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Computer glitches

November 13, 2011
Posted at 7:02 pm

I've got a help message in to the webmaster of Finestories regarding the interpretation of certain special characters. You may have noticed this glitch:

"He rocked back and forth, his eyes staring but not seeing, his mouth moving, words pouring forth, again and again: "Madre de dios, perdóname!" And again, that same phrase, like a prayer, a plea to the heavens: "Madre de dios, perdóname!"

MIke turned to Ernesto. "What is he saying?"

"He is begging the Mother of God to forgive him!"

That is supposed to be "Madre de dios, perdóname!"

In the earliest days of personal computers, a limited set of letters were programmed to display. As things progressed, and computing became an international thing, the nerds had to figure a way to encode all the possible characters of the languages. This required a new encoding mode, and the most commonly accepted is UTF-8 encoding.

I compose in UTF-8, post a UTF-8 coded text file, and view all my web pages with browser set to UTF-8.

So, of course, my uploads are coming back in something else. So I see garbage where a nice Spanish character word is concerned.

Hopefully we'll get this cleaned up sooner rather than later.