Star Chamber
Chapter 1: Waking up

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November 16, 2020, Monday:

John’s body hurt so bad. He moved, through eyes still squinting he saw a flash of light and he realized his computer screen woke up too. There on the computer screen was his latest book crying for attention. He took a deep breath and screamed. That only made it worse. The level of pain was tremendous. Whatever I did, don’t do that ever again. It took him forever to muster the will to open one eye lid again. It was very hard to focus because somebody was beating his head like a drum. The world looked to be a blurry cold day. John moved and now he understood how the world would feel after a 10.0 earthquake. The snow made everything bright outside. His legs had gone to sleep. How many days had he been in this chair? Everything HURT! His body informed him that he was going to need a pit stop NOW!

He got back to his chair at his desk in the home office. He sat their thanking God. For what, he did not have a clue. His memory was gone for the last week or so. Why was he drinking. He only drank to celebrate a success.

He eyed his coffee cup. It looked like it had been there for a bit. He picked it up anyway and took a sip. One-part stale coffee and three parts scotch hit his stomach which informed him he was going to need a pit stop NOW!

After twenty minutes of his life that he hopped to never repeat, he was once again sitting at his desk.

He wondered when did he buy a half gallon of Scotch?

What happened to me. He found his glasses on the floor. He put them on and found a letter from his landlord. As he read it, he realized his subsidy from the County assisting his rent had been stopped. He had to move by the 15th. Move to where was the question. A knock on the door brought John to his feet. Everything spun for a minute. He grabbed his pants and got them on. He opened the door to the very angry Dawn.

“John, you should be gone already.” Dawn the Apartment Manager informed.

“My a ... my PTSD’s must have jump up and knocked me down. I’m back at it, can’t believe it’s snowing. How much time can you give me?”

“John, it’s been snowing for two days. Where have you been? Today’s Monday at 10:00 AM. I’ll be by every day. If I see progress, I’ll give you to Wednesday at 10:00 AM.” Dawn said then asked, “Any idea where you are going?”

“NO! This was home until they dragged me out.” John looked at his hands, “I was told during the 1980’s, that I walked with Christ 2,000 years ago in another life. I asked God for guidance. Maybe this is his guidance. The beginning of an adventure.”

Dawn started to cry, “This maybe is my fault John. The Housing Authority wanted a list by acceptability and then I read in the newspaper that the Federal Government was cutting their housing program by one third. We have three here on the Housing Program. John, I listed you as number three on that form.” Dawn was in John’s arms, “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay Dawn. It’s been six almost seven very good years. This may be my karma. I have had to evict a dozen or so residents in my life too when I was a property manager. Let me get something to eat.” John shared as he pushed Dawn away. John was concerned that he was going to toss his lunch again. “Let me get back at it.”

Dawn turned away; I’ll see you tomorrow John.”

“Okay Dawn. Thank you.”

John turned and went back inside his apartment. He found a trailer on the internet that he could pull with his Nissan Truck. 5’ wide 7’ tall and 10’ long. It took John an hour to get to the rental place. Between the truck and the trailer, he would be able to load all his worldly possessions. The man wanted a thousand dollars to rent the trailer for a month. John talked him into a quarter ounce of silver as a deposit. “You a Vietnam Vet?” He asked.

“Have you ever heard of a place called Van Tuong?” John asked. He had volunteered as a gunner on a convoy from Red Beach to Van Tuong. He had done that a few times. He had never come under an all-out attack by the Viet Cong before. His timing was perfect, he got out of the hospital and was discharged within a few days of when he originally was scheduled.

“1969?” The man at the rental place asked.

“I earned a purple heart during that battle. My buddy and I both got hit just at the light of day on the fourth day. He carried me out of there to the medivacs where he collapsed. It was not a good day.”

“Did your buddy make it?” The man asked.

“Yah, I went to his memorial last year, he had a good life.” John looked at the concern on the man’s face, “I’ll bring your trailer back Christmas Eve or I will bring you another quarter ounce.”

The man looked at John then he turned the paper, “Sign here and here is the key to the padlock.”

John attached the trailer and headed down the road. The snow was now 8” to 10” deep and still falling. John thought and said aloud, “It looks like the Grand Solar Minimum trumps Global Warming. Facts and figures don’t lie, but liars sure can manipulate the numbers for their own benefit.”

