Star Chamber
Chapter 13: A Galactic Battle I

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March 19, 2021. Spring in the Northwest.

John had just returned from 10 hours at the Galactic Capital. He sat down for a cup of coffee and breakfast. The kitchen crew had made steak and eggs this morning. He turned to the Judge, “What day is it?”

“First day of spring, Friday, March 19th.” The Judge smiled. He finally had a room to himself. The Indians had left along with City Councilman White and his family. About three hundred and seventy plus the 100 Native Americans of the 1,100 hundred had returned to their homes and started the process of damage control.

Another 700 to 800 had ventured out to check on their properties and had returned. The rebuilding had begun, and everyone was very busy. The city was busy working on clearing the streets and the kids were helping. The snow was melting, and everything was wet. Where the kids had removed the snow, the streets now became small rivers of water. The water from above flowed to areas below until it ran into areas of snow that had not been removed and dammed up forming lakes until it broke through and flooded lower areas still. The kids had a good time working on taming the runoff of all the water.

During this time Diane came in one day. She had a baby strapped to her chest and carried a large pack on her back. She wanted to know if she could get a meal. It had been a while since she had anything to eat. The staff fed her the ever-present chicken and sausage gumbo over rice. She had three small bowls of the food before she came to a stop. The kids came in and had a break. Diane eyed the fruit the kids were eating as she took care of her baby’s needs.

Lucy picked up on Diane’s thoughts. Diane had her breast covered as she feeds her baby. “Can I get you something?”

“A banana would be wonderful!” Diane said.

Jenny was sitting next to John across the table from Diane, “What’s his name?”

“I call him Willy,” She said proudly, “William Cecil Charles.” “I’m four months along,” Jenny said with laughter in her voice, “I have a lot to learn about babies.”

Lucy brought a banana for Diane. She broke the top and peeled about halfway down on all sides. She pointed it at Diane’s mouth allowing Diane to take a big bite, “Oh that tastes really good.” Willy had finished and Diane burped him. She then broke off a small piece of banana and mashed it in the spoon. Lucy and Jenny were watching closely. She put her finger into her mouth then wiped it off then stuck it into the smashed banana picking up just a coating of banana. She put it into Willy’s mouth. His eyes got big and his arms floundered about, and he kicked his legs.

“Has he had bananas before?” Jenny asked.

“Not a fresh one. I have given him a Jar of bananas from Gerber.”

Carol jumped up and went over to the storage racks. She found several different kinds of Gerber’s Baby food. She also found a brand-new spoon made for an infant. She brought one of each of six different types along with the spoon to Diane, “This is from our supplies.”

Diane smiled and looked to Carol, “Thank you. I went to the nearby store, but it was empty.”

John pushed one of the copies of “Gaia” Book 3 of the “A Thousand Years of Piece” towards Diane.

Diane looked at it and said, “Someone gave me a copy already.” She pushed it back to the center of the table, “I’ve been a little busy to read.”

Lucy looked at the book then looked to John. John nodded with a smile.

“We were wondering when you would show up.” Lucy giggled.

“You knew I was coming? I’m looking for Cecil and Martha Swanson. They are my Grandparents.” Diane said, “I went to their home, but they’re gone.”

“How are you related to Captain Robert Swanson?” Jenny asked.

“He’s my cousin,” Diane said.

Jenny looked up at the man standing there.

“Cousin? It has been a while since I’ve seen you.” Robert Swanson said.

Diane stood up while passing her son to Jenny, “Bobby. Thank God. Grandma and Grandpa????” Diane was almost crying.

“They’re here. They are alive and well, “ Bob said, “Better than well!”.

“Oh, Thank God.” She stopped then, “What are you doing here?” Diane asked her cousin Bob.

“I run the place with Father John’s permission,” Bob said.

“The shelter?” Diane asked.

“No, the Regional Space Command.”

“That’s why all the funny looking vehicles outside.” Diane’s eyes were big, and her mouth was open.

“Want a ride around the moon tomorrow?” Bob (Captain Swanson) asked, “Maybe we can get the Grandparents to go with us.”

John eyed a book. ‘How to Make a Large Area of Desert Productive Again.’ By Professor Diane Charles, Ph.D. It had a picture on the cover of a large section of land growing all kinds of things. Around the area of lush growing plants was barren sand making it obvious that this was in a desert.

John became lost in the book. When he read that Diane’s team and volunteers had turned 17,000 square miles into productive land and her sister team had done the same with 12,000 square miles, he let out a loud, “WOW!” He had the numbers correct when he wrote Gaia. He thought of the Planet Funston where the new Galactic Capitol was going. Funston was 85% desert. There was water on the other side of the planet. About as much as was in the Great Lakes on Earth’s North American Continent.

