Star Chamber
Chapter 16: A Galactic Battle IV

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Above the Van Allen Belt:

Another flight of twelve Little Gray ships proceeded through the Van Allen Belt. They fought through the different layers of the Belt.

“Attention all ships turn your scanner settings to zero.” Lord Johnny looked over at his engineer and nodded, “Captain Frank, I’m assigning the twelve ships with me to be under your command. I suggest you assign squad 1, 2, and 3 to your command. You will have the designation of FOXES. Fox 1, fox 2, and fox 3 for your command. Has your 6 been in a fight yet?”

“Yes Sir. We took down ten ships that came through the Belt two hours ago.”

“Those that I have assigned to you have also been battle-tested.” Johnny was feeling confident this might work.

Below the Van Allen Belt:

It was five minutes later when the twelve Little Gray Ships came through the Belt not far (Eighty miles) from Johnny and Curtis. They had just cleared the fiery infernal when all their instruments went dead.

When they made themselves known, “Frank take squad 1 and go get them.”

“FOXES 1, you’re with me. Fire when you have them in sight.” Frank had just barely spoken when he heard one of his lasers click on sending its deadly light. It has been called the finger of God for good reason.

Within minutes all eyes watched as twelve enemy ships tumbled to earth. About 100 miles above the earth the ships took on a slight glowing. This increased until all twelve were fiery balls. As big as a small two-story house both Major Byrd and Captain Swanson could see them along with some of the Watchers. They looked like little lights one might see in the hallway and bathroom at night.

Captain Swanson picked up his mic, “Lord Johnny, are you going to save any for us?”

“I pray to God not to.” Johnny laughed, “The plan hatched by my father and General Frank if they do really good and take out 90% of four thousand then we may be playing with four hundred. If they do good and reduce the numbers to 50% then we will be more than busy with 2,000.”

“We will be prepared to do a little multitasking. 10/4.” Robert Swanson got busy, “Sea, (his AI) can you show me a map of my ships.”

Major Byrd did something similar.

“Did you get that Scot?” Tina asked sitting in command with Lord Johnny Taylor.

“Oh yes, the night vision lens got it great.” Scot the cameraman said, “I’ve sent the feed to the sentries of the watchers and they have sent it on to Seattle.” Earlier in the day they had arrived in West Seattle just as Lord Johnny was getting ready to leave. Now they were riding in The Patricia with him.

An hour later, the Earth ships from the major battle came near the Van Allen Belt:

“Captain Wisner are you there?” General Franks asked.

“Yes Sir, right behind Lulu.” Captain Wisner said from his 995 Defender.

“Captain go through the Van Allen Belts and tell us what is going on down there. Don’t spend more than ten minutes, we need you here.”

“Yes Sir, heading down now.”

Below the Belt:

When Captain Wisner and his men and woman blasted out of the Van Allen Belt it took dozens of miles to stop the 200-ton magnificent machine called the 995 Defender. In the first sighting, Captain Frank Taylor screamed, “SHE’s ONE OF OURS, DO NOT SHOOT!” That was good because there were over a hundred fingers on weapons.

“This is Captain Gary Wisner from West Seattle, who is in charge?”

“Lord Johnny CAPTAIN Wisner?” Frank answered.

“Sir, temporary rank of Captain until we get this little problem cleaned up Sir.” Gary laughed, “Your father and General Franks sent us down here to find out if our visitors might be surprised if they ignore our greetings, Sir.”

“One of my little brothers has put this party together. He holds the temporary rank of Captain Frank Taylor. Frank was at the right place and the right time to record the General’s message to the troops. Gary, we’ve been rubbing elbows for too long for you to call me sir.”

“Sir, when this is all over then friends, we can be, but you are our Lord and Leader John Taylor. We have 90,000 square miles of net top side and the Belt should destroy those we touch. We have 50 ships acting as sentries to keep the enemy in our trap. BUT your dad and General Franks know a good plan works until the first shot is fired.”

“I have Captain Swanson over the Pacific and Major Byrd over the Atlantic. We have 36 ships on sentry. I have our commands broken down to take out one to a dozen enemy ships if they show up intact. Every ship has its scanners set to zero. We are rested, fed. watered, and most of us have some experience.” Lord Johnny reported.

“Thank you, Sir, I’m sure the Emperor and General will be most pleased. By your leave Sir.”

“You have it, Captain Wisner, good hunting.”

“See you at Dinner Sir! Bye!” Gary and his Defender disappeared back into the fiery Van Allen Belt.

Top of the Van Allen Belts:

When Gary and his Defender Exited the Top of the Belts it was apparent the battle had started. The center of the front was over six hundred miles to the north and 200 miles to the east. The Net was being moved to accommodate the enemy.

