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Site issues:
Finestories is currently having some software problems. We're working to fix them, but it will take some time.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

2012-12-12 is pleased to announced its big opening. Today, the website is officially launched!

Read unique and amazing stories from the first short story contest as they're being published.



Today we added tags to the library, bringing the site into feature parity with our big sister site.


I've added a number of new tags, check them out and see if your story needs them.


Welcome to :)
The site is now in its beta stage. Hopefully we can remove the beta tag by the end of the year.
Use the site as you like and if you encounter something that doesn't work or works in an unexpected way, please use the webmaster link on top to send me a bug report and we'll get things fixed as fast as we can.