Star Chamber
Chapter 8: Going to See God!

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“No, I think I have this.” John answered. He looked in the direction of the two County Sheriff Deputies and walked over to them, “Deputies, I think there is going to be some trouble outside. Can you join me? We have 20 men outside that are demanding to see me.”

“Sure, we haven’t seen the snow today. It will be good to get out for a few minutes.” Both deputies stood up and grab their heavy coats. All the kids and many of the adults did also.

When John and some of the survivors made the newly cleaned off steps up to the parking lot, what they saw surprised them. Twenty or so men across the parking lot some in coats, some with blankets. There was three big flashlights and John was partially blinded by the bright light as they were all pointed at him.

“What can we do for you today? We have food, are you hungry? You are welcome to come in and join us.” John had a bad feeling go through him. He still couldn’t see, “Can you lower your lights please? I’m John Taylor. Who am I being addressed by?”

“I am Omar. You promised us to become one with the land of the rich. It was a lie that promise. We promise you death.”

“Who promised you, for I did not?” John asked.

“Is it not the American Dream?” Omar asked in a loud voice.

“Yes, everyone has an equal chance to work for that dream. It is not given to you.” John was shaking his head in the negative. He was hearing to take them to God.

“Then we have been lied to.” Omar said sadly.

“Governments are notorious for lying to the people. Do not feel alone regarding that!” John said.

“Your Government is evil, and we are here to change that.” Omar turned around and within seconds a dozen or more Molotov Cocktails went through the air from the 20 or so men in the direction of John and friends.

John was experiencing shock. He shook his head to clear it and reached out with his TK ability. It had been a year since he had used that ability. Moving pencils and the like. He was able to grab 15 of the fire bottles and returned them back towards the throwers. With the snow the bottles hit sinking out of sight. If they broke, then a fireball would shoot up five of six feet into the air. If they didn’t break, then there would be a small flame as the fuel in the bottle dribbled out. John looked around. There on his left a bottle had broken and flames were shooting up melting the snow. There to the right the two County Sheriff Deputies were crying out in pain. They had been splattered with burning gas. They used the snow to put out the flames, then moved towards John with their guns drawn.

“John what do you want to do with them?” The President asked.

“No way to lock them up and we don’t want to kill them. I’m hearing take them to God!” John answered.

“Take me too, please.” The President said.

John had his eyes closed. His view was as the White Eagle 100 feet above the parking lot. He included everyone that was there.

Being one with HELL, then one with GOD!

The transport was made. It seemed like a long time. Seconds seemed like minutes.

“John, I’ll be your guide.” Billy said.

“How long?” John asked.

“NOW!” Billy screamed.

John felt his feet carry his weight again. Instantly he noticed they were next to a wall of immense heat. It hurt his eyes to look at it. They were on a solid surface with small 1” holes laid out in a pattern. And yes, there was a railing as John discovered this place, the Arabs were going through the railing and floating towards the immense heat. It took about a minute, but as John had described in his books the twenty-one men each exploded. OMG, this is real. John was still holding onto Jenny’s hand when a very distraught Sally hugged him.

“WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?” Sally screamed as she cried her eyes out.

“Sally, the three of us will sit down and talk about adopting you.” John was looking into Jenny’s eyes as he said this. The Judge was behind Jenny, “We will invite the Judge too.”

“John, how does this work?” The President asked.

“In a minute sir. Billy take us to God please!” John asked. In the blink of an eye, they were there. The bright light that was a million miles away, was replaced by something that could pass for our moon. Instead of far off in the distance, John and Jenny were twenty feet.

“John this is God!” Billy whispered.

“Thank you, God. Please forgive us for our short cummings.” John was on his knees with his head bowed. Everyone had followed John’s example.

“RISE MY CHILDREN, YOU HAVE WORK TO DO!” God responded in a very loud voice.

Billy stood first, “Touch God and start the process of a personal relationship with our Father.”

“John?” The President asked.

“In for a penny, I would give all that I have to be here.” John smiled and walked holding the hands of Sally and Jenny to God with Billy leading the way.

The President holding onto his wife and son followed along behind finally in discovery mode. He smiled as he realized everything else had no value compared to this including his position as President. He agreed with John, he too would give all to learn, what is God?

Jenny, for simply the reason she was with John had no concerns or fears. She had read all his books and realized he had channeled them from this our Father.

Lucy took Jenny’s free hand, then reached out and touched God, “Just like in the books?” She said.

“Just like in the books.” Jenny said.

John looked around. Billy was helping the two Sheriff Deputies get a healing. Carol and his son Johnny were working with his daughter-in-law. She was about ten feet from God and didn’t want to get closer. Her world had taken a major change. John heard, “See her in Love.” Thank you, Father.

