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Hukozda Choba --> Nikogda Snova

November 22, 2011
Posted at 6:46 pm

The elderly Russian syndicate boss is dedicated to ensuring that his beloved city, Stalingrad (Volgograd) is never threatened with destruction again. His syndicate bears the name "Never Again."

Apparently the original English-Russian translation used in the story is ... how do I put this? ... not so good. So it will no longer be "Hukozda Choba" but will henceforth be the more accurate Russian phrase: "Nikogda Snova."

I was told that, "What you have in Hukozda Choba is an approximation of latin characters from the cyrillic, not a transliteration, which gives latin characters which have similar sounds to the cyrillic.

So "Nikogda Snova" it is ... now try to repeat that three times very quickly without spitting down your shirt front, then toss back a shot glass of vodka. Cheers!

I'll eventually get around to a universal search & replace in the earlier chapters, and repost them. Until then, we'll just live with the two phrases.