02-08 Dani-girl by Ernest Bywater

Author's Description:
June 2002, a young woman from a family of warriors faces her destiny - head on. Through an unusual and close link to her young genius brother, he's more aware of events than you think. This story is part of a series that follows events that shape his life and destiny, this is one event at a critical time in his life. It answers the questions 'What IS a warrior?' 'Can a warrior also be a pacifist?'
Size: 34 KB ( ~ 6,447 words)
Genre: Action/Adventure
Age Rating: Older than 7
Tags: Drama, Violence, Military, Workplace, Extra Sensory Perception, Young Adult, Vignettes

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Reviewed: 2015-04-29

Keep a box of tissues handy. I have read this a few times & it gets me every time. The story of a member of the country's royal family, one of many who "do their part" for the country because they want to. Dani-girl is a pacifist, but is willing to give her life to protect her country and it people.

It's a pity we don't have more people like this in real life.

Very worth the read!

Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 9 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10