Star Chamber

Copyright© 2019 by A Carpenter's Son

This story is about a man John Taylor that has channeled over 1,000 pages of material. You will find that material on this website as “A Thousand Years of Peace!”

John Taylor is just an ordinary man. Ask him he will tell you so. He never drinks unless he is celebrating something. What happened to him to be celebrating beyond memory? He has never done that in the 70 plus years of life.

He has to move from where he has lived for over six years. A quiet, secluded spot where even the kids on Halloween leave alone. But his changing addresses is only the difference on the surface. He is going from nobody to somebody only a vast imagination could hint at. Possibilities start at zero, let’s see where they end up.

This story is not a continuation of the “A Thousand Years of Peace!” but does refer to it on many occasions. It also points out the differences between reality and the written word. Example is in 2013 when the writer started Earth Changes were on the table still, by 2016 all indications from God said they had been taken off the table.

I believe the returning Christ that Jesus told us about may be reading this story. He or she may think of themselves as nothing until something happens and they are transformed.

Love yourself, love your family and love your neighbor!

Learn all you can, about who you really are!

Make this a better place for all of mankind.

Do unto others as you want done to you.

Rejoice simply because you are alive.

Be a Sovereign Being.

Love God!



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