“Captain Wisner, report please.” General Franks seemed calm.

“Sir they are ready down there. Rested, fed, and experienced. Captain Frank Taylor recorded your message to the troops and shared it with all of them.” Gary was quick and excited.

John and General Franks looked at each other when “Captain Frank Taylor” was mentioned.

“Thank you, Captain Wisner. Rejoin your ships and stand by.”

“Yes Sir.”

Back with Lord John:

“Calling Lord John, this is Captain Lloyd of the Watchers.”

“Go ahead, Captain.”

“May we deal with the next group of Little Grays Sir. Off duty, Watches have been limited as to the battles so far.” Captain Lloyd explained, “We need the experience, Sir.”

“There is a large incursion to the Northeast,” Patricia announced.

“Captain Lloyd take you Watchers and go after them.”

“Saddle up Watchers, follow me. Fire when in range.”

The first example of a ship with no shielding came through the Van Allen Belt. Make an airplane out of paper then crumple it into a ball, then burn it. Johnny realized his father was right. How did the space program of the 1960s get through the Van Allen Belt and go to the moon?

Tina had the microphone ready to make an event recording, “What are those?”

Johnny said, “Burned up spaceships.”

Tina SCREAMED, “OMG. Ours or theirs?”

In the time of their talking hundreds of ships had fallen out of the Fiery Belt. Johnny said softly, “Theirs.”

Johnny listened to the incoming talking from the Watchers, “Holy Cow Men, did everyone get a shot at the enemy?”

Almost a hundred “Yeses” full of excitement and pride came over the radio. The 104 enemy ships were full of holes as they tumbled to be burned up in Earth’s atmosphere.

“Lord John Taylor, this is Captain Lloyd.”

“Yes, Captain.”

“Mission accomplished sir. We’re ready sir.”

“We gathered that. Great Job Watchers.” Johnny was on the verge of laughing. Then he glanced at the screen with the view of burnt ships falling out of the belt. This had been going on for a few minutes. It was a very big sobering event to watch almost 1,900 burning ships fall from the sky. At least Nineteen thousand Alien Beings.

“Thank you, Sir!” Captain Lloyd said.

“Captain Frank Taylor, come in please.”

“Taylor here sir.”

“Captain take your first squad south about 500 miles and go up through the Van Allen Belt and talk with The General. I’m feeling the need to know what’s going on. Come back as soon as you can.”

“Yes sir, on our way.” Frank clicked off, “First squad on me, let’s go. Check you shields, make sure they are fully on.”

“Yes sir.” Was heard from six voices, more than a bit scared.

Frank was the pilot for his 445. He had been through the Van Allen Belt dozens and dozens of times including three hours ago, “We’ll be okay men. I’ve done this many, many times. The first one is always the worse.”

On Top of the Van Allen Belt:

The end of the first 2,000 ships was watched as they entered the top Belt. This had only taken ten minutes, but everyone felt years older. An estimated twenty thousand beings gone in front of their eyes.

“Lulu where are the other 2,000 ships?” General Franks asked.

“Sir, it appears they are headed towards the North Pole of Planet Earth.”

“Attention all ships turn your scanners to 2.” General Franks announced. “Follow us north, NOW. Everyone, continue to stay clocked.”

John could see two large groups. The 2,000 of the Little Grays over Northern California and another group was 50,000 miles back, probably the Lords.

The first thing Frank thought was when they exited the belt, where did they go? “Calling General Franks, this is Captain Frank Taylor.”

“Yes, Captain Taylor, what can I do for you.”

“Sir Lord Johnny set me to find out what our next move is Sir.”

“Go back and tell Lord Johnny I recommend all ships head for the North Pole. That is the direction the 2,000 ships are headed.”

“On the way Sir.” Frank turned back to the Van Allen Belt, “Follow me, men.”

“Yes sir.” Six stronger voices responded.

The General looked to John, both had smiles of pride on their faces. Their kids were growing up.

About halfway through there is an opening between belts. Frank took the opportunity to tell the 335’s, “Men, I am going to speed up to tell Lord Johnny the news. I’ll be waiting for you below the belts.” With that, Frank doubled the speed of the 445 ship Bell.

He popped out of the lower belt flying backward and started talking, “Lord Taylor the General says to go to the north pole. The 2,000 ships are heading North. Sir, I suggest you take the big ships and let me command my foxes.”

“I agree all ships 555’s and above Let’s head to the North Pole. All 335’s and 445’s are under the command of Captain Taylor. Let’s go.” In an instant, the big ships were gone. When Frank suggested he command the foxes he was thinking eighteen plus his 445 Nineteen ships total.

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