He got to the apartment building and worked his way in. He had stopped and bought two snow shovels and eight more 12-gallon totes. The heavy-duty plastic totes were easy to handle and would have a bit of water proofing with all this white stuff. Sam who lived upstairs came home early, and John loaned him one of his snow shovels to dig out a place to park. Sam and Mary got married two years ago and were hard working go to church every week kids. John gave them twenty ounces of silver when silver was $18 an ounce. Now at $6,645 and climbing in price for an ounce the couple smiled whenever they saw John. They were the ones a few weeks ago that told him the banks would cash silver and gold coins now at market prices. The long-term prediction by some was that gold may see twenty thousand and silver may see fifty thousand on the world market. John had over twelve hundred ounces of silver.

Sam and Mary said they would help him load up. Sure, enough they were down by 4:00 P.M. and the three had the trailer half loaded by seven.

“Come eat with us!” Mary demanded

“Okay. Let me get things locked up.” John said. Ten minutes later he was up knocking on their door.

“Go wash up.” Mary pointed to the bathroom. At 20 Mary had learned to be the boss of the household.

When John came out there was a plate with a large portion of pasta. Chicken with a white sauce. It smelled divine. Next to it was some homemade coleslaw and some homemade bread. The plate was on an upside-down box and the chair next to it was a fold up chair like the one John had from Wall-Mark. “You guys need a table. Please take my table until you have something better.” John waited until his hosts were seated. “May I say a grace for the meal and the day?”

“Yes, please proceed Father John.” Sam said.

John took a big breath and opened up his chakras, “Thank you Father for these friends and the wonderful food they have prepared before us. Thank you for all that has been accomplished today.” John took from his bag a tube filled with 20 ounces of silver coins. John set the tube between Sam and Mary, “Can you two watch out for me until Wednesday at 10:00 AM?”

Sam lifted the tube of coins and said, “John, that’s way too much.”

“I bought that at $280. I want you two or three to be safe. It’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.”

“You know. How?” Mary asked.

“I see auras and there is a little ball of pink light coming from your tummy Mary. She is excited to be part of the family again.” John was laughing as he watched Sam almost drop the coins.

“We have an appointment with the doctor.” Sam whispered.

Mary had a mouthful of food as she wore a million-dollar smile on her face. Her eyes told of wanting to scream for joy. She was thinking about sitting on Sam’s lap.

John looked at her and whispered, “Go for it!”

Mary got up and sat on Sam’s lap. She kissed him long and hard not realizing her thoughts were being heard.

While the two of them were cuddling and whispering John ate his meal. It tasted great and the ice-cold apple juice washed it down just fine.

“John, we’ve been buying silver. This will put us over 100 ounces.” Mary giggled as she said it.

“I’ll stop worrying about you three.” John giggled. “Once you get a nest egg, continue to be thankful to God. Add to your nest egg, pieces of paper with your hopes and dreams. Teach others how to grow a nest egg.” John was laughing, “Silver will be $10,000 an ounce soon, maybe this year. Only God knows how high it will go. Be very careful with your trust with banks and bankers. You turn in your silver, I bet they will only pay you cash when you want to take it back out.”

John’s phone rang. John looked at the number of the incoming call, “Excuse me, let me get this call.” He opened his flip phone and said, “John Taylor here, what can I do for you?” John looked at his phone and put it on speaker.

“Hi buddy. This is Bill Collins. Remember in the fox hole just before that VC hit us with the M-79 round, you and I said that maybe someday you and I might work together?”

“Yes, what have you got?” John was more than a bit shook up. This friend that was calling him was dead.

“I got ten kids that need a mentor. They have all been in programs of some kind and they all have run away from them. My guess is they all have IQ’s off the scale. They are from 8 to 16 and just need someone to love them and point them in the right direction. I got them food enough for today and tomorrow.”

“Where is it Bill?” John Taylor asked.

“West Seattle. SW California and Hanford. You’ll have to look around to find the entrance. It is under the church. Part of the old building under the new building. Somewhere in the 50’s or 60’s it was designated as a bomb shelter. Now it is just a bunch of cold open space. The kids have made it their home. It is separate from the church because there is no way into it except for that one entrance from the east parking lot just west of the building. You’ll know it when you see the twelve steps going down to a set of double doors.”

