Star Chamber
Chapter 2: A Boy from Heaven!

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John was exhausted when he sat in his big Lazy Boy to sleep. In what seemed like no time his alarm was ringing and when he reached for it, pain flooded his mind. He was not used to moving that much the day before. His muscles and joints were screaming at him. John turned his head and reached for his glasses, it was all he could do to bend and stretch to lift them off the table next to him. He had tears in his eyes. He heard in his mind; John heal yourself.

John said the Lord’s Prayer. He visualized himself in a ball of silver light. He moved his spiritual body to God our Father. He said, “I love you father.” three times. He had done this hundreds of times only this time it was different. He heard in his mind, “I love you Johnathan, my son.”

John got out “Thank you Father. As tears fell from his eyes. He had an avalanche of grief roll through him. No one had called him Johnathan since he was ten years old when his cousin Billy was killed operating the riding lawn mower.

In 1958 in central Oregon:

John’s father was caught in a union labor dispute where he worked. The family was temporarily living with John’s Aunt and Uncle down in Oregon. His uncle was a gyppo logger and dad was driving a bull dozer for him pulling in logs to load up on a truck. It was a clear day after it rained at night and the day before. The air was clean and fresh.

That morning the two boys headed out to do their chores Cousin Billy asked John to help him fill the wood box. They stacked the wood as high as possible and filled the wheelbarrow as full as possible. Billy was taking the time to instruct John as to what the job included. He then asked John if he could mow the lawn with the new mower. It was like the one John used at home and his dad and uncle went to the store on the first day they arrived and purchased it. John could rake the grass while Billy did what John usually did. The ground was wet but, the sun had been drying things all morning long and except for the mower slipping a bit, it was still cutting the grass fine. Billy went up the hill and the wheels couldn’t get the grip necessary to make it to the top. Instead of backing down Billy turned to the right and the mower slide down hitting an old stump flipping the machine with Cousin Billy ending up under it. It cut his right leg very badly. It took 25 minutes for the ambulance to arrive and by the time Billy got to the hospital he had bled out and was dead. John blamed himself. He cried for days.

John heard, “I’m sending you some help Johnathan!”

Arlington, November 17, 2020:

At 7:10 A.M. John was awakened by a knock on the door, “John are you up yet?” Mary asked.

John got up with very little pain and without his cane walked to the door and opened it, “Good morning. I was giving myself a healing and I think I fell back to sleep.”

“I’ve got breakfast on. John what’s wrong, you’ve been crying?” Mary asked.

“I went to God. He told me I was to bring mankind to him. He called me Johnathan. I’ll tell you more at breakfast. Let me put my shoes on and I’ll be right up.

“Okay John.”

John went into his office and put his shoes on. He made a pit stop and washed his hands and face. His internal alarm bells went off. Somebody else was in the apartment. He moved to the common room to see a 10-year-old young man sitting in his Lazy Boy Chair.

“Your older John-a-THAN.” The young man called him by his birth name like his mother did when he screwed up.

John had heard his name said with a strong “THAN” from only one person. This had to be his cousin, “Billy?”

John held his arms wide and Billy ran over to him and crashed into him.

“Sam, Mary, I would like to introduce to you my Cousin William Dull. I call him Billy when he’s good. Doesn’t happen very often.”

“Hey, I was in Heaven!” Billy replied.

“Billy, how did you get here? Did your parents bring you?” Mary asked.

“Schools out and there’s not much to do at home.” Billy said then laughed.

They left at 8:00 AM. A mile from the apartment was a Les Schwab tire center. John in his truck plowing a trail in the new snow. Billy sitting in the passenger’s seat. Sam and Mary in her SUV following along behind. Almost seven hundred dollars later they both had four sets of chains on each of the two vehicles. They arrived back at the apartments just as Dawn the manager was finishing having the parking lot plowed. The snow was still coming down. It looked like there was about three feet of the white stuff and more was still falling. With the four sets of tire chains John was able to drive with ease.

“Who’s the trailer belong too?” Dawn asked.

“It’s a rental Dawn, my rental. Did you expect me to move without taking my stuff?” John laughed.

“No, I was hoping to find the lot clear of vehicles.” Dawn was frowning at the ten vehicles and trailer still in the lot on a workday.

“They have more sense than we do.” John laughed. The snow seemed to fall harder.

“How are you making out John with getting your stuff out?” Dawn asked.

“I have a pretty good crew. I asked family, friends and God. Sam and Mary showed up yesterday and my cousin Billy showed up this morning.” John smiled.

“School is closed because of the snow so I thought I would come by and help Cousin John.” Billy said.

“Come on Billy, let’s go finish loading up that trailer while they are talking.” Sam and Billy ran to the apartment along the path that had been plowed. Mary followed along behind at a much slower pace laughing at her husband and new friend. He would make a good father. She had seen Sam play with other young people. That is one of the reasons she fell in love with him.

