Star Chamber
Chapter 6: First Time for Love

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Jenny had never had a boyfriend. She didn’t know what to expect. She was in such a hurry, John kept reminding her to slow down. She had a good one just sitting in his lap kissing. Then she realized why John had wanted them to take a shower. She did not know lovers did that! When her Adrenal’s spasmed it did not prepare her for when her heart also spasmed. When the two joined, she felt her throat then the top of her head explode. She passed out. An hour later Jenny had her head on John’s chest, “Will it always be like that?”

“This was your first time?” John asked.

“Yes.” Jenny squeaked out.

“We’re like two teenagers, it has been 24 years since I was with anybody.” John giggled, “I’ll always try to make it good for you, but it may be different each time.”

“John, why did my stomach spasm? Then I thought I was having a heart attack? Then my throat and the top of my head exploded?” Jenny asked, “I saw Stars!”

“You touched upon the kundalini effect.” John smiled, “First time together and I think we hit it out of the park.”

“That’s amazing. Can we do that every day?” Jenny asked with a big smile.

“I would love too.” John giggled.

After they had gotten dressed, John unlocked the door. Before he opened the door, he looked at Jenny with a big smile. He was surprised he did not hurt. He had done some major healings, but no downtime for himself since those healings of others. Maybe he had healed himself enough where he was able to pass the pain into Mother Earth rather than collecting it in his body. He would talk with the other healers regarding this. He wished his mentor Jan was still alive. She had been his cousin, John the Baptist when he was the Beloved of Jesus. Her life had been cut short. John sent a thought of love and gratefulness to her.

John opened the door to some shouting and excitement coming from the kitchen and dining room area. John and Jenny held hands as they moved in that direction. When Sam and Mary saw them, they stood and came towards John and Jenny, “Our turn.” Mary turned red as she giggled.

“What’s going on?” John asked.

“We are having a St. John’s Got Talent Show. Reverend Jacobs brought down a Karaoke Machine. We’ve got standing room only. Everyone is laughing their heads off.” Sam reported.

“Thank you, God. We have a great team. Just because we’re refugees don’t mean we can’t hold our heads up. Come, the love of my life, let me sing to you.” John dragged Jenny up to where the microphone was, “Who’s the best so far?”

Many shouted out “Willa!”

A few others said “Nancy!”

John heard several other names, “Is anybody waiting to sing?”

“The stage is yours, John.” Perry White said.

“What do you want to sing to John?” Patty and Peter were running the playlist.

“If I was a Carpenter, by Tim Hardin.”

“Patty is there a version for two?” Jenny asked then whispered to John, “I’ve read the books.”

The song started. John made noise, no one called it singing: “If I were a carpenter And you were a lady Would you marry me anyway? Would you have my baby?”

Jenny grabbed the mic: “If you were a Carpenter And I were a lady I would marry you anyway! I’d have your babies.”

The Judge paused the Karaoke Machine, “Jenny did I just hear John ask you to marry him and you accepted?”

John kneeled, “Will you be my wife Jennifer Roberts?” John had in his right hand a beautiful ring with a very nice stone.


Jenny carefully picked the ring up and looked at it. She smiled and nodded her head as she carefully put it back into John’s hand. She presented him her left hand. He placed it on her ring finger, “Thank you, John, I will treasure you and the ring for the rest of my life.” Jenny was on her knees hugging him. “I told mom when I was seven years old, I was going to marry Santa Claus someday.”

A day or two before John had asked the Judge if there was anybody he should ask for Jenny’s hand in marriage.

The Judge said, “Dam straight, you can ask me.”

“I want to marry Jenny. Do I have your approval?” John asked.

The Judge looked around seeing Peggy singing a song while working. She took dam good care of this dining room working 12 to 16 hours a day and happy to do it. She had a dozen volunteers that did the heavy lifting. The Judge had heard about the $700,000 in silver John had given the church as a tithe. There was over a thousand men, women, and children enjoying life because of him. They felt the love here that flowed from John. Safe, warm and well feed. The kids had told him that the day before the heat was turned on water would freeze solid sitting in a plastic water bottle anywhere in the basement. A bit ago several of the kids had come in from the outside, saying the latest batch of snow was over four feet, making the total over twelve feet. The Indians were making simple snowshoes that could be tied onto one’s boot. Because of John, they would all survive. The Judge looked John in the eye, “Yes John, marry Jenny, make a good life with her.”

“Thank you Judge,” John said as he nodded his agreement.

“John sit down. Let me sing to you.” Jenny said, “Patty fine The Power of Love by Celine Dion.

Patty looked through the CDs, “Got it.” She loaded it, “When you’re ready?”

Jenny took a big breath and nodded to Patty.

The Power of Love By Celine Dion

“The whispers in the morning Of lovers sleeping tight Are rolling by like thunder now As I look in your eyes”

“I hold on to your body And feel each move you make Your voice is warm and tender A love that I could not forsake”

“‘Cause I’m your lady And you are my man Whenever you reach for me I’ll do all that I can”

“Lost is how I’m feeling lying in your arms When the world outside’s too much to take That all ends when I’m with you”

Jenny looked around and motioned for others to stand and sing. The music machine was plugged into the big screen TV. A hundred voices joined with Jenny’s.