“Bill, is there a room for me and a bed?” Taylor asked.

“No bed, but you have one of your own. Excuse me for a minute.” Bill was talking to someone else, “Taylor, I’m with hospice care sort of. I was going to offer you a job when you’re ready to move on, but I was just told you already have an important position. Got to go, I’ll get to work with you when you get there.”

“Where are you at Bill?”

“You already know that. Got to go! Bye Taylor, take care of the kids. They are your disciples.” The line went dead.

John Taylor was white as a sheet. He sat there looking at his plate trying to digest what he had just heard.

“Who are you?” Mary demanded.

“The real question is who was that. I went to his funeral last year. Who am I is simple, I’m Reverend Johnathan Taylor, a simple carpenter following in the steps of another carpenter of long ago?” John saw a nasty mark on Mary’s left arm. He reached out and gently took hold of her hand. “May I heal it?” Mary nodded. As the three watched, the wound about 3” long and a half inch wide, caused from a bad burn from the oven when she was fixing dinner, healed with only healthy skin showing, “I have been told I walked with Jesus once.”

“Will we see the Christ again?” Mary asked.


“Will we see you again after Wednesday John?” Mary asked.

“Yes. You want a home with a fenced in yard with 6 bedrooms?” John asked to confirm.

Mary said, “Yes.”

Sam started laughing, “You’re the Comforter Jesus said he would send!”

John had a look of fear on his face. He crossed his chest with his arms. He even brought his knees together.

“You don’t want anybody to know yet?” Sam asked, “You’re hiding in plain view!”.

“How can that be?” Mary asked looking from John to Sam.

“The planet is going through the change from third to fourth dimension or as we wrote during past lives 2,000 years ago, Heaven on Earth! The last few days of the third will look very much like the first few days of the fourth. Those that make the ascension will have the degree necessary to become a Christ. Like graduating from high school or college, Jesus told us to follow him, he actually meant for us to follow him through the ascension process.” John explained.

“What do we need to learn?” Mary asked.

“Nothing. It is time for the caterpillar to become the beautiful butterfly. You know everything you need to know. Live by the Golden Rule. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Love your neighbor, love your family and love yourself. Judge not or you will be judged. Say the Lord’s Prayer every day. Thank our Father often.”

“I knew we didn’t need to go to college to learn what we needed.” Sam said as they sat there thinking about what had been said.

“I needed to in order to work through my Karma.” John said. He took a piece of paper out of his note pad. He drew a yield curve. Left side almost flat horizontally and the right side going almost straight up vertically, “You two were born here.” John marked on almost the straight up portion and labeled it 2000. He made another mark to the left towards the flat area, “I was born over 50 years before you here, marked as 1948. I’ve had some things to work through.” He then laughed, “Thank you Father for my experiences.”

Sam and Mary also thanked our Father for their experiences.

“John, I would like to have a drink to remember this day. Would you like to join me?” Sam asked.

“Can we move that table up here first?”

“Yes!” Sam said. It took all of 5 minutes and Mary and Sam had a kitchen table that could seat four. John and Mary sat at the table as Sam made the drinks. Mary had 7-up and ice with a Maraschino Cherry. John had a 2-ounce glass full of Ice then filled with Scotch. Sam had a 2-ounce glass with a single ice cube and whiskey just up high enough to float the ice cube.

John raised his glass with the scotch, “To God’s love for the Planet Earth.”

“Thank you, God!” Mary and Sam both said then looked at each other and giggled.

John’s stomach jumped when the scotch hit it. John took a big breath of air and things settled down. He sipped his drink and had fun with the two keeping them laughing for over an hour. John’s phone rang and listed his son as calling, “Let’s hear this.” John opened his flip phone

“Dad, we met with Terry my classmate who’s a manager at a bank now. He offered to pay us $2 for the Dong and $3.78 for the Dinar.” That would give Johnny and his wife twenty-three million dollars to play with.

“Did you ask about contract rates?” John asked.

“He said contract rates were a bunch of bullshit.”

“What do you believe?”

“He said it was all a big scam about the Dong and the Dinar a year ago. I guess I learned not to trust bankers today even if they’re friends. Dad, we caught him in another lie. When he thought he was going to get all my currencies he told us he would need 24 hours to fund them. When I told him, I was only going to deposit one bill until he proved he could, his story changed to a week or more. I looked to my better half and we both stood to leave. He demanded to know what was the problem? Dad, I told him if he would have done us right, he may have had a go with over 300 million.”