“I’ve got to get to it Dawn. More snow the harder it’s going to make things. I have a place to go. It’s in West Seattle taking care of 10 homeless kids.” John started carefully towards the apartment.

“I’m glad John. See you tomorrow at 10:00 A.M.” Dawn moved towards her all-wheel drive wagon.”

The last thing in the trailer was the big Electric Lazy-Boy Chair. The four were having fun and Billy fit in just fine. They got the chair out the door and into the trailer just fine after John and Sam removed a half dozen totes. In went the chair then the totes wedging the chair in with them. John closed and locked up the trailer. He with the help of Sam and Billy got the trailer attached to the back of the truck. The chains made the difference, but to load the truck with 600 to 700 pounds of stuff in the back would assist in getting to their destination. The twenty or so totes John had set aside weighed the most.

Sam was giving his all, “John, what do you have in these totes?”

“Food, take a look.” John said.

Sam opened them as he carried them out on the hand truck. Three totes had 60 pounds of rice each, many others had soup and or chili. In total about 700 pounds of food. “John, you were prepared. Why?” Sam asked.

John stopped what he was doing and looked at Sam. Mary and Billy also moved towards the two men, “In Revelations it talks about 7 years. We will be into our Grand Solar Minimum, possibly into the center of that cycle. I have heard from two sources the years are 2025 to 2032. I think I need to write another book.” John said, “We need to be prepared for the worse.”

“Cousin, you are correct.” Billy said.

“How long were you in Heaven?” Mary asked.

Billy looked to John with his shoulders raised in wonder.

“Sixty years. He was one of my guides.” John said.

“I’m still one of your guides.” Billy laughed.

“John why are you really moving?” Sam asked.

“Because my subsidy stopped.” John smiled as he realized his #2 reason had a hole in it. Sam tilted his head and smiled back.

“John with your resources, you certainly could have stayed here, could you not? Hell, you could have bought the apartment building.”

“During my meditations, I heard I would be moving. So, my #1 reason is God told me. Forgive me for not being 100% truthful with you two.” John smiled.

“Three weeks ago, after our quiet time at church, Mary told me John’s moving and we need to help him.” Sam said. Mary was nodding in agreement.

“Truck’s half full, good time for a lunch break. I have Grilled Chicken and Sausage Gumbo to go over rice already to eat.” Mary said, “I have also made more bread.”

“That sounds really good.” John then announced, “I’m taking the four of us out to the Bistro tonight for dinner.”

The four of them got seated around the little 4X4 table. “Thank you for the table John.” Mary said.

“Pass it on to someone that has a need when you have something better.” John said.

“Thank you for your contribution to our Mother Mary.” Sam said.

“Thank you, Cousin John, for needing me enough for God to have sent me to you.” Billy said.

“I thank all of you and I am grateful to you Father. We bless this food before us. It smells divine. Thank you, God.” John prayed.

Around the table were four “Mmmmms” as all enjoyed the homemade gumbo and bread.

That afternoon the last of John’s things were loaded into his truck. The only thing not loaded was the couch that weigh 500 to 600 pounds. Sam said he would get three of his friends that live nearby that owed him. John had given the couch to them.

The four ended the day at the Bistro San Martin downtown Arlington for dinner. John had to laugh, he paid the bill with a silver dime and they brought back $445 in cash. John left a $65 tip. The service was first class and the food gave a good run for “best in the state.” The four had come in Mary’s SUV and followed the tracks left when they returned to the apartments. The four cheered as Sam pulled into the spot next to John’s truck.

“Father John and Cousin Billy, can you stand my breakfast another morning?” Mary giggled.

“We would be most delighted to have breakfast with you.” John laughed.

“What are you two going to sleep on?” Sam asked.

“I have a queen size air mattress under the couch and Billy can sleep on the couch.” John shared.

“See you in the morning, say 8:00 A. M.?” Mary asked.

November 18, 2020:

The last thing John remembered as he fell asleep on the airbed that night was it needed more air. John woke at 7:00 A.M. He did another healing. He envisioned his entire body emitting a green emerald color of light. Over a few minutes, the light slowly turned to golden. John thanked God three times and rolled over and found it easier to work his way up to a standing position. He made his way to the morning pit stop and looked around as he went. Mary had cleaned every surface. The apartment looked better than when he moved into it.

As John opened the bathroom door to escape, Billy moved by, “Morning.” Billy came to a quick stop, “What died in here?” For the entire trip to West Seattle John would hear several times about what it must have been that died in the bathroom that morning. It would keep the two of them laughing.

