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Corrections are being made

June 15, 2014
Posted at 7:13 pm
Updated: June 16, 2014 - 3:32 am

The folks here at Finestories must be some of the nicest and most patient people, ever. As you helpful readers have noticed, and commented, the chapters from Ch.26 onward suffer from blotchy formatting ... italic or bold in the wrong places, or inconsistently placed.

There is a very effective text-based document formatting system called "markdown" ... it uses an enhanced method of the old email or bbs scheme, where plain text was 'formatted' with simple punctuation marks, such as _italic or *italic* or **bold** or # Head1 or ## head2, etc. The finished text document is passed through a simple software program to generate a fully-formatted HTML file, or PDF, or DOC or PDF or ... and so on. One simple document => many outputs.

Something glitched on these last several chapters and the conversion didn't coming out correctly.

And my "cut 'n paste" process went a bit deranged. Chunks of chapters jumped the shark, repeated themselves, or walked the plank and fell into the wrong chapter.

Things are never as simple as they seem ... or, if at first you don't fricasee, fry, fry again.

I've resubmitted Ch26 thru Ch32, and I strongly urge you to reread Ch30 to 32 as some important stuff was put in the proper order and I think it all makes better sense now. And if it doesn't, blame Pres. Stinson and his deranged attack dogs <<grin>>.

Thanks for the nice feedback. It does help.

Oh .. two action chapters are ready to post in a day or two ... Stinson sends an attack flight of six F-18's loaded with air-ground missiles into Canada to take out our guys and gals at Penticton! Yes, it is an act of war ... !