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December 4, 2011
Posted at 10:34 pm

Regarding the deranged idiots in Masi'shen Stranded:

Yep, it may seem that the Director n' the President have gotten a little beyond the safeguards of Constitutional and judicial restraints, and I agree. They have. They're deranged with power, have operated for a long time with a Congress that has chosen not to get involved, capped by a Supreme Court hell-bent on making new law with a succession of 5-4 decisions, unfettered by judicial precedent.

Also, there is the nifty device of agencies and administrations being free to interpret things however they wish. Don't like what the resident lawyer says? Get a new one! Don't like what the watch dog says? Bury 'em in a flood of opinions from yer own pet lawyers. Easy! Effective!

Add in a dash of national security hysteria, and scream "alien invasion" in a paranoid President's ear—well, there ya have it. The dance of the maniacs.