“What did you find John?” Jenny asked.

“The amount of land Diane and her team made into productive land I got correct.” Jenny had caught John’s excitement. She still had little Willy in her arms. The Grandparents had arrived.

Diane’s grandparents had hugged her almost to death. She had pulled her grandmother over to Jenny, “Grandma I want to introduce you to William Cecil Charles. Your Great Grandson.”

“Cecil did you hear that. This little one has your name.” Martha Swanson said, “He makes us Great!” Martha giggled like a young schoolgirl.

“Where’s his father?” Bob asked.

“God is his father,” John said.

“Like Jesus?” Bob asked.

“Yes, like Jesus,” Jenny said, “No wonder Gaia kicks up a storm when I hold him.”

With that Great Grandpa moved close to his Great Grandson Willy. He poked him in the stomach and Willy giggled and reached up and grabbed the offending finger with his right hand, “Look at that, he’s strong.”

Martha also poked Willy in the stomach causing the same reaction. Willy grabbed her finger with his left hand. Here he was holding onto both fingers lifting his body a few millimeters.

“He wants to be picked up,” John said quietly.

Martha did just that as she held him so he could see better. Willy giggled at seeing everybody looking at him.

Great Grandpa’s reaction was one of pride. Those that could see would have thought Willy had just run a three-minute mile or something equivalent. Martha’s face said it best with a smile and twinkling eyes. Great Grandparents had indeed accepted the newest member of the family. Captain Robert Swanson smiled also, very much relieved.

“We’re going to see the new church,” John spoke up. This was a daily walk to see what had been done in the last 24 hours.

“I’ll stay with Willy,” Martha said, “You go see what’s been done. I want a full report when you return.”

“Okay, Grandma,” Diane giggled.

John and Jenny along with Diane led hundreds up the steps to the main door. There was a note on the door, “Father John, please lock the door when you have completed your visit.”

“We have a door now.” John checked the new door for correctness, “This door cost over a thousand dollars.” John said loud enough for all to hear. It was very ornate with carvings. Certainly, something that fits being the front door to a church. John looked for and found Perry White. He glanced at the door then gave Perry a big smile and a nodding of his head. John knew that Perry and his team had installed the door. Like the many doors in the shelter, it had a nice feel to it. Perry and his family were back for a visit to see what else had been accomplished.

John knocked on the plywood that covered the outside of the exterior walls. He thought ¾ inch plywood with 5/8-inch sheetrock on the interior side of the 2 X 6 framing should make the building feel solid. Add to that 4 inches of brick and 6 inches of insulation. That makes the walls almost a foot thick and very soundproof to outside noises.

Construction lights were on. The electricians were putting in boxes for lighting and outlets. Another was drilling holes in the framing for the wiring to go through. The plumber also had a team with him as they did all that was necessary for the rough-in. Bill and Nancy were in the building and met the evening walkthrough for the group.

The group faced Bill and Nancy trading hugs and handshakes. Even though they had eaten dinner together with these same people just a short time ago it felt right since this was their domain. Bill and Nancy both had big smiles on their faces as everyone looked around. The building was framed in. The sheeting was on the outside. The metal roof was on. The windows were installed. The love within that space was enormous. The pews were still there anchored to the floor. There was a lot of damage to them, a team had just started working on them today. A half a dozen would need to be replaced or have a major repair done.

The lectern had been hit hard during the attack and it too would need a major fix. It still stood and was functional. The heat in the building was not on yet. The building temperature was near 59(f)/15© degrees. Comfortable with a sweater or jacket. The work crew was in just tee shirts.

John asked Reverend Jacobs, “Is it okay to sit in the pews?”

“Yes, we started working on them this morning. You’re welcome to sit, maybe not tomorrow.”

The pews were filled. John turned to look back and saw hundreds carrying their chairs from down below.

Reverend Jacobs and Nancy led the congregation in The Lord’s Prayer.

“We have so many things to be thankful for. I have asked Father John to add to those many things. John?” Reverend Jacobs asked.

John stood and helped Jenny up. As the two made their way to the podium the new building reflected the noise of a thousand people. John and Jenny felt the love and he smiled as Jenny giggled. John thought back over the last few months. They had taken every one to God for their wedding with Bill and Nancy performing the ministry duties.

On Christmas Morning John opened the door to their room to find three heavy-duty boxes. Two of their Special Service Agents sitting in a chair on each side of the door, “What’s this?” John asked as he moved the boxes just enough so he could get by.

