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I'm in the midst of doing several things which I've mentioned to you all before. I'm currently adding some new scenes to book 1 and 2 and making some slight revisions to make the story even better. I'm also heavily into writing book 3. So, a lot is coming through the pipeline.

I spoke with my editor TeNderLoin and gave him an idea that he liked so here it is! I'm going to give you guys a slight preview of what's coming in book 3. I'm going to introduce a new horse, but I'd like YOUR help in doing it! What I'd like for you to do is send me a picture and information on a horse you'd like to see. After I've gotten all of your thoughts, I'll select some of my favorites from all of your submissions and put up a poll. The winner of the poll will be the new horse.

So, go out and find whatever horse you'd like to see and send me the info either here on FS or on my discord channel! I'm looking forward to seeing your thoughts!