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Plugging along ...

February 22, 2011
Posted at 6:56 pm
Updated: February 22, 2011 - 9:40 pm

1. We got confirmation today that a room in the local rest home has become available for our elder sister in north Idaho. We've been home three days, and will be leaving again early Thursday morning for another week there, moving her and tending to other family stuff.

2. Elder brother is in a nursing home in north Idaho following a mild heart attack, chronic kidney failure, and we've just learned he's diabetic. Thrice-weekly dialysis knocks the stuffing out of him; because of the dialysis, he can't return to their rural community because they don't have dialysis facilities there for his treatments.

3. Chapter 18 of Masi'shen Stranded is online. I'll continue to write Chapter 19 at the motel while we're tending family business.

4. The "scoring" for these stories has been "adjusted" by the site webmaster. This has always been a controversial issue on the sister site, Stories Online. Nobody likes it; everybody hates it; nobody knows how to resolve it. Today the "adjustment" took the score for one of the best series on the site from 4.95 down to 4.80; it also took Masi'shen Stranded from 4.90 down to 4.50. (It had briefly been tied with the other at 4.95)

Rather than get my tail tied in a knot over the mystery and frustration of an arbitrary scoring system which has little relevance to reality, I've chosen to turn off scoring on all my work. If someone likes my stories, they should send a note saying so; ditto for criticism. That is the only "scoring" that counts.

5. Many have written kind and complimentary notes about the stories; I thank you for that. It gives me real sense of pride, and inspires an obligation to keep the words flowing. To all of you, my humble thanks.