“Santa came by last night, Sir.” One of the Agents smiled.

Jenny was right behind John and picked up the Christmas card on top. She handed it to John, and he handed it back, “I have to stand to do my business.” John smiled.

The two made their way to the bathrooms. John was just finishing his business, washing his hands when he heard a scream. He dried his hands and moved as fast as possible next door. Jenny was on the floor. He picked her up heading for the door where he met two other SS agents. John quickly moved to the healing table where he laid Jenny down. In only seconds she opened her eyes. She looked at the Christmas Card in her hand and quickly gave it to John to read.

He smiled. The card read: John and Jenny; these boxes should be enough for you to be a “B” Aire before New Year’s. Thank you for the fifty pounds. And the shootout. It’s nice for me to know I can smile at death. What a very great year! Over five weeks they had taken off fifty pounds of fat from the President’s body.

Later after breakfast, John and Jenny took all the family and close friends to the Emperor’s Yacht. They had flown up to it in the 775 (Patricia). There was room enough for six ships as big as Patricia to be stored inside it. One of the meeting rooms could hold 40. When John started the meeting off, Jenny had SCREAMED at him “HOW CAN YOU BE SO DAMM CALM WITH THIS????”

John chuckled hearing himself say, “I’ve handled other people’s money all my life, I asked God if I could enjoy some of my own. God said “Yes!”

It took a handful of trips to the Yacht before a consensus could be reached then another three days to get documentation for all to open bank accounts at the exchange.

“This experience these last few months have given us a thousand new friends and a million beautiful memories. We have been given a blessing of God’s Cup overflowing and want to share with every man, woman, and child that have lived here since Thanksgiving, part of that blessing. We want to give each of you $100,000.” John smiled as Jenny squeezed his hand. It was quiet as Simon on America’s Got Talent would say on occasion, “The perfect quiet!”. Then as one everyone stood applauding and yelling out grateful comments.

“Thank you!” Both John and Jenny said together.

Johnny and Teresa holding hands came to stand in front of the podium facing John and Jenny. Johnny held up his right-hand fingers spread signifying five minutes.

“Johnny just told us we have five minutes before we need to leave for the exchange.” John looked around, “Tomorrow I want to share five other things that are about to happen. 1, A debt Jubilee. 2, A Global Reset of our money to asset back. 3, The restoring of our Republic. 4, The elimination of Income-tax. 5, revaluing of our money, maybe taking a zero off everything. And the elimination of the FED. Wish us luck, we have to go.”

The family was waiting along with close friends and the 18 SS Agents. It took a very long two days to create packages (Big envelopes) for this inner group. Bill and Nancy were helping as they typed up gift letters. Johnnie and Teresa along with her mom Carol and sisters were also double checking all packages. The Judge was signing as a witness. Everyone would become a millionaire. The kids were running to find people. John gifted to his son and daughter nine million dinars to go with the one million dinars and ten million Dong he gave them as a wedding present. Captain Swanson was given the list to make sure they were ready to board the Patricia on time.

Each package had a copy of the oil bill. John and Jenny had all the adoption papers for the kids.

The Patricia settled into the parking lot of the building used for exchanges. They were not treated very nicely until Jenny pulled out the letter from the president. When the manager wanted to know who they were? The group started to tell of the shelter and healings and space command. To have present Tina Harris of local TV fame and the Local Judge plus Captain Swanson of the Space Command and the Emperor of the Galaxy. Finally, the group was offered coffee and soft drinks along with cookies and treated like the VIP’s they were.

Smiles came out and these people realized they were helping people that would change the world.

The group flew away an hour and 46 minutes after they had landed. Everyone was quiet. John felt the mixed feelings and made a decision, “Captain take us to the Yacht. We need to do some screaming.”

John picked up the intercom mic, “Ladies and gentlemen, I have given our Captain Swanson orders to take us to Lulu the Yacht high overhead. As each of us gets off the Patricia I want you to scream as loud as you possibly can. Scream as if you are at a Seahawk Game and they just scored the winning touchdown. Everyone onboard has become a millionaire. So, yell, scream then turn around and encourage those behind you to do the same.”

Peggy was sitting next to the judge holding onto his arm. She had a look of shock on her face.

“You want us to scream John?” The Judge asked.

“You are a millionaire Judge. What’s your dream?” John asked.

The Judge turned his head to face Peggy, “Go someplace warm like Hawaii and play in the water every day for a month. Would you like to go with me, Peggy?”

Peggy smiled. “I can do that Judge.” Peggy hung onto the Judge’s arm a little tighter, “Maybe when the population at the shelter gets down to under a hundred or so.”

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