When John touched God, he heard, “Your Journey has been successful. You have learned who you are and where you came from. That is simply your foundation for your soul. Your Soul will attract thousands of other pieces of soul in support of who you will become. Your books will ultimately become true, just not the path that was there as a possibility when you first sat down to write them. Be the example in the treatment of others as you wish to be treated. Live what you call the Golden Rule. This will become the law of the land. Love others and don’t be surprised when you stand before the Galaxy.” God Spoke, “Bring all others here to me.”

As John had listened to God, there were many other channels of information flowing into his brain. One was about his ancestors, another about the possibilities of the future, another about space. Another was about his past lives. He saw himself dedicate the new capitol for the Galaxy. He saw the many battles to eliminate cannibalism on Planet Earth and throughout the Universe. John had a thought about Jenny and instantly had the vision of the future. He was overcome with seeing babies being born. He witnessed many things with it ending with the two of them holding hands walking along a sunny beach somewhere. He thought of the President, the vision that came was somewhere in the NW was a Space Port with many Spaceships like what John described in the ATYOP Series. He was riding in a jeep and the guard saluted him as he went through the gate. They were there for what seemed like many hours. When they transported back to West Seattle, they were in for a surprise.

Agent Ross asked, “Where did the Arabs go?” All eighteen of the Secret Service had come to the parking lot.

“We took them to God. They went into the sun. We’ve been with God for a time.” John said, then asked, “How long have we been gone?”

“We didn’t know you were gone.” Agent Ross said.

John looked around the parking lot. There was a dozen or more of the bottles with gasoline still burning. John looked at the President and others that went to God.

“John do you have any whiskey?” The President asked.

“I have about a quart of Scotch Sir.” John was as bewildered as any.

“Of course, your Scottish, 11th Great Grandson of King James. Scotch will do. I think we all need to sit down and share our experiences.” The President said.

“I also have 120 cases of Champaign and 30 cases of sparkling cider. When I realized what was happening, I thought when the time came for most of us to be able to walk away, we might want to have a toast before we do.” John smiled, “Shall we go inside?”

“Yes!” The President moved towards the steps down into the shelter. Everyone followed.

Within three minutes John had found the half-filled jug of scotch along with several glasses sitting down across from the President and his wife. Jenny on one side and his son and daughter-in-law on the other with her mother sitting beside her. Brien was off with Lucy getting a tour of the place and exploring what was available. The two kids came by with two bunches of grapes then moved to the table where the President and his family originally sat at with Lucy reading about their exploits from book three. The SS seemed to be everywhere. They would need to be trained and taken to God.

Five minutes later as everyone that had gone to God had a seat with a small glass with a touch of Scotch in it. All the kids made faces at the stuff when they stuck their tongues in it.

“To everyone that went with us, to the memory of the first time being with God.” The President said as he raised his glass and took a good drink, “I want to thank everyone that voted for me. Where’s Billy?”

“I’m here sir!” Billy answered as he stood and waved.

“Billy took us to God. We were there for what felt like four hours. We get back here, and it appears as if no time has elapsed. Those of you that went with us, if you agree to what I just said, please stand.” Everyone that had been with God stood. There was over a hundred.

“Time went by really quick.” Billy said, “I ate just before we went outside. I’m hungry again which tells me we were gone a long time.” Everyone remembered hungry growing healthy boys. There was much laughter.

“God is nice. He is very loving. He said John and Jenny were going to marry and adopt me and the others.” Lucy wore a big smile on her face, “He told me what I will become. Papa John got it right. I’m going to be a doctor on a spaceship.”

The President turned to John, “God told me to make you the director of the Space Program. Planet Earth has some catching up to do.”

“Can it be nearby at Foot Lewis?” John asked.

“Yes, isn’t McChord Air Force Base also there?” The President asked.

“Yes.” John answered.

“You need to meet General Frank and let him know. We are cutting back operations at both the Fort and Air Force Base.” The President said.

“Sir, we already know General Frank.” John looked around at the smiling faces, “We put one of his feet back on!”

“OH! God says there is Gold in the Grand Canyon enough for us to stabilize our economy. At $5,000 an ounce there is $100 trillion dollars’ worth.” The President looked at Tina and her cameraman, “There is at $5,000 an ounce, silver in the Cascades of over $140 trillion dollars’ worth.

“Sir, we can hold this conversation up until you are ready for it to be announced?” Tina said.

“No more secrets Tina. Let the people know.”

“Sir, we got four hours of conversations with God.” Tina smiled.

“I would love to see that and to let the American People know about God!” The President looked to his wife. She was smiling and nodding.

“Tina, perhaps it will be best if you have your producer talk with the President.” John suggested.

“Sir would that be okay?” Tina asked.

“Yes, let’s change the world.” The President laughed.

Tina and Scott her cameraman went out to the truck and came back in about thirty minutes later. Scott plugged a large thumb drive into the computer that was connected to the TV. He pushed some buttons and Tina was being filmed with the Arabs in the background making their demands of John. The camera captured the President talking with John.