My son was going to play with over 75 million. Some day he may get to play with ten times that much. The net believes that contract rates may be $5 and $28.50.

“Son and daughter, you did very well. I’ll call you asap when the “800” number is available to get us into the exchange. By the way I’m moving to West Seattle.”

“Dad, what’s that all about and when are you moving?”

“Day after tomorrow. It happened very fast. I have a job taking care of some homeless runaway kids.”

“What’s the address?”

“SW California and Hanford.” John answered, “In West Seattle at the St. John’s church.”

“Dad, we have to talk again soon, I have the 911 Ambulance drivers from across the alley standing here looking at me. I think they need me to help them with something.”

“Love you son, hug and kiss your wife for me.” John closed the flip phone ending the call. “Do either of you know what the weather forecasts for the next three or four days are?”

“Accumulations up to four feet of additional snow. Then a dry cold front moves in for a week followed by more snow.” Mary shared.

“So much for Global warming.” John shook his head, “Let the world be warned that a Grand Solar Minimum is just starting and may be around for 30 years.”

“What will happen?” Mary asked in alarm.

“Look outside. We will very likely see that every year for the next 30 years.” John said, “My dad told me once that he remembered seeing big icebergs as big as a houseboat floating down to the mouth of Columbia River in the spring. That had to be around 1920 or so. He grew up living in Cathlamet on the Columbia River.”

“When is a good time to sell our silver?” Mary asked.

“Do you trust our Government?” John asked, “What would you sell it for? Do you really trust banks or paper money?””

“NO! But, well, we have the baby coming. And we want to buy a house.” Mary said.

“Then you have your answers. I have another question.” John stated.

“With 100 ounces of silver, I would say you guys have into the high 90’s for a percent chance of surviving anything that is thrown at you in the next few years. With 10 ounces you have maybe a 30 or 40% chance to survive. With no silver you have maybe a 10% chance to survive.” John said, “For a 70-year-old man, those odds go down considerably. I have heard twice now that the seven years talked about in Revelations is the time between 2025 and 2032.”

“So, based on what you just said, when do we ever sell the silver?” Mary asked.

“When you have to in order to survive or thrive.” John said.

“I think what John is saying, we do what we have to do. We take whatever silver we need to pay the hospital off for the baby. We buy a house with maybe 30 or 40 ounces of silver as down payment, but we keep our nest egg for emergencies. We continue to add to our nest egg for the rest of our lives.” Sam said, “That will give us the best chance to survive and give me resources to keep us safe.”

“I think that’s a very good plan.” John said.

Mary frowned then as Sam’s words sunk in a smile covered her face. She kissed Sam.

“Does your nest egg have a name?” John asked.

“No!” Sam answered.

“When I named my nest egg, it more than doubled the next year.” John said, “I received 6 ounces of gold for doing a job and when the market rose, gold took off first. I sold the gold for $3,000 an ounce and bought 1,000 ounces of silver at $18 per ounce.”

Sam and Mary looked at each other and both said, “Mother Mary!” They both giggled.

“John, come with us. We have something to show you.” Mary led the way having John stand in front of a dresser. On top was a work of art of Mother Mary sitting on a box with baby Jesus in her arms, “Watch this John.” Mary pushed on one side and Sam did the same on the other side. The front of the box moved forward becoming a door. Mary laid the door down then pulled the box I had given them out. Sam put his key in that box and the lid opened. Mary lifted the lid then placed the plastic container with the 20 ounces of silver John had given them in with four other tubes.

John gave both a big loving smile. His phone rang again. “I’m lucky to have three phone calls a month. Let me take this.” John walked out of the bedroom, “Hello, this is John Taylor?”

“You know our friend Bill?” A young male voice asked.

“Bill Collins?” John asked.

“Yes, how do you know him?” Another young voice asked, this time it was female.

“We were buddies in Vietnam.” John said. “We were wounded at the same time; he saved my life.”

“Do you look like Santa Claus?” The young girl asked.

“Yes! I have had some young people think that.” John laughed.

“You spoke at Uncle Bill’s Memorial?” The young man asked.

