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32 - Epilogue is posted

October 30, 2017
Posted at 10:31 am

THE END! Correction: The end of this trilogy.
Thank you editors for putting up with me over the three years it took to finish this story. You guys have been great and the story wouldn't be nearly as good without you.
This story will be published on Amazon, after I figure out how to get some appropriate cover art for the three books. Do we have any artists out there? The Amazon version will have cover art and a little more editing, but will essentially be the same. There is no reason to buy it unless you really want a hard copy, or an Amazon Kindle version.
My thanks also go out to SOL readers. Your reception of the Evolution series has been motivating and instrumental in continuing writing through some rough patches over the last few years. It would have been difficult to finish this trilogy without you, too. Thank you!
As usual, let me know if you spot inconsistencies. Most of my writing time is taken ensuring what I'm writing matches what was previously written. Please let me know.