Next scene on the TV was Tina describing what was going on with the sun filling the screen. Scott filmed the 21 Arabs going towards the sun then exploding.

The next scene was the hundred people being led by Billy to God. For almost four hours everyone sat or stood watching as Tina and Scott interviewed what people were learning from God. They filmed all the raw emotions that we know of as humans. Excitement, to tears of joy and sorrow and even anger. Near the end Tina signed off then turned to God and listened with a big smile on her face. Scott’s voice was heard asking if he would be returning to God and got for an answer, he would be back hundreds of times, “This is Scott Rhodes for Tina Harris. I will begin filming when we are back in West Seattle. Signing off for now, may God Bless all that hear and see this.”

“Who wants to go see God?” Billy asked after the TV showing.

Almost eleven hundred people answered, “I DO!”

John stood up then climbed upon a chair so everybody could see him, “Let’s go to God in the morning. Let’s shoot for 9:00 A.M. First, we need to figure out how we are going to do this. Of the Secret Service, I need four volunteers to stay behind and watch our shelter.” John had been told his trust would be violated by six in the shelter. John worked with others planning to take the negativity to God.

General Frank called Captain Swanson after seeing the latest on the news. He felt he could take it easy in the shelter just as easy as on the base. He brought his pilots and Virginia Casey to the shelter the that night. They brought in two rolling cases holding changes of clothing and bedding and air mattresses. The General with boot on was getting by. John pointed to the Electric Lazy Boy chair. The General laughed but rode the chair till his feet were above his head and heart. Someone had tied a big thick pillow to the footrest. Carol went over to make sure the General was comfortable. She also checked out his foot, taking the cast off. She was amazed at the healthy appearance of it. She found John and the two did another healing on the foot while the General sat in the chair.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The next morning after breckfast. John had everyone line up in groups of fifty. Peter and Patty took the first group to God. Then Tony and Willa. Lucy grabbed three of the boys, Curtis, Frank and Danny and they transported fifty-four counting the kids. Carol grabbed her two daughters and their mates, one of them being John’s son, and they also took 55 up to God. The Judge grabbed Peggy and they took 52.

The President, his family and many in the White House came through the STAR chamber, including Mr. Q and his wife. John knew who Q was, he was the new VP John F. Kennedy Jr. The Q identity was what he used to work on the Deep State. Thank God, that had been pretty much cleaned up. They also went up to God. Everyone was eager and this process went quickly.

Group after Group until all that was left was four of the Secret Service, John, Jenny and Corporal Tie and Sergeant Rogers. John and Jenny were in their room with the door locked.

They heard someone or something tinkering with the lock. The door opened and three men stepped into the room.

“Hello, looking for something?” John asked.

“Oh, sorry Reverend John, we must have the wrong room.” One of the men said.

In three seconds, John and Jenny were standing on the scaffold watching the three men float towards the sun and explode. While they were standing there, Sergeant Rogers and one of the Secret Service guys showed up with two more. The two also went through the railing then floated towards the sun. John had a bad feeling, “Corporal Tie and his partner are in trouble.” John transported everyone back to the shelter.

A young man was standing at the end of the main hallway with a small carboard box. He was of Arab decent and was cornered by Corporal Tie and the Secret Service Agent, “Who were you going to blow up?” Corporal Tie asked.

The young man had his hand in the box. John guessed he was about to set off a bomb. He transported everyone present to God. They ended up on the scaffold. The man went through the railing and when he got 200 yards from the railing he blew up. The blast was ten times bigger than normal giving additional evidence he did not have good intentions.

“Sir, we hoped to find out who the bomb was for?” Corporal Tie said.

“It was for me.” John said, “A CIA agent told me not to publish my books.”

“Then he’s still out there.” Corporal Tie said.

John thought for a minute, “My books must have an effect upon the world then.”

“Sir, they will have a very big effect upon the world.” Corporal Tie smiled as he said this.

“I’ve heard the CIA has what is a device called the “Looking Glass”. Hmmmm. In my books, I have some volunteers, we take all of our intelligence services to God.”

“Help clean out the cesspool a bit, Sir?” Corporal Tie asked.

“Just a bit.” John laughed.

John transported Corporal Tie and the SS Agent to God along with Jenny and the others. Corporal Tie helped the SS Agent touch God.

Four hours went by. Cecil and Martha Swanson dragged their Grandson up to John, “Father John, is there anything we can take back with us to make things better for the Shelter?” Martha asked.

“A bucket of food and a chair for each person.” John answered.

One Thousand and forty buckets of food ended up in the hallways of the shelter. From buckets of rice, wheat flour, corn flour, dehydrated turkey, chicken, sausage, vegetables, and salsa. Hundreds of the chairs went to the rooms. Around the tables were close to six hundred and the rest was stacked wherever anyone could find room. The very soft cushions were brown with a leather feel to them.

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