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Chapter 12 of ItDF & News

August 28, 2016
Posted at 1:26 pm

I have just submitted the next chapter for In the Darkness Falling and it should be up later today or very early tomorrow. We get to meet a couple of new and important characters in this one and the climax is beginning to build. I am hoping on another five chapters, give or take, before we wrap this one up. I was going to do some foreshadowing for you here but decided against it. I know I hate it when authors drop surprises on me but I can't help myself. I want to see the reactions without hinting. Sorry. I can tell you that my plans for the book after ItDF have changed. I have decided to move what I was going to do next with this Universe back a little and cram in another book before we get to what I have already written a little bit on, which means that book will be number four and the next one will probably all take place withing the space of the month or so following what happens in ItDF. Then book number four will fast forward in time roughly two years. At least, that is what I have planned for right now.

I noticed that Future Distorted has gone "Incomplete" on me and by October Anomaly of the Fates will as well. I want to assure the readers of those series that I will get back to them, probably after the finale of In the Darkness Fallen if not sooner. Not only am I trying to finish up ItDF and another novel I am working on to shop to publishers, but I kind of hit a block in my head on those two. I know where they are going but not how to get the characters there. I have no intention of dropping those stories, however, so I will get back to them in the not-so-distant future.

I am hoping to work up another Rage story soon as well as another Dark Wars short story that will probably either show us how John joined Alice's merry band or maybe show her fighting monsters in Oxford. I haven't decided on that one and it will be months down the line. I am hoping to work up a little appendix for Dark Wars when I finish it up as well. Something that will show the various kinds of monsters the Order has contended with over the centuries. I have that one mostly roughed out, it just needs polishing to get it into some kind of order for posting/publishing.

And speaking of publishing, I was wondering if anyone was interested in a trade paperback version of Justice Resurrected? I have not done one yet, mainly due to time and my lack of knowledge as to the interest. Justice Resurrected gets decent sales on Kindle but nothing to make me quit my day job and focus on writing full time so I never did a hard copy version of that book. Trade paperbacks go for about $15-$18. If there is interst I will see about working one up. I would probably include A Prince Too Many in it and possibly another short story that wraps up some loose ends readers e-mailed me about after it was finished.

So that is all for now. Enjoy the new chapter and feel free to let me know what you think about it or anything else.