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Problems with Kindle

January 12, 2015
Posted at 6:35 pm

A reader e-mailed me to inform me that The Dark Wars, the Kindle omnibus of Enter the Darkness and the other Dark Wars short stories, was downloading on Kindle as one of the Reign books (Reign of Havok, I think). He tried to get Amazon to correct the problem but without luck and so he contacted me. This was the first I heard about it but I have since reloaded The Dark Wars to Kindle and it should be up and the correct book in a day or two. Sorry if anybody got caught up in the mess and I appreciate the alert and those of you supporting me with your hard-earned dollars. Every sale helps in regards to helping me be able to focus more on the writing and I hate when anyone runs into problems with your patronage. Hopefully this will sort out the issue and thanks again.