John and Billy got all the air out of the airbed and put the bed and blankets along with pillows behind the seats in the truck. John checked his mail for the last time. Before the computer was unplugged the day before he had sent in the information as to his moving to the Post Office. As was John’s nature, he was 15 minutes early, “Would you have a cup of coffee for a homeless fellow?”

“Come in, coffee’s ready and apple juice for the Billy?” Mary laughed, “Your early, but I have the coffee done.”

Sam was in his office doing his marketing on the internet job. Things had increased this year compared to the same time as last year. He was having Mary help him more and more. 2019 was a better year than 2018 and everyone hoped 2020 to be a lot better than 2019.

The four had become friends. John invited Sam and Mary to come visit in the spring. They said they would.

“Billy, you never told us where you live at. Is it close?” Mary asked. The question alerted John and Billy that what had been said the day before had not been believed.

“No. I guess I live with Cousin John now.” Billy answered. He was a bit caught off guard.

“Sam, Mary, Billy died in 1958. He was using the riding lawn mower when he turned on a hill and it tipped over on him. He has been in Heaven ever since then, talking in my ear telling me what to do so I wouldn’t screw up and get myself killed ten times or more.”

“You said yesterday that you came from Heaven?” Mary looked at Billy and John, “How is that possible?”

“Jesus is alive. You will meet him soon.” John had to clear his throat, “Tony and Willa are not the only ones in my life. You will find Sam and Mary in my stories too. They fall in love and get married. Sam is a hero and Mary is the best pilot in the world.”

“Billy what’s Heaven like?” Mary asked again.

“It was nice, I was there when my parents died. I got to hug them, and we talked a lot. I like Heaven a lot. Oh, do you know a Mary Lynn Beasley?” Billy asked.

“Yes, she is my Grandmother.” Mary said, “I was named after her.”

“She gave me something for you.” Billy reached into his pocket and handed Mary a heavy gold chain. Attached to it was a very large beautiful stone.

Mary SCREAMED then burst into tears.

Sam asked, “Mary is this what I think it is?”

With a big smile on her face and tears falling all Mary could do was look at Sam and nod many times. She put it on and looked to the ceiling, “I’ll see you someday Grandmother.”

“Mary was to inherit the family jewels when Grandma Mary died. Three days after she died this diamond disappeared and the family believed it was her uncle that took it. There are three of them in the world. They are the next class of stones below the Hope Diamond. It is worth a fortune.” Sam laughed.

Billy had done his good deed. He asked, “Is there a Billy in your stories?”

“No. Wait there is a Willy and he is the most incredible young man the world has ever seen.” John laughed. “At three he is flying spaceships that have an Artificial Intelligence in them.”

“Does he have a girlfriend?” Billy asked.

“I believe he does. I think her name is Crystal.” John said. Until they hooked the trailer up to the truck Billy had a smile on his face and said very little. For the rest of the day Billy only asked one hundred questions about what boys and girls do together. John kept the answers very G-rated saying that when Billy and Crystal got older, there would be more information available.

“John, can we read your stories?” Sam asked.

“Yes, they are posted online at ‘’. I write under A Carpenter’s Son.

“Are you a Carpenter’s Son?” Mary asked.

“Yes. Third Generation.” John smiled, “I built a chicken house the summer I turned 13. By that time, I had helped my dad on many projects.”

“How much of the book is true?” Mary asked.

“The Earth Changes I believe are no longer on the table. I would pray and meditate then write when I felt connected. The characters are all made up, but...” John paused.

“Now you are finding they are real.” Sam said.

“I have found five so far. You two, Sam and Mary, Tony and Willa and Billy who could also go by Willy. I’m looking for Ben, Lucy, Fannie, Teri, Sally, Peter and Patty and Jenny to name a few.”

“Jenny was your wife in the books!” Billy said.

“Yes! We had a little boy and a little girl. The girl’s name was Gaia. She was an expression of Mother Earth.” John sounded so sad.

“You sound like you really have lost them.” Mary shared.

“They were a big part of me for five years.”

“You have become a star at church. We told you about one of our Decans has a class on A Thousand Years of Peace! We had so many sign up for the class that it is held an hour before regular services in the Parrish Hall on Sundays. Your books are a recommended reading. From what we hear your books are a favorite.” Sam smiled.

John reached into his bag and brought out copies of each of the three books, “Do you have an ink pen?” John signed each book ‘Sam and Mary, With all my Love, Reverend John! A Carpenter’s Son.’ I brought these for you guys. They are also available on Amazon.”

“John, I love your covers. Why the bald eagle?” Sam asked.

“He is my animal totem. The native Americans call them White Eagle.”

“What is the circle with the “S”?” Mary asked.

“That is my Mandala. It was done by a friend; it signifies a life purpose.” John said.

“What does it mean?” Sam asked.

“To bring Heaven to Earth!” John smiled.

