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Regional internet outage

February 12, 2011
Posted at 10:22 pm

We arrived in north Idaho Wednesday evening, with a room reserved for the week. The motel's wifi went down that night, and has been out ever since. Tonight is Saturday. We've learned that eastern WA and northern ID is without Verizon DSL service due to some unexplained "outage" in eastern WA. The supermarket across the street has wifi (via cable) in its name-brand coffee bar. And I have dialup via 800 access at 10c minute. Hence this posting. Rural internet service in America sux rox, big green weenie-wise. Verizon is no effing help.

Wife's brother is still in ICU, and her elder sister is still in childish denial. We'll know more Monday.

Chapter 17 submitted for posting. Hope you like it. Lots more to follow.