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Epilogue and some rambling thoughts on . . .

August 6, 2011
Posted at 3:17 am

The Epilogue for Justice Resurrected should be up sometime Saturday or very early Sunday, all depending of how fast the Webmaster gets to it. I really want to thank those of you who have stuck around for this journey of Jonar's, especially those of you who have sent me your input on this story. I cannot say how grateful I am to you who have shown me how good a story this really is and how enjoyable a character Jonar is. In the years since I wrote the first chapter of this story, I had become disenchanted with this tale, which was why it languished on my computer, unread and unappreciated, for so long. Your comments and enthusiasm for this work of mine allowed me to look at what I had created with new eyes as, week after week, we read through Jonar's journey both to his destiny and into manhood. Thank you all.

Now that we have had our of touching seriousness, let's switch over to the comical for a second. While I was gratified by some of the e-mail I got this week over the last chapter of Justice, I was also mildly dismayed at the calls for the further adventures of Jonar. This dismay sprang from the origins of Justice Resurrected and what I had in mind when I first began writing it.
You see, I have a habit of starting writing projects that are serial in nature. You can see this in the Am'mortal Universe stories, the books that spawned the two Xeuxondra Universe stories I have posted, and in the first story of the Enter the Darkness series within the Magic at War Universe. When I started Jonar's adventure, I had hit a wall in the second book in the quartet that is the Xeuxondra series and I wanted to try to write something that was going to be a stand alone tale. A map sprang to mind and as I drew the very first crude draft of Titia-Lohr, imagined its peoples and Gods, invented its nations and history, I conceived of Jonar and his companion Gnusyl.
The idea was going to be to have this young boy go on a journey that would not only take him from being an introverted, reclusive outcast exiled to the wilds of Titia-Lohr to a strong, forthright young man standing firm in his place, but he would also shake the world as he did so. That is what Justice Resurrected was supposed to be and that was all I had intended, to be quite honest about it.
These calls for more, however, leave me in a bit of a sticky situation. A situation that will not likely make those of you who want to read more about what happens after Justice.
First off, I have committed to get my first work up on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com, so that will be on the top of the list of future projects for me. I am close to getting my first book up on amazon.com and that will hopefully be within the next couple of weeks, depending on how work goes now that school is back in session.
Next on the list is probably the beginning of the fourth and final book in that series that will be first to be published. The Epilogue came to me a couple of weeks ago and writing it almost had me in tears, which probably means it is going to be pretty good. I would like to get that started soon.
Just below that are a number of short stories and a couple of other book-length projects (including finishing Enter the Darkness) that have been languishing due to lack of inspiration, time, and/or silence in my house.
So, as you can see, any sequel to Justice would down my list. Add to that fact the problem of ideas. You see, every idea I have had about any kind of continuation of the Titia-Lohr Universe in book-length stories have been along the lines of the stories of how the other Celestial Objects are resurrected now that Jonar has Vindicor-Kimber. In that scenario, I have thought of one or two of the characters in Justice being the focus of a story like that. Say someone like Myka or Sharn or Donnar or Kilthre. Ideas for things like that have occurred to me, but only in vague notions. Nothing concrete enough to start a story.

To wrap this long-winded explanation of where I will be going from here, I have to regretfully conclude that unless my Muse wacks me over the head repeatedly with an anvil of inspiration, the continuing story of Jonar will likely be a while in coming, if it comes at all.
In conclusion, I want to reiterate my thanks to all of you who read Justice Resurrected, enjoyed it, and/or wrote to me during this process of getting Jonar's tale out into the world.