“You are the comforter! And Billy really did come from heaven to help you!” Mary stated.

“Yes, and now I must go and find out what God has in store for me?” John smiled. “How to fulfill my destiny.”

“It’s ten, do you suppose Dawn is here yet?” Mary asked.

“We can connect up the trailer if she isn’t.” John said.

As they were finishing with the trailer Dawn drove into the parking lot.

“How did you make out?” Dawn asked.

“We’re done. Just need you to look.” John said.

Dawn walked around the apartment then turned to John, “It looks wonderful.”

“Mary did the cleanup. She’s the heroine in my book.” John laughed.

“I told the owner what happened, and he said to pay your damage deposit back in cash. Sign here and I will pay you.”

John signed, and Dawn handed him eight one hundred-dollar Gold Backed Treasury notes, “Thank you Dawn.”

Dawn gave John a hug, “Good luck John. Send me a card with pictures when you get landed.”

“Don’t blame yourself Dawn, this is a God thing. He will take care of me. Thank the owner for me.” John handed Dawn the keys and took one last look. He handed Mary two of the one hundred-dollar bills. She shook her head no, “You want more?”

“JOHN!” Mary said in a loud voice.

“It’s all right Mary, how much do you want?” John smiled.

“You already gave us so much. I didn’t clean your apartment expecting to get paid.” Mary said.

“Here, go buy something nice. You guys must have an anniversary coming up soon.” John handed Mary the two bills and he pulled out of his pocket two silver dimes, “Here’s for a dinner or two at the Bistro.”

“John you are the most generous man on this earth.” Mary was hugging John. Everyone had big heavy coats on. Sam and Billy had just stood back and watched the battle of wills. Hugs and handshakes all around. John and Billy got into the truck and John started it up. The snow was getting near 30” deep with lots more coming down.

The first adventure was getting out of the parking lot. Down past the school and around another corner just as the road became 204th NE. It looked like a blinking light convention. John and Billy would learn later that a semi coming down the hill had gone through the red light and took on three cars. The intersection at Highway 9 and the cross street of 204th was blocked.

John pulled into the strip mall in front of Safeway. Thirty minutes and four hundred dollars spent. Fourteen submarines and six family size pizzas from Papa Murphy’s along with a soda and a sparkling water. The roads were clear, and the food was placed in the back. He called Tony and Willa letting them know they were on the way with food. Chugging along they made it to Interstate 5 at the Smokey Point Onramp heading south through Everett and on into Seattle.

John kept in the right lane. He glanced into his left mirror seeing a black sedan coming from behind at almost double the speed he was going. As it flew by, he noticed a realty sign on the side. The interstate was three lanes wide and the diver in the black car did a quick turn to get into the fast lane to move around the truck that was next to John. John was busy, and he did not see the black car again for a while. Many cars were off on both sides of the rode, their occupants abandoning their rides for one reason or another.

As they were driving up the hill after crossing the tide flats moving into Everett proper four cars were on the left side of the road in all different directions. John and Billy made it through without stopping. John noticed the black car caught up in the backup. The black car passed John and Billy at 175th just north of the Seattle City limits.

“Cousin John, why are there so many cars parked along the side of the road?” Billy asked, “There must be a hundred of them so far.”

“This snow doesn’t happen very often in the northwest. People are just not prepared or trained on how to drive in it.” John said as he too noticed a couple of vehicles just off the road.

John was able to maintain thirty miles per hour all the way to North Seattle to what is called the University District. John had spent many years around there. They were about to pass under the 50th street overpass when John saw break lights coming on ahead. He took his foot off the gas and shifted into a lower gear. Billy was asking, “Do you suppose Mary found what died in the bathroom this morning?”

“Heads up, we got a mess up ahead.” John glanced at Billy, “Your seatbelt on?”

“Yes sir!” Billy said as the thirty or forty cars and trucks came in view, “OMG!” They were in disarray all over the bridge.

John stayed along the western side of the roadway until he was a few feet from the bent up white car against the rale blocking any further action. “Put your heavy coat on.” John excited his truck and checked the vehicles around him.

John asked, “Do I get involved?” He got a very strong “YES!” There on the ground was a body that was covered. John went to his knees said the Lord’s Prayer and started running energy. The lady must not have been wearing a seatbelt. Her head had many injuries from blows.

“What can I do?” Billy asked.

“Keep people away while I am healing her. Tell them I am Reverend Taylor.”

A Captain of the firemen came by and asked Billy, “What’s going on?”

“My uncle, Reverend Taylor is healing her.” Billy said, “I think she was dead.” Yes, Uncle would make more sense. Sixty years is just too much for a cousin, Billy thought.

John heard another voice from a local TV news Tina Harris.

Eyes opened looking at John, “Where are my children?” The lady whispered.

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