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Completed: Megan Enraged-Book 2 of Wizard-A Love Story

August 11, 2013
Posted at 8:39 am

I posted the last chapter for Megan Enraged, Book 2 of Wizard, A Love Story. There are a lot of issues that I didn't get to explore in this book. Pappy and Laoshin's romance, Ava and Brennan's romance, are just a couple. I hope to spend more time on those and many others in the last book of this trilogy.

The next book in this trilogy is titled 'Dream Weaver' and I hope to post the first chapters in 3 or 4 weeks. Of course, that is subject to available time. It could stretch to 6 weeks if a heavy load of 'honey-dos' come along. It could shrink to one or two weeks if the fish aren't biting. Rest assured that it is coming.

One last note. My goal is to publish this series in print and Kindle formats. I normally make the Kindle version available for a day once it is available on Amazon. I will reply to the emails I've received on the completion of this book with the date that it is available at no cost. It will essentially be the same as the SOL version with a couple of tweaks and cover art.

Thanks for reading.