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Spirit and Restraint

August 14, 2010
Posted at 2:36 am

As the story of "Pasayten Pete" emerges from its settings and ventures into the Shaman way and Graydon's continuing adventure, two points need to be emphasized.

First, accept the premise that we are spiritual beings who make a brief journey clad in mortal bodies; that our spirit is the dominant force and is imperishable. Literally, we are the angels. Whether we tend to the light or the dark side of our nature, is the test of our souls.

Second is the theme of restraint. The greater the power, the more restraint must be exercised in its use. Thus, as a Shaman, one might intercede at the slightest provocation, but to do so would be a grievous error. Great gifts must be used with great wisdom, discretion, and restraint.

These two principles will be a guiding philosophy throughout the story.