Star Chamber
Chapter 9: Going to the Moon!

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A half-hour later over one hundred from the shelter showed up in the parking lot in front of Lockheed’s building in Texas.

“Oh, it’s warm and there’s no snow.” Jenny smiled as she took off her heavy jacket.

“If you had a choice, where would you like to live?” John asked as they walked up to the steps to the big front door.

“With you!” Jenny said.

There at the door was Keven Humphreys, The new President of Lockheed International.

“Mr. President.” Kevin shook hands with the President.

“Mr. Humphreys, I would like for you to meet Reverend John Taylor.” The President informed, “And his wife to be, Jennifer Roberts.”

“Reverend Taylor, are you a Carpenter’s son?” Kevin asked as he shook hands with John.

“Yes, Mr. Humphreys.” John smiled.

“Are you the Jennifer Roberts that is in John’s books?”


“So, you have been together for a while?”

“Yes, about ten days.” Jenny smiled.

Kevin’s face took on a change from smiling to one of wonder. “I need to talk to you some more, who are all these friends with you?” Kevin asked.

“Mr. Humphreys, Many of us have been in a shelter for ten days or more. It’s good to be out and about again.” John smiled, “Plus these young folks jump when anything about space is mentioned.”

“You two have only known each other for ten days?” Kevin asked.

Jenny blushed, “Yes, and it might be only eight or nine days.”

“Wow! I completed reading all three books two weeks ago. FOLLOW ME, EVERYBODY!” Kevin lead everyone down a great hall to a Conference Room big enough to accommodate everyone.

When everyone got seated, “Welcome to Lockheed, I am Kevin Humphreys the Chief Executive Officer.”

“Is that like the President of this place?” Lucy asked.

“Yes, Mam. Shell, we have the real President talk with us?” Kevin looked around at the nodding heads of agreement, “Sir?”

President Tripp stood and looked around, “Mr. Humphreys, we come here today to learn all you know about spaceships. When I realized two people were leading the charge on the internet to find out where a total of $21 trillion missing dollars went to and Congressional Committees were being formed to do the same. I had an investigation myself. It was easy to figure out where those funds went to. At the same time, I was being told about the Secret Space Program, so I established an actual Space Program. I’m placing Reverend John Taylor in charge of the Public known Space Program. Somewhere soon the two programs will combine and be one.” The President looked around, “General Frank, John does not want to move to D.C. Would you be interested in sitting on the Cabinet as the Assistant Director?”

“More than pleased sir.” General Frank responded.

Kevin Humphreys was looking at some documents, he looked to the President, “Thank you, sir, for this. I have before me a release from the Non-Disclosure Agreements that I have signed. What do you want to know?”

“When will we see our first Earth-built Spaceship?” Curtis asked.

“Today. You will be taking 143 of the F-335’s AND 35 of the 445’s AND one 555 back to Washington State with you.” Kevin turned to the 12’ screen and displayed the F-335 in all her glory. Another bigger ship was next to it with “F-445” written under it.

“How fast?” Frank asked.

“The 335’s will circle the Earth in under an hour. The 445’s will do that in half an hour. The 555 will fly at ½ million miles per hour. Straight out flying the 335’s will do about 36,000 miles per hour with the 445’s close to 70,000 miles per hour.”

“Bathroom?” Lucy asked.

“Yes, but it is similar to what you will find in a small camper. The 445 and 555 have a standard bathroom as you will find on a commercial jet.”

“How many will each ship hold?” Benjamin asked.

“The 335 full crew is 12. A functioning crew is 4 although the ship will fly with only the AI or AI and a single pilot. The 445 will hold 20 but only needs 4 for the crew. The 555 will hold 18 and needs 9 for a crew.”

“What kind of guns?” Curtis asked.

“Like what John wrote, we have a 6” laser that will fire on each side and forward and a 4” laser in the rear on the 335 and 445. On the 555 we have eight of the 7” lasers.”

“How much do they cost?” Frank asked.

“They are paid for, they are yours.”

“Can we go see them?” Billy asked.

“Any other questions?” Kevin asked. He looked around the room and no one made a move to raise a hand, “Follow me.” The President of Lockheed International turned right after going through the conference room door. Down about a hundred yards was an outside glass door with sunlight lighting that end of the hallway.

John and Jenny were holding hands as they walked, “John did you ever experience the Kundalini?”

