Mission 18

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This story is not classified as an actual mission but gives the reader an insight into the different personalities and interactions between comrades at arms and the friendships that come out of war and its actions.

I was sitting in the Captain's outer office waiting to see why I had been called in so soon after debriefing. I was half asleep after a hard ten day jaunt into Laos where we were chased by VC patrols almost from the time we were dropped off. I had just sent the team back to the village to unwind and get some sleep and was on my way back to my hooch when an MP had picked me up saying the Captain had sent him to catch me before I went to sleep. Although this was strange I was too damned weary to argue so I just got in the jeep. I woke sitting sideways on the bench with the Captain shaking my shoulder.

"Wake up Sarge, I won't keep you long but I do need to have a talk before you get to your hooch."

I followed him sleepily into the office sitting or falling in the folding chair in front of his desk.

"Sarge, I know you haven't had time to fill out your after action report, but this time you need to get some sleep and report back here at 0600 in the morning for a new mission."

I sat straight up in the chair my anger rising before I answered; "Cap we need at least a couple days of sleep before I would even consider going back out again. We just were able to snooze a little the last time out cause charley was on our tails from the time we were dropped off. If this is another hairbrained idea from those idiots at HQ they can kiss my ass


I was glaring through what I knew had to be red streaked eyes at the


"Are you refusing the mission Sergeant?"

"Yes Sir, I refuse to go out without sleep and resupply for me and my men.

As tired as we are it would be asking for the loss of members of my team


"Very well, I will make note of your refusal to accept this mission and the reasons why Sarge. Now can we speak off the record?"

I looked up at him and got that shit eating grin I knew so well and in spite of my weariness I had to smile back at him and nodded my head indicating I accepted the off the record status.

"Sarge, I found out a few facts about this last mission. I have discussed it with the General and he has cleaned house in communications. It seems that one of the newbie's was talking to a friend on open air and discussing several missions we had going in the field. Thankfully there wasn't a loss of men but thanks to your friend Ming who was cleaning up we immediately found out what was going on. I thought he was on your team?"

"He is but was grazed along the head and I thought it would be better if he had time to completely heal before going back out with us. The Doc said he had a concussion so I got him a job cleaning the communications building. He has clearance and they needed someone so I asked the General to set it up."

"Well it paid off big time for us. He located Gunny and told him what was going on and you know how he is. Needless to say the shit hit the fan when he walked in."

"Yea the whole team likes Big Wind and they all think he is funny.

Surprisingly he feels the same way about the team. Now can I get a shower and some sleep Sir?"

"Go ahead Sarge, I will follow you out and go to the chow hall while my office airs out."

I gave him the finger and wearily shuffled to my hooch with laughter from the Captain in my ears. I barely made it through my shower and fell asleep across my bunk with nothing on but a towel.

I woke to someone pounding on the hooch door. I stumbled to it and Gunny was there with that damned cheerful grin on his face. I put the 45 back under my pillow as I sat down on the bed waiting for him to tell me why he had woke me. As usual it wasn't long in coming.

"Sorry bout waking you but you been asleep for almost 20 hours Sarge.

Look, I know you need the sleep, but you are going to be called in for another mission this afternoon and I have the scuttlebutt on it, and thought you might want a heads up. What say you get showered and meet me at the chow hall in twenty minutes?"

I mumbled ok and he left with that damned irritating grin on his face. God

I thought, I felt like I had been rode hard and put away wet, and the throbbing headache wasn't helping. I dug in my footlocker and got out clean clothes and a couple of aspirin chewing them as I headed for the showers. The showers helped and the water was even warm for a change. When

I got dressed and set my dirty clothes out for the mamasan to pick up, I figured I still had about five minutes before I had to meet Gunny so I broke down my 16 and gave it a thorough cleaning. While inspecting it as I put it back together I noticed that a couple of the pieces looked worn and looking down the barrel I also noticed a couple of dimples on the inside of the barrel that looked like bubbles in the medal. Well this one would have to be traded in and I put a mental reminder to myself to tell Chief to check the rest of the team's weapons before we went back out again. I wondered where the Chief was as I headed for the chow hall. I hadn't seen him since the debriefing yesterday. By the time I got coffee and something to eat, I noticed my headache was going away. I joined Gunny at the corner table we always used, and we ate in silence until we got our second cup of coffee after putting the trays in the tub. When we sat back down Chief joined us with a smile on his face. I gave him a dirty look as he grinned at me and Gunny.

"Good morning Sarge, Gunny. How come you guys are here this late? Hell its almost 1000 hours, I figured Sarge would be ready to go to the village, but when I checked with the motor pool the CO there told me he hadn't seen you yet. Hell Sarge you look like crap this morning. Did you go to the village last night without me?"

Before I could answer Gunny did, and I spent the next five minutes cleaning and coughing coffee out or my lungs and blowing the liquid out of my nostrils.

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