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My personal status as at 12 Dec 2021

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I have a son, Allyn, who has one of the more severe forms of Asperger's Syndrome and we co-habitate in a house in our joint names. We're both on low fixed incomes, and while we have enough to live on we don't have enough money to splash it about. Thus, things like specialist surgery waits until the government Medicare system says it can be done on the Medicare for all budget.

After a about a year or so of waiting Allyn went in for a gall stone operation on the 1st of October 2021 at the major hospital that's 109 kms from where we live - Wagga Wagga Base Hospital (WWBH). About ten days later our local doctor told me to take him directly to WWBH emergency unit as he has a bad case of jaundice. He was immediately admitted to the hospital.

Over the following week investigation showed that his gall bladder had been erroneously cut off from his stomach, which is not a good situation. He then spent the rest of October and all of November in the hospital while they waited for him to heal enough to do corrective surgery.

A bit over a week ago Allyn was shipped to a major hospital in Sydney (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital) and the corrective surgery was done last Monday. Sometime in the next week or two he'll be shipped back to WWBH and when they deem him to be fully recovered he'll come home.

Naturally, during the last few months I've been worried about my son and not doing much in the way of writing, due to a lack of motivation. I expect it will take a while after he returns before I get to finishing any stories, but I'm working on them when I feel up to it. So I ask you to please bear with me about the delays in getting new stories posted.

Please, no emails or messages about this as I feel I should respond to them and I don't really feel up to doing so. The long time it's taken me to post this blog about the situation should tell you how little motivation I have at the moment.

Stay safe and stay well,