“Yes. What are your names?” John asked.

“I’m Tony and this is Willa my wife.” The young man said.

“What’s your ages?” John asked.

“We’re both 16. When we eloped, our families both dis-owned us. My father took my car that I had paid for on my own. The title was in his name because I was under age and he said he would have me arrested if I drove it.” Tony paused, “How old are you and what do you do now?”

John chuckeled, “I’m 71 and I spend a lot of time writing books. You won’t believe this, but I am also a psychic and two of the people in my stories are Tony and Willa. I have been writing about them for the last five years.”

Sam and Mary had come back in and sat down again. They were listening to John’s side of the conversation.

“What do you have us doing in your books?” Willa asked.

“You two are married. You have done some heroic things and are now flying spaceships and helping earth fight off a bunch of aliens wanting to steal millions of us earthlings for their food.” John was laughing, “Willa, I have you as being the Grand Daughter of two chiefs, and you are a member of the Okanagan Trib.”

Sam’s head jerked around, and he looked at John in wonder.

“John, can we read your books?” Willa asked, “I’m a daughter of the Chief of the Nisqually Tribe, but mom did come from the Okanagan tribe. I am the granddaughter of two chiefs, one of them is of the Okanagan Tribe.”

“I have said that in my books. I have copies for you to read. Are you good with English?” John asked.

“Yes. All A’s in honors English.” Willa stated.

“I need to go; my phone needs to be re-charged.” John said, “I’ll call as I leave Wednesday at around 10:00 to 11:00 AM.” John planned, “I’m looking for an editor. I’ll pay well if you can do the job?”

“I would like to try.” Willa said.

“We will talk then.” Tony stated.

John closed his ancient flip phone, sitting there shaking his head.

“What’s wrong John?” Mary asked.

“Six or seven years ago in meditation I asked God what could I do for him? I heard write a book. I started on A Thousand Years of Peace. It turned into a three-book saga. Part way into the first book one of the main characters Tony Taylor met a Willa Nation and they became a couple and later in the book married. I was just talking to Tony and Willa. They are two of the ten I’ll be taking care of. When they got married at 16, they were kicked out of their homes and dis-owned by their families.”

“That’s way more than a coincident. That had to come from intuition. My aunt does things like that.” Sam said then thought about something, “Are you ‘A Carpenter’s son?’”

“Why do you ask Sam?” John looked a bit spooked again. He crossed his arms.

“Roger, one of our Board Members at Church started a workshop on “A Thousand Years of Peace. Almost everyone in our church has read the first book and many the entire series on Roger printed off the first book and it has been copied dozens of times and passed around.” Sam said, “John, you really wrote those stories?”

John was looking up at the ceiling and whispered, “Yes!”

“When will the Earth Changes happen?” Mary asked.

John jerked back to looking at Mary when he answered, “I don’t think they will happen. Edgar Cayce predicted they would happen before 1999 and I believe things have changed. I started writing the first book in 2012 and it felt like the Earth Changes were still on the table. I think when Trump decided to run for President, some or most of the Earth Changes were taken off the table.”

“Can I tell him Sam?” Mary asked. Sam nodded.

“His aunt came here and said that Sam was going to be killed in our apartment. She then looked at the floor and said she could never sleep in the apartment because of the energy that was coming up from under the floor. We figured out the energy was coming from you. She felt that Sam was probably safe unless you or we moved.”

John looked to the heavens for a minute. It looked like he was having a conversation with someone. He reached into his pocket and brought out a one-ounce silver round. He put it between his hands and moved them to the center of the table. The light and energy were so great both Sam and Mary moved back a couple of feet. The energy was enough to heat the room and the nearby thermostat clicked off the electric heaters. John sat back and took a deep breath.

“Keep this on you at all times. You may be wounded, but the attack won’t kill you.” John then looked to Mary, “He may be my Lazarus.” The coin was hot, and Sam had to set it on the table for it to cool.

Mary looked at Sam as she asked, “Will it change him? When it happens where is the coin?”

John looked at Sam, “His IQ will double, he will know how the world is supposed to work and how to fix some of the things that don’t work as they should. Some day he will hold an important office. The coin will be safe on the dresser next to Mother Mary.”

“Mary do you have a couple of aspirin?”

“Yes, I will get them for you.”

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