“Even though there may be times It seems I’m far away Never wonder where I am ‘Cause I am always by your side”

“‘Cause I’m your lady And you are my man Whenever you reach for me I’ll do all that I can”

“We’re heading for something Somewhere I’ve never been Sometimes I am frightened But I’m ready to learn Of the power of love”

“The sound of your heart beating Made it clear Suddenly the feeling that I can’t go on Is light years away”

“‘Cause I’m your lady And you are my man Whenever you reach for me I’ll do all that I can”

“We’re heading for something Somewhere I’ve never been Sometimes I am frightened But I’m ready to learn Of the power of love”

“The power of love The power of love Sometimes I am frightened but I’m ready to learn Of the power of love”

“The power of love, ooh ooh (As I look into your eyes) The power of love (The power of love)”

When Jenny looked at John and belted out “Cause I’m your lady and you are my man” it hit John hard and he had a river of tears fall from his eyes even though his face had a giant smile. The healing he felt would change his life. This was his John the Baptist moment. He had never felt so much love in his life. Jenny saw the tears, but she wanted to put her stamp on this man. She had been waiting for her entire life of 34 years for him to show up. Her heart was every bit as big as his. She ended the song sitting in John’s lap with everybody raising the roof with their applause. “I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

“Emotions are the language of the soul. My chakras are all wide open. It feels safe for me to be that vulnerable. I have never felt that much love in my life. God willing, I would like to change this world; your love gives me the strength to do that.” John and Jenny kissed deeply.

“I just read yesterday about the scene in Chapter 20 in Book 3, Gaia about the Kundalini. Are we going to have to go through that?” Jenny asked.

“You already have my love.” John shared with a smile.

Jenny opened her mouth, but no sound was made. She closed her mouth and smiled. The two kissed again.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving November 28, 2020:

“How do you want your steak, John?” Ivan asked.

“Medium Rare.” John smiled. Ivan had three pans filled with steaks. He reached into the rightmost pan of the three and pulled out a nice chunk of sirloin placing it on a plate with scrambled eggs and hash browns, “You’re going to give us five stars as far as shelters go Ivan.”

“We’ll lose a star or two tomorrow when we serve oatmeal and fruit.” Ivan laughed, “The kitchen crew is having a morning off.”

“What did John have?” Jenny asked.

“Steak medium-rare,” Ivan said.

“The same for me,” Jenny said.

At the end of the line was toast, coffee, silverware, and napkins.

John was standing looking at the ten-foot serving line made from four 2 X 4’s. The carpenter had been busy. Curtis and Frank were helping Ivan. They had decided they wanted to become cooks so when the spaceships showed up, they could be the cooks on the spaceships. “Medium rare steak, scrambled eggs, and hash browns,” Jenny said.

“What’s that honey?” John asked.

“The rumor is you have a certain breakfast every week. That this has been going on since the OSO Slide on March 22, 2014.”

“Yes, the slide misses me and my neighbors by less than 100 feet. The slide dammed up the Stillaguamish River and filled my home with seven feet of water. I had to move, where I ended up was near a Buzz Inn Steak House. I love steak and eggs once a week for breakfast.” John laughed, “It breaks up the monotony.” John laughed harder.

“I see that.” Jenny said as she cut off a piece of steak, “Ivan does a wonderful job. This is good.”

The Sunday after Thanksgiving November 29, 2020:

John lead Jenny and the kids up to the Parish Hall. They sat near the front. John was asked to answer some more questions for the congregation.

“How do you heal?”

“I don’t I allow God and the soul before me to heal the body. My job is to bring in enough energy for that to happen. My right brain wants to merge with the patient and that is where I experience the pains.” John smiled, “I am sure you are more than a bit confused. For many years I would ask Jesus to place his hands over my hands and guide me. I still do when the feeling directs me.”

“Can you show us how?”

John led everyone in the Lord’s Prayer, “Now rub your hands together and bless them. Raise your left hand and point your right hand at your left hand.” Three minutes went by, “Now raise your right hand and point your left.” After another three minutes, “Answers. Let’s play Jeopardy. Who felt a feather-like disturbance in the left hand?” About 90% of the Parish raised their hands. “Who felt a feather-like disturbance in the right hand?” About 10% raised their hands. “Who felt it in both hands?” John counted three hands. “Now ask Jesus, or Buddha or who you believe is the best to place their hands over your hands.” Much talking was generated.

“Pair up. Find out if there is anything hurting your new partner. Ask God for guidance.” After five minutes, “Switch places and let your new friend work on you.” The kids in front were also trading healings. When Curtis was being worked on, John heard a snap, as he watched the reaction of the two boys. It was obvious to both John and Deacon Jenson that a vertebra was now much happier. While Deacon Jenson was working on John, he also felt a snap in the neck area, “Oh that feels better.” John said. To the Parish, “Later on today, keep practicing, use the healing table. Fix that knee or hip that is starting to bother you. Do the same for your neighbor.”

After the service John and Jenny were enjoying a cup of coffee, “John the survey is done.” Patty handed John several pages of an excel data sheet.

John, Jenny, and the kids had just come from the Sunday Service upstairs. Standing room only even with the two hundred chairs from downstairs. “Wow, 1,023 individuals. 573 females and 450 males. 68 were under the age of 17.” John handed the survey to Ivan and Wilbur for them to look at.

The boys and young men were out digging out the sidewalks again. They had started at the door and dug a trench to the sidewalk along California Way. They would come in every two hours and warmed up although the work was keeping them pretty warm. The kitchen had hot apple cider for them and left-over pie.

At two o’clock a helicopter landed in the parking lot. In came three Army Rangers from Fort Lewis looking for Father John. They were escorted from the Parrish Hall by Reverend Jacobs and Nancy.

“What can I do for you gentlemen?” John asked when the five faced him.

“You’re to come with us, sir.” The man had Captain Bars on his collar, “I am Captain Swanson.”

“Can you give me a reason why Captain Swanson?” John asked he remembered that name from somewhere.

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