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A universe of stars ...

August 18, 2010
Posted at 12:13 am

I thought I might share a small bit of the autobiographical experience ... as I shared this paragraph with a reader who found my description of the spirit world interesting:

"The short section in this latest chapter, 14, about the dream of soaring toward the light in a universe of stars, is exactly the experience I had while being put under an old-fashioned ether cup by a country sawbones so he could set my broken arm. Mom said I was swearing like a sailor when I came back to consciousness. I never forgot those two feelings: of being welcomed, and of total amazement at understanding somehow what it was all about ... and then being suddenly dragged back. I tried to explain, later, but nobody would listen.

Years later, after hearing the tales of "near death" experiences, it occurred to me that old quack might have used a bit too much ether, and I was pretty damn close to not coming back?"