Finding Peace
Chapter 18

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As they are flying back towards the cottage, Tracer can see a massive army beginning to gather at the entrance of the passage leading into the Drearson Mountains.

The war is far from over, but Tracer's battles are finished. He only wants Katiely and the life that he feels was always promised him.

When Tracer gets back to the cabin and sees Katiely in her pretty yellow flowered dress, he knows he has found peace and harmony.

Trinity spirals above the cabin looking for a suitable place to land amongst the trees. As Trinity and Tracer spiral downward, the roars of ten magnificent dragons that have been watching over Katiely meet them.

As they spiral lower and lower, Tracer can see his pretty Katiely in all her grandeur. She isn't alone, she is surrounded by a half dozen people. With a swirl of dust and leaves, Trinity brings her powerful form on the ground. Trinity quickly lowers her wing so Tracer can get to Katie. Once Tracer is off Trinity's wing he runs for Katiely and Katiely runs for him.

They collide into a swirling mass of lights and love. From her love, Katiely's magic flows. Tracer picks Katiely off her feet in a bear hug meant to never let her go, and spins her around while they kiss. Through Katie's soft and moist lips, Tracer can feel her both laughing and crying.

After an incalculable amount of time, Tracer sets Katiely softly down and stares into her beautiful emerald eyes. He takes his right hand and brushes her soft and long brunette hair out of her pretty face, and wipes the tears of joy that continue to fall from her cheeks. Tracer smiles until his cheeks are hurting, and then he takes Katiely into another deep kiss. When they are done they continue to hug, and Tracer looks over to Trinity and he mouths, "Thank you."

Even though Tracer has no intention of ever letting go of Katiely again, he remembers there are other people there, so he turns to them. Once again a smile plays brilliantly across his aging face.

General Anderson is there. Derek is of course there, fulfilling his pledge that he would watch over Katiely until Tracer's return. Out of nowhere Ram comes up behind him and nudges Tracer. Tracer turns and gives Ram his own big hug. There are three other humans and a minotaur Tracer doesn't know.

"One hell of a journey, uh, son?"

Tracer takes Katie's left hand in his right and answers General Anderson, "Yes, sir. Yes, General. Absolutely, sir."

"Not bad, Tracer, you beat a god."

"Derek, my friend, thank you for keeping Katiely safe."

"Ah, it be nothing, boy. Once the dragons arrived I was just pretty much useless."

"I'll tell all of you standing in front of me now, and I will make sure the world learns this too, it was not one individual who did anything. If one thing had played out differently, the world would be swimming in darkness. I don't know why so many people had confidence in me that I would make the right choice when the time came, but I chose the light from deep within darkness, and that was something the dark god could not comprehend, so he lost his grasp in this realm and reality."

"Please, everybody come inside. We will have drinks and food to guide us to our next journey." Tracer looks down at Katiely as she says that.

As they all come inside Katiely and Tracer's cottage, which is fixed up even better than when Tracer had last seen it. Once the neighbors learned what was happening and who the players were, they flocked to the aid and care of Katiely. Tracer already loves his new country.

Once inside the cabin, they are met by another black haired and green-eyed beauty. "Tracer, this is my new friend Samantha. She is Derek's little sister, and she is a witch, too." Tracer can tell Katiely is happy.

"Hello, Tracer. Katiely has told me so much about you." Holy divinity, she has a southern drawl accent also.

Tracer is glad for Katiely beyond description. "Hello, sweetheart, it is a true honor to meet you." Samantha smiles shyly. Tracer figures the girls are the same age.

Finally putting one and one and one together, a thought comes into Tracer's mind and he turns to Katiely, "Sweetheart, can I ask you a stupid question?"

"Of course, babe."

"Do all magical beings have green eyes and speak with a southern drawl accent?"

Katiely smiles prettily as she giggles, "Yes."

Tracer smiles, "What a strange and wondrous world we live in."

But before Tracer can continue to ask the million and one questions that are running through his mind, General Anderson interrupts him, "Tracer, this is Brock, he is the commander of the ten thousand contingent of Minotaurs." Tracer shakes the giant minotaur's hand.

"Hello, sir, and welcome to my home." The minotaur nods his huge horned head.

Then General Anderson continues, "Tracer, this is Matt. Him and I are in charge of the hundred thousand man force that our country has sent to punish Drearson and Hitherroam." Tracer stands as he shakes the hand of the short stocky blonde-haired and blue-eyed man.

"Derek you already know of course. He will lead the million man army of Kinsmerelay to attack Hitherroam."