John was going to answer “no” but heard a very loud “yes”. He asked, when? He heard a foreign language and knew what it had told him. It was Latin. Where and when did he learn Latin?

“John?” Jenny asked.

They stopped walking; John had a smile on his face. Now he realized why he had been celebrating. “I’ll tell you on the way home,” John said. They hurried to catch up. They came out to a big yard surrounded by buildings on three sides. John realized the east end was a runway. Ships covered the field. There was many of two different types and a small saucer. John and Jenny just stood there in ah. General Frank caught up to John and Jenny. “That President of ours doesn’t waste time, does he?”

“I was hoping for at least six ships. Do you have room for all of them?” John asked.

“Father John, we’ll find room for thousands of our ships.” General Frank smiled.

A man had all the kids lined up in military formation. He was explaining the ins and outs for the procedures and policies for the ships. There were two schools of thought going on. The first one was Navy and Air Force pilots should have no problem being 100% efficient flying anything. The second school of thought was the average American teenager should be able to adapt instantly to a Computer Aided device because of their 10,000 hours (Non-scientific estimate) operating gaming equipment in the name of fun. John also knew Military pilots have been having losses in combat so long that it was expected to have losses. The kids, on the other hand, believed they could do anything and everything and walk away when they were done. As we move into the 4th Dimension (Heaven on Earth) the mind has more influence on the results.

Kevin found John and Jenny, “Pretty awesome? Come with me please.” He led the two-plus General Frank to President Trip, “He’s here. Is this a good time Sir?”

After introductions had been made. Tina and Scott had joined with them.

“What do you think John?” President Tripp asked.

“I think we are in business, Sir.” John smiled, “I’m liking my plan “B” more every day.”

“John, hopefully, someone that will become a good friend is here. Let’s go meet with the President of Russia.”

As they were walking around and between the ships the kids were searching out ribbons, some green stating ‘OKAY TO FLY!’ Yellow stating potential issue ‘MAYBE OKAY TO FLY!’ and red stating ‘NOT OKAY TO FLY!’ The kids were burning up a ton of energy and having a blast while learning a lot. The adults had formed a circle around the kids and were having as much fun as they were. They too were learning to look at the ships as if their life depended on what they found.

“We are missing one ribbon, please bring all ribbons to me.” The man said over a portable speaker system.

“I got it. Here I come.” Lucy screamed while running towards the class.

“Did anybody find a ship that really should have a red ribbon on it?” The man asked.

“I did,” Curtis said.

“Do you think you can find it again.”

“Yes, it’s...” Curtis was interrupted.

“Perfect. What’s your name?”

“Curtis. I’m one of Father John’s disciples.” Curtis said, “Billy was with me when we found it.”

“Everyone else, go find the problem. Keep it to yourself and come back and tell either me or Curtis or Billy.

Lucy was back first, “It looks like a cracked windshield, but I don’t think it is really cracked.”

“Would you fly it?”

“No Mr. Iceman,” Lucy said.

When about half were back Iceman called the rest back, “Lucy tell everyone what your findings please.” Iceman handed Lucy the mic.

“There is a windshield that looks like it has a crack on it,” Lucy said.

“Would you fly it or tell the grounds crew?” Icemen asked.

“I would not fly it and I would ask the grounds crew to fix it please,” Lucy said.

“Lucy that please gets you an A+ today. You want the best from your grounds crew. Your life depends on them doing the best job possible.” Iceman was having fun. These kids were soaking up everything he could give them, “Okay the first ten get into this ship. Two adults please.”

When all the people were there Iceman boarded the last ship. There were sixteen ships and this one was full of adults. Iceman was connected to all the ships. “Hit the on the switch. Are your power lights green?” He got 15 yeses.

“Is your AI present?” He got another 15 yeses.

“Tell your AI to form on me when we lift off. I’m in Betsy.”

“Mr. Iceman, where are we going?” Lucy asked.

“To the Moon and back!”


Back on the ground:

President Trip made the introductions, “Vid, I’d like you to meet Reverend John Taylor.”

“Reverend Taylor, I have read your books.”

“There has been a change or two. No Earth Changes.”

Demetri was standing next to President Pusin. John turned to him and put out his hand, “Demetri?” John smiled. Jenny was trying to hide her laughter.

“Yes, sir?” Demetri said, “Have we met sir?”

“I wrote three books that included all of this. You were in the books.” John said, “You married my daughter.”

