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A note about violence

December 17, 2011
Posted at 4:46 pm

One note about the Masi'shen. I'm growing quite fond of them. Obviously they are something much greater and quite different than the disguise they assumed for their terrestrial ocean work.

Following two major scenes where they've encountered human aggression, two things should be quite clear: they refuse to kill, to take human life; and most importantly where the inter-species relationship is concerned, being pacifist does NOT mean they are defenseless! As Jon'na-ren explains, We have capabilities!

I've discovered that this story has become an absolute delight to write. It's my second major effort at telling a story (Pasayten Pete was the first) and it's become a learning experience. Writers sometime say that the characters begin to control the story; I'm learning that the story begins to run away with the writer. Once the imagination starts flowing, combined with decades of life experience, the scenes shape themselves. Oddly enough, this rarely happens for me until the keys on my antique Apple Extended Keyboard II* begin rattling. The process unleashes the flow; the flow takes its own direction.

- - -

* My Apple Extended Keyboard II is dated 1990. I have two of them. I've never found another that works as well for my hands which began touch typing on a manual typewriter in a 1956 high school classroom. Writers wax poetic about their favorite writing instrument, whether it's an old fountain pen, a new sharp-tipped gel pen, or a particular keyboard. We're funny that way; some might call us eccentric. They'd be right.