"Long have they caused trouble in the world without being punished because of their isolation on the other side of the Drearson Mountains, but no longer." Tracer can tell Derek is in a rowdy mood and is gearing up for war.

"And, Tracer, this is Major Brent, he will be commanding the ten thousand man force from his recently freed country of Escrotry. Well, Tracer, you know the players. How about you take your rightful place of honor at our sides and finish this with us."

Tracer pulls Katiely into his lap. She has been standing at his side near the table, and then they look at each other. "I go where you go, my beloved," Katiely says.

"Gentlemen, I have a girl to marry before I do anything."

Derek slams his fist on the table and picks up his drink to give a toast, "Damn right, boy! You and pretty wife stay here and be happy. Here is to what we are really fighting for." All assembled clank their glasses and wish the best for Tracer and Katiely.

Tracer looks deep into Katiely's emerald eyes and kisses her deeply. Wow!

"Oh, babygirl, I missed you. Your love guided me out of my darkness when it mattered the most."

"Since my love and light would have been extinguished if not for you, I guess it is only fair." and then Katiely giggles and Tracer knows he is home.

The day of the wedding has finally arrived. Katiely wears a beautiful white dress that goes all the way to the ground. Tracer is wearing a Knight of Liladintum uniform, for Tracer is now a knight of Liladintum. Katiely understands how important it is to Tracer. Another one of his dreams has come true.

By the time the wedding is underway there are hundreds of people present. Every neighbor in the region is invited, and all the leaders of the alliance forces are also present.

In preparation for the wedding day, an area is cleaned and trimmed up. When a summer shower thinks to dampen the festivities, the dragons line up along the path the bride will take. As Katiely comes out of the cottage walking towards Tracer at the podium, the dragons spread their wings and block out the rain so Katiely will not get wet on her special day.

For days, the maid of honor Samantha has been using her powers to make sure flowers also line the bride's path. It is truly a majestic sight, and Samantha, Derek's baby sister and sister witch, glows with her own brilliance in her pink bridesmaid dress.

Derek escorts Katiely to Tracer, for Katiely has become like another baby sister to him. Tracer and Derek nod to each other as Katiely is handed over to him. Katiely and Tracer smile at each other, and then they turn towards the podium. At the podium stands a sorcerer from Katie's own country of Escrotry.

A wise old man named Tulmar, who will be doing the honors. "Welcome to the bride and groom and all the honored guests. Today is a special day for many reasons. Two good and kind people are joining together in holy matrimony. On this day the world is experiencing peace and harmony the way it should truly be. It is true the fighting is not over, but this is a day of love and union, not war.

"Their children will grow up to be warriors and magic users, and will continue on the sacrifices that this generation has made. Now let us begin.

"By the forces of light and love are the graces of life given to these two deserving people. In the deepest darkness will their love shine the brightest. The power of magic surrounds this union, and flows through them the way it should. Now, before we finish, they would like to say their own vows."

Tracer turns towards Katiely, and there in her hand she is holding the very same red and white flower that Tracer had picked for her on the very first day they met. Tracer nods towards the flower and Katiely just smiles. "My love, my reason for being, my anchor, who kept me from falling into darkness, I promise you I will always love you and be at your side." tears flood Tracer's eyes. Katiely wipes them away. "Girl, of all my life you are my true reason for living. And from this day forth we are one."

Katiely unashamedly lets her tears flow down her cheeks. "To my beloved, Tracer, I offer you all I have to offer, and I pledge to you that no matter how dark it may get, you will never be alone again. I give you my heart, my mind, my soul. All of which are still here for me to give because of you. We will be forever one, my beloved."

They turn towards the sorcerer Tulmar and he smiles. "Children of light and love, your union is blessed. Do you, Tracer, take Katiely to be your lawful wedded wife?"

"I do, from now to eternity."

"And Katiely, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

At first she chokes up, but then with the power of magic and love she says, "I do."

The ten dragons on the ground roar to life, and are met by roars of the other twenty dragons, who have been spiraling up above. All the assembled guests cheer. The newly married couple stays with the celebration for several hours, but soon they want to get to their own celebration.

Several days have passed, and at long last the leaders of the alliance force return to ask the dreaded question, "There is no dishonor if you choose no, but you wanted us to ask again. Will you help finish this war?"

Katiely and Tracer look at each other knowingly, and then it is Katiely who turns towards them and says, "We fight!" After everybody soaks that wonderful knowledge in, Katiely continues, "What right do I have to live in a world of peace, if I did not help bring that peace I want to have a say."

All assembled bask in the greatness of her words, and feel the love from this blessed union spread across the world.

It is another beautiful day.

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