“I would like to read the books,” Demetri said as he glanced towards his President.

“You are welcome to borrow mine,” Vid said.

“John, what was the idea of me and my son building a golf course in a day?” President Tripp asked.

“In the fourth Dimension or Heaven, we will all be able to build things instantly. But it is like walking, we will have to learn that we can, and we may need someone to teach us, or to lead the way. If we are lucky someone will come along occasionally and show us, we can do something new. You were that somebody.” John shared, “It sure felt right.”

Sally came up to the group.

“Hi, Sally. You missed the group; we think they went around the moon.” John said.

“Forgive me, I had some girl stuff to take care of.” Sally blushed bright red.

“John and a thousand creative people have made camping out in a 100-year-old basement fun, but it is still like camping out. The only store that was available to us had its roof collapse.” Jenny did a very good job softening the embarrassment of the moment.

“Will the 555 have room for Sally to join us?” John felt the instant attraction between Demetri and Sally. Vid was aware also and he and John traded looks with mischief in their eyes. He knew who married Demetri in the books.

“The 555 has room for 18 for a short trip or room for 9 when the trip is one or more days.” Vid shared, “Sally is most welcome. As I understand this 555 is your ship in trade for a 445 and a 335.”

“That works for me, Mr. President.” John smiled, “I get the sense we need to hurry.”

Demetri sat in the pilot’s seat. Sally was next to him. John and Jenny were next to Sally then Kevin Humphreys. On the other side of Sally were the two Presidents and Tina and Scott with his camera. John wondered if Scott slept with his camera.

He heard in his mind, “John, I did at the south pole.”

“Scott, this may come in handy.” John sent out. John got a “Yes!” back.

When they were about halfway to the moon, “What is that shadow on our radar?” Sally asked Demetri.

Demetri reached over in front of Sally and turned a nob. The images expanded in size on the screen. Demetri then started turning off switches. One of those switches turned the cabin lights off, “Hang on everyone, evasive maneuvers.” Demetri grabbed the wheel (knob on the dash) and moved it to the right as far as possible. The ship went into a corkscrew type of maneuver. Everyone felt a tingling of static electricity cover all exposed skin. Demetri turned towards Kevin and asked, “Dampening?”

“No, someone is shooting at us and they only touched us with 2% or 3% of their energy weapon,” Kevin announced.

“Solo do you have any identification on the ship that is shadowing us. Speak English.” Demetri asked the AI.

“My database only shows an Auriga Fly Bird very Light Destroyer. It was above us about four hundred meters and behind about 200 meters.

Kevin was looking at his smartphone, “Demetri, turn the knob for life support to one, turn the knob for shielding to off. They were still in the corkscrew maneuver. Turn the engines off, make sure the scanner is in passive mode.” They were heading in a different direction than the Light Destroyer. The light Destroyer was heading for Earth.

“John, what kind of weapons do the light destroyers have?” Vid asked.

“One shot of anti-matter would ruin our trip to the moon. Probably could take out a small city like our WWII atomic bombs. The blaster they fired at us can blow a Battleship apart at 100 yards. Sorry, I don’t have knowledge of the other weapons that may be on it.” John shared.

“Gentlemen and Ladies, I’m for going after it.” President Tripp offered, “What say you?”

Over the radio came, “Calling Lord John of------Taillefer. Need help------ been atta---.” There was static then a repeat with only “Attacked” coming through.

“That’s my dear friend Lord Heat,” John said in alarm.

“Sally, see those four blue knobs?” Kevin asked.

“Yes.” Sally was pointing at them.

“Turn knob number two from the top to nine.” Kevin advised, “Watch the radar the next time we hear the message.”

“Let’s do this: My escort of six 555’s should be here any minute. Let’s send 4 of them after the light destroyer and take two with us to save John’s friend.” Vid suggested. Everyone seemed to agree with Vid.

John tried to determine where Funston was. He got the feeling it was in the direction just left of the moon. The radio made some noise. The radar had a line on it just left of the moon, “Can we determine how far?”

“Sally move knob #3 to the #4 setting on those blue knobs.” Kevin directed.

“Got it,” Sally answered. “It reads .0025 LY.”

Kevin hit some buttons, “That’s just short of 15 Billion miles. That will take us 30,000 hours at top speed.”

“How fast will this ship go?” John asked.

Kevin responded, “500,000 miles per hour.”

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