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Emergency trip II

February 1, 2011
Posted at 2:28 am

Two days on the road and four days chasing back and forth across the panhandle of Idaho left spouse and I pretty exhausted. The short of it is, spouse's elder brother went for the trifecta: heart (mild attack); lungs (pneumonia) and kidneys (one non-functional, one half-functional). He's survived okay, so far. Expected release to assisted care: Feb 12, so we'll be on the road again then.

Bonus round: brother was caretaker for elder sister who cannot live on her own. She must be relocated to an assisted living facility, soon.

Both lived in a remote farmhouse that 50 years of her dysfunctional hoarding habits has rendered unfit for habitation and unsalvageable. She cannot be trusted to live in an apartment unit, or anywhere else without strict supervision.

Interesting fact: in Idaho, people are free to live as they wish inside their own home. No intervention is possible, despite filth, maggots, mountains of trash, stench, fire hazard, and disease. Frustrating.

It would make a story, but who wants to read it?