen was written: “345 enemy ships. Major Byrd’s command was one hundred nine 335’s and fourteen 445’s. Battle height was around forty miles up.

“Have you ever hit a bee’s nest by accident? Run like hell for 20 or 30 yards then stopped when you felt safe. Counted the bee stings. That’s what the video looked like, there was one enormous dog fight with ships flying all over the place. The video didn’t show the actual ships just a dotted outline of each ship. Green dots for good and red dots for an enemy. As the lasers did their thing the enemy ship went straight. If the hole was in the right spot and it had influence over the flight, then everyone noticed a slow turning to upside-down or the left or right. Hit a ship in the back near the top, then the turn may curve downward.”

At the Emperor’s table:

“Who were your gunners?” John asked.

Dar looked at Vid and they both smiled. Dar looked down and said quietly “Our sons were on the Plasma Cannons.”

“Did you know ahead of time that your sons would both be gunners?” John asked.

“We both thought it would be the ideal place for them.” Vid said, “We didn’t realize it would be such an intense life or death job with no room for misstates.”

“Our sons did very well today,” John said.

“Amen to that,” Dar said.

“Thank God for that!” Vid smiled.

Major Byrd said, “One of my pilots’ must have turned the nob on his scanner to zero because in an instant all the enemy ships showed up through our windows. Within a minute we had all of them holed and it looked like they had stopped fighting and started falling out of the sky.”

“Thank you, Major Byrd.” Applause with a few of his company screaming in joy.

“Captain Swanson please join me on the stage,” Tina said.

As Captain Swanson headed for the stage, his cousin Diane with Willy on her chest hugged him. She had spent the day with Jenny and the gang healing the men. Willy looked so cute with little earmuffs covering his ears from the noise.

“Captain Swanson had under his command Sixty-five 335’s, eight 445’s and the 775 that he was in. This is a video summary of his exploits.” The video followed the battle over LA and then Hawaii. Downing 376 enemy ships during those engagements. It was every bit as intense as Major Byrd’s fighting.”

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